When the Dress Code is ‘Lilly or Louder’, Tretorn at J. Crew

Hello-Hello, and welcome to a very busy Tuesday, we are off to a volunteer function almost all afternoon, so today’s post is brief.

Many readers may have already read or heard about last week’s big bash at the American Museum of Natural History, we’re more than a little late reporting on the festivities.  If it doesn’t sound familiar, we offer a visual clue:

Patrick McMullan via Huffington Post

It was the annual spring dance, and Lilly Pulitzer sponsored the event. The party was much brighter than most black tie events, compliments of a dress code that said “Lilly or Louder”. Below, the retailer’s design director, Janie Schoenborn, wore Pandamonium.

Patrick McMullan via Huffington Post

Below, socialites Blair Husain and Sara Peters.

Steve Eichner/WWD

Below we see Tinsley Mortimer in what we’ll call “modified Lilly,” as she explained to Women’s Wear Daily:

“I shortened it to make it cuter,” said Mortimer. “I took a pair of scissors to it right before I left the house.”

Peter Kramer/AP

Lilly pooh-bah Jim Bradbeer and his wife Carol were colorfully clad.

Patrick McMullan via Huffington Post

On the not-so-Lilly list, actress Michelle Trachtenberg (L) and model Coco Rocha.

The event’s Honorary Chair did not wear Lilly, actress Claire Danes was in Zac Posen.

Actors Sebastian Stan and Matthew Settle (of Gossip Girl).

Steve Eichner/WWD

One of the best parts of any function Lilly is involved with has to be having the chance to watch the amazingly talented artists from the Lilly Mother Ship in action.

Steve Eichner/WWD

Steve Eichner/WWD

Below, the über-talented Paige Smith works on a floral canvas.

Patrick McMullan via Huffington Post

It sounds like an delightful time, you can read more about it here at the Lilly blog.


Loads of bits and bytes today, here are a few quick links:

  • This story hypothetically lists the “10 Preppiest Colleges,” at least according to the Huffington Post; the comments are as entertaining as the story IOHO.
  • J. Crew’s design guru Jenna Lyons will be featured on tomorrow’s (Wednesday, 4/21) Oprah show; the topic is Dream Jobs. (Click here for a teeny bit more info.)  Below, Ms. Lyons in her office.

Roger Neves via Oprah.com

Via HighSnobette.com

With that we say g’bye until next time!


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7 responses to “When the Dress Code is ‘Lilly or Louder’, Tretorn at J. Crew

  1. MCW

    I am sure it was a lovely event…but, sometimes too much Lilly is a little overwhelming! Sarah Peters looks like she is in a house gown.

  2. I love the lilly event pictures! I cannot believe some ladies chose to wear black though. HOW TACKY!

  3. The event looked amazing!!
    P.S. I am giggling right now because I just read the 10 Preppiest Colleges story and was so tickled to see they put an update that my alma mater, Elon University, should have been on there. Long Live Elon! 🙂

  4. I would LOVE-LOVE-LOVE to got to a party where the invitation required Lily or louder. I have the perfect dress for such an event.

  5. I love how they said “Lily or Louder”!! Hilarious, tongue-in-cheek, sense of humour approach to themselves. I wish they would have photographed some man in go-to-hell pants!

  6. I love these pictures. I most especially love the Lilly painter there. I discovered several years ago that one of their graphic designers is from the same miniscule Tennessee town where I was born. Weirdness.

    “Lilly or Louder” really is a fabulous dress code. I agree with lipstickatthemailbox on that one.

  7. I actually love the Lilly gown Sara Peters is wearing. Darling! Love all the photos.

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