Not Your Granny’s Talbots & Lilly in Lavender… ?

Hello-Hello and welcome to a very green (and pink, natch) St. Patrick’s Day here at the Prepatorium!

It’s another busy day, we start with something that is not green, but lavender.  Actually, it’s chatter about a myriad of colors in this AP story on flowers as inspiration for fashion designers. We hear from several of our favorite brands in the story, including Lilly design director Janie Schoenborn. And while many of us think of these colors when hearing the words ‘Lilly Pulitzer’…

… the color discussed in the story is lavender, or orchid.

“Coming from a long line of gardeners – her father has a degree in landscape design, mom has a traditional English garden and Aunt Molly’s specialty is tropicals – Schoenborn is trying to keep up the tradition with lilacs and syringas.

So far, she hasn’t done a lilac print for Lilly Pulitzer, but a shade of lavender was just added to the label’s palette so it probably won’t be long until she tries one.”

Here is the Shere Wrap in lavender.

Lilly Pulitzer

While the color may not exactly pop in this photo, we’re guessing any upcoming lilac prints will be more than pretty. But then, we have always liked this color.  The story explains that spring is a “floral bonanza” at Lilly, no surprise for most readers. What might we expect to see in the future?

“We don’t always do an exact replica of a flower. Right now we have an abstract orchid. There’s a Queen Anne’s lace that we hadn’t done but will have for summer. … We don’t discriminate against any flowers, but we like ‘pretty’ so no cactuses, but we’ll even do lemon and lime blossoms.”

We are fond of the Jungle Orchid print, to name only one Lilly pattern with a touch of lavender.


The story also offers the floral perspective of Michael Smaldone, creative director at Talbots‘:

“”I’m a pink guy, but my favourite flower is an orange poppy,” says Smaldone. “I love how they’re both wild – with ugly leaves and hairy stems – and have a beautiful delicate flower.”

Below we see the Floral Bouquet Pencil Skirt (L) and the Peonies Print Skirt.

More about Mr. Smaldone’s designs at Talbots:

“He turned to a brush-stroke floral print for Talbots’ spring line, though, because he thought that approach was very optimistic – something the fashion world needs right now.

Two more florals from Talbots, the Linen Sundress in Cherry Blossom (L) and a Silk Dress (R) with a flower we cannot identify.

We expect the feature story will land in many local newspaper style and magazine sections within the next week, but if eager to read it now, we found it on the Winnipeg Free Press site.


As we are speaking of Talbots, we thought a quick glance at the retailer’s fall line might be intriguing, albeit in an abstract way.

Kyle Ericksen/WWD

Mr. Smaldone’s perspective is also cited in this WWD story on the company:

““The brand lost its relevance,” said Smaldone…”

We are guessing many readers concur with that sentiment. But we admit being taken aback to see the store described as “your grandmother’s Talbots,” by the company’s chief marketing officer, Lori Wagner.  (We were merely off by a generation, presuming the retailer was thinking more along the “not your mother’s Talbots” line.) Below we show more pieces from the fall collection.

Kyle Ericksen/WWD

Described as ‘country club chic’, the collection is also said to be more on trend without being offensive:

“… as much as Talbots wants to take a more stylish stance, it does not want to alienate its loyal customer base, which Wagner describes as fortysomething women who are partial to American sportswear.”

This is one of those times when one hopes for the best while remaining somewhat skeptical, a result of the company’s not-so-distant forays into bizarre styles and shoddy quality. We have been more than pleased with recent purchases and are happy to see Talbots charting a healthier course.


Also today, good news for those fond of Sperry Top-sider and needlepoint accessory firm Tucker Blair.  Those two companies are collaborating on special-edition products to help promote Sperry’s new retail stores. From today’s story in WWD:

Tucker Blair will produce special-edition needlepoint belts for Sperry’s seven stores that are rolling out this year, including logo and Jolly Roger patterns.

A very savvy marketing move IOHO.  (Is it just us, or do we need to make a ‘collaborations’ category for all of these goings-on?)


We close with a tease for tomorrow’s post, simply saying it involves our biggest giveaway ever (multiple winners, oh my!) with goodies like this…

And this:

Oh yes indeedy, this one will be fun.

On that happy note, we leave you with a picture of our girl out and about in the Princessmobile last week, enjoying the notion of spring and days spent lounging in the sun.


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17 responses to “Not Your Granny’s Talbots & Lilly in Lavender… ?

  1. Your girl is beautiful on her outing! 🙂 xoxo

  2. Amy

    How adorable!! The little princess is so cute!

    I’m super stoked for the giveaway(s)!! That Talbot gray coat is actually quite pretty IMO. Maybe I should check them out!

  3. a.

    I am a huge fan of a nice shade of lavender, not too grapey though. Tilly looks ready for spring – me too!

  4. Suburban Princess

    Interesting…I was sitting here wondering what I own in lavendar…just one jacket! Which surprises me a bit since my summer closet is a sea of pastels and one would think a bit more lavendar might have snuck in there!

    I am looking forward to your giveaway!!!!

  5. Suburban Princess

    And of course I spelled lavender wrong twice in one comment!

  6. Miss Coco

    Loving the peony skirt! My favorite flower…

  7. I just want to pinch those jowelly cheeks, adorable!
    Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

  8. There’s nothing like a bulldog face!

  9. Your baby girl is precious! She is so enjoying her little jaunt about town. And I love that jet-set duffel. I saw that on your site last night! A+ for the Princess + Consort with that choice.

    Also, {whew} I love, love that Talbot’s skirt on the left. Reminds me of chintz!! Thanks for the info on that. I may have to have one. 😉 xoxo

  10. I’m really loving the color Lilac…new Talbots florals are really nice. Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!

  11. Oh that pink and green collar on your pup is adorable!

  12. LPC

    Tilly looks adorable. I’m thinking she’d make a nice graphic print herself:) Seriously.

  13. Loving the princess pooch! And I agree – collaborations seem to be the new black…

  14. Love the Talbots skirt!

  15. Pictures of sweet Tilly always make me smile! I love lavender and look forward to seeing it added in. I love how it looks with light green. Have a wonderful day!

  16. Yay! I love seeing Silly Tilly! 🙂

  17. Preppy313

    tilly 🙂 anyhoo lovelovelove the talbots dresses! ooooh i heart lavendar 🙂 definately will include more of that in my wardrobe in the future!!!

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