Standing On The Shore, Dreaming

Hello-Hello, friends and neighbors!  The Consort here striding confidently mikeside to dazzle and baffle you while the lovely and very talented Princess gears up for a visit to The Queen Mother.  I’m looking forward to joining in on the weekend’s festivities.  We’ve already started the celebration here at The Prepatorium on the good news that our friends at “Coastal Living” magazine are shining their exceptionally bright light on The Preppy Princess this month.

Anchor Luggage Bag Tag by Boatman Geller

The taste setters at the magazine have selected our “Anchor Luggage Bag Tag” as one of their featured items this month.  Who can argue with them?  The tags are durable, colorful and sure to help you spot your luggage in the avalanche of bags that crowd the carousel when traveling.  I invite you to stop in and take a look at them.  With all the gifting that’s going to be happening in the next few months it might be handy to have a stockpile on hand so you don’t get caught short.  Anyway, a word of thanks to “Coastal Living” and a reminder to go to your newsstand and pick up a copy.  In this age of electronics it’s still a delight to turn the pages of a beautiful magazine.

As long as we’re thinking coastal I want to wander down memory lane for a moment.  I am a child of the Third Coast.  Water holds a magical attraction for me.  For years my family would vacation on a lakeshore cottage (as they’re called here) and the kids would be in the water all day.  The Princess has similar memories; just a different lakefront.  Our favorite escape is on water.  We can sit for hours and just be quiet.  You hear the water and wind talking to you and it’s always to your advantage to listen closely.  I’ve stood on shorelines and listened to the wind shriek and howl.  I’ve walked on ice mountains smashed against the shore and heard it creak and snap underfoot.  I’ve run down to the channel to watch the lake freighters come into port and marveled at how deftly the captains slid the massive ships against the dock.  I hope you have similar memories. I’m sure Nautical by Nature and Third Coast Preppy know the feeling.

Time to step ashore long enough to thank all the people who entered our recent giveaway.  What fun!  Congrats to everyone who entered,  Please let us know what you think about multiple giveaways; too much, not enough, more variety, etc.  We value your thoughts and look forward to another big deal we’re working on with a good friend you all know.  More on that later.  That, my friends, is called a tease.

And this is good-bye for now.  Now that the weather is changing we’re all very busy.  Take a moment to hug someone you love and don’t forget to take care of your waitperson tonight; they’re working hard for you.  Now, keeping with our nautical theme,  I’ll leave you with some old guys who know their way around some harmonies.  The Princess will be back fulfilling her duties as hostess in the next blog.  Good night for now.


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7 responses to “Standing On The Shore, Dreaming

  1. I love giveaways! They are always so much fun. So glad your luggage tags will be feautred. That is awesome. Love & blessings fromNC!

  2. There is something so calming, yet energizing about the water. I love the beach especially.

    I was one of the lucky winners! And I love the multiple giveaway concept. It makes more of us happy 😉 Congrats on being noted in the magazine. I agree with you about “holding” the magazine. I am not a Kindle person.

    Have a wonderful weekend Consort. I hope y’all have a wonderful visit. Nice music choice. Of course, I was thinking it might be the Beach Boys 😉

  3. MCW

    I grew up going to the ocean…but, I have always wanted a lakeshore cottage! Sounds like heaven…

  4. I am water person…always have been, always will be! Congrats the luggage tags featured in Coastal Living.

  5. Preppy313

    yes the give aways are so much fun!
    Love the luggage tags definately have to get myself one. 🙂
    have fun in consort!

  6. Love your luggage tags! And congrats on Coastal Living!

  7. Congrats on being featured in Coastal Living! It is quite an honor and well deserved. I know what you mean about the water and it is one of my favorite places to be too. My family has a house by the Susquehanna River on the border between PA and MD. I spent many weekends there as a child with family, fun and lots of swimming! Those are memories that I’ll have forever.

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