About That Royal Wedding & a New Fashion Icon


What a lot of things are going on today, many of them wedding-related. As GAM (Great Aunt Molly) would say, “Goodness Gracious Sake’s Alive!”

We begin with the continued speculation about an engagement for Britain’s Prince William and longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton.

PHOTO: PA via The Telegraph

It all started when author Tina Brown wrote a blog post speculating on the possibility, primarily because two dates in the Royal calendar were “mysteriously blocked out”.  The Prince and Ms. Middleton have been seeing each for more than 8 years in a mostly-on-but-sometimes-off-relationship. Below we see the couple on January 15th at the Prince’s helicopter training graduation ceremony.

Marc Giddings/AP

No doubt you have also heard discussion of the topic as most media jumped into the story with both feet.  Now there is word via a “well-placed source” that announcement of a betrothal is “wide of the mark” according to this People magazine story.

Here at the Prepatorium we generally look to the Queen Bee for updates on the topic, she seems to have an inside edge.


Next, news that Ann Taylor will add wedding gowns to their merchandise mix. Below we see a dress from the collection.

Bryan Derballa for The Wall Street Journal

The story in today’s Journal is from one of our favorite writers, Elizabeth Holmes, and it looks at the growing number of retailers now offering wedding dresses.  Ms. Holmes also has a blog post that sheds light on her insight into the topic of wedding gowns:

“Figuring out how much to spend on my upcoming wedding is something I’ll be puzzling through for the next few months.”

Below we have an image of a gown on Ann Taylor’s site, we think it might be the one shown up above in the photo accompanying the Journal’s story.

Ann Taylor

Selling at $495, here is a portion of the retailer’s description:

“An arresting strapless gown in tiered silk chiffon. Shelf bra with boning at chest. Hidden side zip with hook-and-eye closure. Fully lined. Please note, due to the delicate nature of the fabric, some mild fraying may occur when the gown is dry cleaned.”

Other stores mentioned in the story that are adding bridal gowns include White House Black Market; below we show their Limited Edition Gown, retailing online at $498, available in July.

The Journal story explains something many readers already know:

“Executives at these companies say women have been buying wedding dresses at their stores for years, even though their dresses haven’t been marketed as such.”

Anthropologie announced in March they are getting into the wedding gown business.

Courtesy Anthropologie via InStyle

Wedding gowns will run from $750 to $5000.

J. Crew was an early entrant into the wedding and special occasion venue, the company has done extremely well in this area; the Crew wedding boutique opens May 27th on Madison Avenue.

J. Crew

Ms. Holmes closes her blog post with a question:

“… brides-to-be, would you consider wearing a wedding dress from a mall store on your big day? And for those who have made the trip down the aisle, are you happy with the amount you spent on your big day?”

One contemporary wedding phenomenon we’re not in step with? The “bridal sneaker”.

The Lovely Bride

Above and below, shoes from The Lovely Bride, specializing in such footwear.  (With apologies to our Facebook Fans for the repetition.)


Back to dresses, we wonder if gowns with sleeves will ever return….?

Above we see Ivanka Trump in her custom Vera Wang gown, shortly after the wedding fashion writer Cathy Horyn wrote about the topic in a blog post:

“Did she think Ms. Trump might start a trend with her sleeves? “She might very,” Ms. Wang said. “Nothing would make me happier. I’ve been doing strapless dresses for 15 years. It’s tiring.”


In News You May Have Missed, we have one more fashion tidbit: North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is evidently a fashion leader as well.

From the country’s propaganda/press office:

“The reason is that the august image of the Great General, who is always wearing the modest suit while working, leaves a deep impression on people’s mind in the world,” it said.

“To sum it up, that is because his image as a great man is so outstanding.”

Not only can you read the original story in Canada’s Nation Post, they also have a follow-up story detailing ways men everywhere can get the look, including the dictator’s special shoes for those needing a bit of a boost.

The National Post

There you have it.


We close with today’s Pretty in Pink, the Fendi laptop sleeve.

Courtesy Fendi via Sybarites.org


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19 responses to “About That Royal Wedding & a New Fashion Icon

  1. Suburban Princess

    Oh! My wedding dress has short sleeves!
    I hunted high and low and finally found one with sleeves :O) I was going to have my dress made but I managed to find exactly what I wanted :O)

  2. Goodness! I hadn’t realized it’s been eight years since Ms. Kate has been dating Prince William. And I thought my current waiting game of three years was long 😉

    I’ve always thought Ivanka’s dress with the sleeves looked beautiful on her. And about those bridal sneakers . . . hideous. Nothing more to say on those 🙂

  3. helloooooo! I’ve been too busy to do a post about this, but I think that 2011 is the year it will happen. regardless of when it is, it won’t come a moment too soon and clearly lots of Pimm’s Cups (Pimm’s AND bubbles) are in-order!



  4. Miss Coco

    I fear that the PW/Kate “thing” will not end well…

  5. OO oo I MUST be (subconsciously) ahead of the trend curve! I am forgoing a strapless style for my big day … favoring a dress quite similar to ivankas, only sleeveless (afterall it is warm in the south in october!)

    oh i just got all excited thinking about it!

    hope you are having a lovely day ms princess!

  6. Wow… so much to say…

    Royal wedding talk… I am waiting and reading and following with bated breath!

    anthropology wedding gowns… I’m just not sure I can take the chabby chicness of it *ahem sarcasm*

    Wedding tennis shoes… gag!?!

    Wedding gowns with sleeves, very charming in a mid century way… I do hope it becomes a new trend…..

  7. mary anne

    Oh, how I would love to see modest, church-appropriate wedding dresses. Sleeves, no sleeves, just cover up the top with straps, halter, anything. This would greatly help those fashionista brides who suffer from an overabundance of back fat.

  8. I have to admit my nightly pleasure… reading the Femail section from the Daily Mail. Every night lately it has had lovely juicy speculation in print. I am as captivated as I was for Wills parents.

    Oooo, the bridal sneakers are a definite no-no. Can you imagine the groom’s and guests’ dismay when the dress is ceremoniously lifted to reveal the garter and the orthopedic clunkers? Yikes!

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my son’s cookie moment. You know exactly what to say to a mother. 🙂 xoxo

  9. I think Ann Taylor missed the mark on the wedding dress. Wedding sneakers? This needs to be filed under “you cannot make this up.” Haha! And I do believe strapless is tired. Very tired!

    Enjoy your evening!

  10. MCW

    OMG. Those wedding sneakers are the most horrible things I have ever seen!!!

  11. LPC

    Waiting patiently for sleeves over here…

  12. Great fashion blog! It seems like a good resource for fashion junkies.

  13. I think I threw up a little bit when I saw the “bridal sneaker” – yak. This is one trend I hope NO ONE partakes in! Haha – thanks for the laugh though!

  14. Oh gosh that dress on the tree model is gorgeous!

  15. Speaking of terrifying – those tennis shoes!! Another lovely post as usual for you Princess!! xoxo

  16. KK

    Oh I hope it’s true- I think they make a beautiful couple! I love that they have known each other for so long. Hopefully it will make for a long and happy life together.

  17. Preppy313

    i heart the laptop sleeve pink!!!

  18. Am I the only one that doesn’t like the WHBM dress? I saw it in one of the stores and was so confused about the cut.

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