Clothes for the Club, Mad for Madras & the Preppy Pet’s Nautical Bed

Hello-Hello and happy Wednesday, this seems to have been a rather intense several days, we’re wondering how it could only be Wednesday?!

We begin with a look at a brand some readers may not be familiar with, Kitsuné.


Originally started as a music label, the Parisian firm’s design aesthetic is one we appreciate.

Most are simple pieces that can meet a myriad of  needs.

The lines are classic, with little or no frou-frou.

This fall’s collection is called Ivy League; below a few samples via the always-on-top-of-things folks at High Snobette.

Courtesy Images via

Here are two styles from the fall group we find rather fabulous.

A list of brick and mortar stores carrying the line is available here; the selection of shops where one might shop online is much broader.

And two very quick looks for your MOTH (Man of the House).


In today’s Bits & Bytes:

  • There is news that Jaeger is launching an offshoot of the brand aimed at a younger demo:


Targeted at a younger demo, Boutique by Jaeger launches this July and according to British Vogue, the new group will retail for 30% less than Jaeger’s standard collection. Below, two looks from the new collection.

  • The Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale runs from Wednesday, June 9 through Saturday, June 12 at the usual site, the Valley Forge Convention Center.  The fun starts at 5am on Wednesday.
  • ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    We share a couple of cute finds in our Mad for Madras category, we simply couldn’t resist the Madras Toddler shoes, despite their distressed (we think that is the proper use of the term) design, they are too cute.


    Readers may also appreciate the Sperry Madras tennis shoes for Boy seen below left. (These are designed to be sans laces – gasp.)

    Above right we show the Polo Ralph Lauren Madras Sandals, also for Boys.

    The Girls PRL Sandals (L) are peaking the Cute-o-Meter in the red zone as far as we are concerned, as are the Avril Casuals by Morgan & Milo shown on the right.

    When it comes to madras for Mom, we were surprised to discover a brand with a logo larger than Mr. Lauren’s. Silly Princess.

    The giant rhino is courtesy of Marc Ecko, both pair are seen at  But then, we’re still fixated on these from F-Troupe at Gargyle.

    F-Troupe at



    We close with what must be an adorable ensembles for the four-legged family members at your palace:

    Plaid and Hound

    By Puppia, the bright eyes at Plaid and Hound discovered the nautically inclined bed, and we simply had to share.

    With that we say g’bye until next time!


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    14 responses to “Clothes for the Club, Mad for Madras & the Preppy Pet’s Nautical Bed

    1. Suburban Princess

      Awww the dog bed is adorable!

    2. LPC

      I’ve had my eye on Kitsune too. I like those jackets with the piping, I truly do.

    3. Lily is in the market for a madras doggy day bed. If you see one give me a shout or a bark or some other kind of noise. 😉

    4. Love the kiddie shoes.
      They could be an Alex’s Pick in the near future.

    5. Hi Miss Princess – Did you see Jenna Lyons on Oprah today? The theme of the show was “Dream Jobs”. Have a great evening. xoxo

    6. Ah, that red blazer! Amazing. And I’m pretty sure that if I had a pup, he’d definitely beg me for a little puppy life raft. Fabulous finds, as always!

    7. oooh Kitsune. I have never heard of it until now, but I like it very much. That picture is so dreamy.

      But that logo on the Marc Ecko shoes. Gasp! That is just awful. Talk about tainted madras.

    8. LOTS of great stuff! I love, love, love the yellow dress. You should check out the post I wrote on toddler shoes I wrote awhile back:

    9. I’ve never heard of Kitsune but this collection looks great. I especially like the red blazer.

      Thanks for posting the dates for the LP sale. I hope to take off of work and make it this time.

      The girls’ madras sandals are precious and such a great find!

      I would love that Nautical dog bed for Chase and Mandy. That is simply too cute!

      I hope you’re having a great week…xoxo

    10. That dog bed is SO cute!

    11. Princess Freckles

      I had never heard of Kitsune! What a nice line! I love the blazers! I wish I could shop for this in MI!

    12. Ooh, I like the look of that Kitsune line a lot. Will have to investigate.

      That dog bed is too cute, and I’ve really liked the Puppia line. No less than the Pretty Pug sports one of their harnesses, and that thing is just indestructible (and adorable, most importantly).

    13. I just bookmarked that dog bed despite the fact I no longer have a dog!

    14. Ooh, I like the look of that Kitsune line a lotVictoria Beckham was spotted wearing the Brian Atwood Zenith Patent Leather Shoes in Nude.

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