Sixteen Years Ago Today…..

Sixteen years ago today…..

It has been the best.  The. Very. Best.

And so much more.

In fact, we both feel the state of Matrimony deserves the Seal of Prepaliciousness.

We are extremely grateful, as we have been more than blessed.

There you have it.

(Oh, as we discussed this briefly yesterday, yes, there were sleeves on the dress.)

Lest we turn weepy and sentimental, we close with a wish your weekend is just a scintilla as happy as these sixteen years have been, for that would make you very happy indeed.


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41 responses to “Sixteen Years Ago Today…..

  1. LPC

    Oh my. What a beautiful pair you are. Congratulations on 16 years of happiness and my best wishes for many more.

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the most lovely, prepalicious couple ever! Wishing you both a fabulous anniversary weekend and all the best for a lifetime of happiness together. This post made my day! Lots of love to you!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!

  4. TCW

    CONGRATS!!! I believe in marriage and all it takes to have it be so blessed!

  5. MCW

    Congratulations!!! Finding love is a spectacular thing!

  6. Miss Coco

    I, too, had sleeves.

  7. Suburban Princess

    Awwww! Congratulations! Here’s to 60 more :O)

  8. MRM

    You looked so beautiful. Cobgratulations to you and the Consort on 16 wonderful years!

  9. You two could not be cuter. Happy anniversary to you both!!! I wish you both many more years of the very best.

  10. A very Happy Anniversary to you, and many more. Congratulations!

  11. happy happy day! 16 years ago I was eating waaaay too much red velvet cake- little did I know that I was also celebrating your wedding!



  12. Congratulations! That is amazing!

  13. Congratulations! 16 years is quite an accomplishment, you should be proud. How wonderful too that you both are still so happy, if not happier now than you were then. Here’s to many many more!!

  14. congratulations to you and the Consort. i love your dress and hairstyle. have a wonderful weekend celebrating with each other. take care.

  15. mona

    Congrats and Happy Anniversary to the Prepalicious Princess & Consort!!

  16. Happy Anniversary to one of the most awesome, creative, lovely “preppified” couples I know. Giant hugs to you. Have a lovely weekend. xoxo

  17. Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple!

  18. TP, you are SO ELEGANT!! And timeless!! Jackie Kennedy is in awe of you and your wedding day beauty!!! What a great picture of a great couple. Cheers to your 16 years of wedded bliss!!

  19. Very heartfelt and happy anniversary wishes to you both. 🙂 xoxo

  20. Bboss

    Happy Anniversary! Whatever happened to sleeves on wedding dresses?

  21. Happy Anniversary,Happy Anniversary,…….Happy…Anniversary.

    Always Bumby

  22. mary anne

    A very Happy Anniversary to both of you! Love that picture of you two.

  23. Happy Anniversary and many, many, more!!

  24. Awwww..congrats! Classic picture!

  25. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating. Love & blessings from NC!

  26. WHat a special day! Congrats to you!

  27. KK

    How fabulous! Happy anniversary!

  28. BAH

    A very happy anniversary to the two of you!

  29. Amy

    Aww, congratulations!! 🙂 You two are so cute!

  30. Happy anniversary and many more! Your dress is lovely – and I am a big believer in sleeves!

  31. Gorgeous dress (with sleeves!!! Love it!) and a gorgeous couple to match. It’s wonderful knowing that after 16 years, you are still in “mass love”. Everyone should be so lucky. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  32. Happy Anniversay! Here’s to many more years together.

  33. Amy

    happy happy anniversary! And best wishes for MANY more!

  34. Congratulations!!! You look beautiful in your wedding photo– and I’d love to see more 😉

  35. Congratulations TP and the Consort!!! What a beautiful picture! I hope y’all have had a wonderful, relaxing and fabulous day. Hugs!

  36. Happy happy anniversary to you!! You are one beautiful princess. I hope you both had a wonderful weekend celebrating together!

  37. Yall are absolutely adorable!!!! Happy belated anniversary!!

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