J. Crew Fall 2010: Romantic Preppy?

Hello-Hello, what a splendiferous day! It is simply gorgeous outside, it is Friday and it is a holiday weekend, three things putting big smiles on our faces!

We have very light fare this day, beginning with something that feels quite out of place: fall clothing! But because we do make a small effort to be on top of most things related to apparel/accessories with a prep aesthetic, we offer a few looks at J. Crew for fall/winter 2010.

The collection was shown at a private presentation yesterday; here is the men’s tableau.

PHOTO: Shawn Ehlers via LIFE.com

The actual pieces are easier to see in more formal shots:

Our appreciation to Style Chronicle for the post with these images.

And a few more possibilities for your MOTH via Mister Crew.

Blogger Hope Robertson makes note of Crew’s Knee Highs in this post.

For an excellent look at the line, pop over to Habitually Chic.

Heather Clawson’s photos offer the best detail on many pieces.

Some online comments suggest an Anthropologie influence, others hint at a vintage vibe.  As Vogue Daily explains:

““It’s like if Little Edie Beale enlists in the army,” says J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons....”

The fall collection, of course, embodies J.Crew’s romantic-preppy (think rosette-decorated tees and the perfect boyfriend khakis…”

Frankly, while fun to see the new styles we are more-than-happy to concentrate on spring and summer fashion right now.


A few more quick notes:

  • Upscale denim brand Rock and Republic has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  • Say goodbye to Shu Uemura, parent company L’Oreal is shutting down all US retail operations. Perhaps best known for its outstanding eyelash curlers, the line is carried at Neimans, Bergdorf, Barneys and Nordstrom, the firm will continue to offer online buying.
  • Fans of renowned skincare and beauty brand L’Occitane will be happy to learn of the company’s new makeup collection launching later this month.

Courtesy image via WWD


We leave you with a look at a classic, the D. Porthault bunnies:

D. Porthault via Luxist

Hopefully not too repetitious for our Facebook fans.

With that, Happy Easter greetings from everyone at the Prepatorium, including our boss:

She’s all ready to do the Bunny Hop.


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12 responses to “J. Crew Fall 2010: Romantic Preppy?

  1. LPC

    You tell Tilly we say Happy Easter to her:).

  2. Amy

    Happy Easter!! 🙂
    Love those knee highs from J.Crew. I followed the links and when I got to the website it says “this item is so popular it is sold out!” Can you believe it?!? Surely they will have more sometime.

  3. Happy Easter, Tilly!!!!! And Happy Eaaster to all at the Prepatrorium.
    And, I am delighted to see this fall Jcrew collection. I was just about to send J. Crew a Dear John letter. This collection might stop me from breaking up with J.

  4. MCW

    Not loving the fall J.Crew…but, maybe I will have to see it in person???

  5. Happy Easter Friend! And one word abut the Fall J. Crew – looks very brown to me. I’m not excited right now. . . xoxo

  6. NDH

    Those Bunnys are ADORABLE!! J. Crew fall… hmmm… I really don’t know how I feel about it yet!!

  7. You always have the best updates!

  8. TL

    Love JCrew, hate the faux military, shorts and tights disaster that they keep trying to sell. This looks just like Fall 2009 and just like Spring 2010 (minus the tights). How about using a little creativity and doing something new? Jenna Lyons is resting on her laurels at this point. Snore!

  9. marcu

    you guys dont know about fashion. the j.crew fall colection its fantastic. need more updated from italy and otrher countrys, j,crew gourgeus collection.

  10. marcu

    j.crew fall 2010. fantastic, you guys doesnt know aboput fashion.

  11. I know I’m late, but this Tilly photo has made my Monday. Truly!

  12. This is a delayed response but Silly Tilly ALWAYS makes me smile. (I usually check your blog at work and can’t comment– so that’s why I’m commenting on older posts tonight!)


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