Preppy Bits and Bytes

Hello-Hello and welcome to a bright and sunny springtime Tuesday!

We are brief in this post; today’s volunteer obligations combined with losing yesterday to a migraine make for an intense schedule, eek!

We begin with a follow-up to our post advancing the LL Bean Signature launch.

Courtesy LL Bean Signature

There are several stories available looking at the new line, including this one at Men’s Apparel Review.  For a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at one aspect of the launch, click here for the Boston Globe’s story:

“.. an offer L.L. Bean — whose boxy, loose-fitting offerings sometimes turned off even the preppiest of teens — knew it couldn’t refuse.”


Loads of outlets have stories looking at the sale of Tommy Hilfiger announced yesterday, including this one on MarketWatch. (We do disagree with their statement that the sale brings together “… two preppy icons — Izod, owned by Phillips-Van Heusen, and Tommy Hilfiger’s boarding-school chic…”, we don’t really consider Izod to be a preppy firm.) The MarketWatch story notes:

“By the end of the decade, the oversaturated brand wore out its welcome with consumers and fell off the fashion radar.”



Courtesy Assouline via T Magazine

For a bit of preppy heritage, T Magazine’s blog has a quick look at the new Lacoste book from Assouline.

Courtesy Assouline

Although we previously mentioned the book on our FB Fan Page, we neglected to include it here on the blog, oops. The book is now available and one that is on our reading list.


WWD (Women’s Wear Daily, subscription required) has a story on accessories for this fall; once again, we are clearly going to be out of step. So to speak. On the left, a  style by Nicholas Kirkwood, the shoe on the right is from Bruno Frisoni.


We are probably better off with styles along these lines, seen in “The Preppy Collaborations Continue: Keds x Gap“.

The shoes seen above are from the collection Keds has done exclusively for the Gap, due out this summer.  On another fun note, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised, but there is some serious pink at the Keds online shop!

The Champion Jute is for adults, while the Melody Hearts are for toddlers.


We leave you with another Pretty in Pink, something The Consort discovered over at Design Boom.

Courtesy Chloe Ruchon via DesignBoom

Meet Barbie Foot from French designer Chloe Ruchon.

Courtesy Chloe Ruchon via DesignBoom

Rather like the more classic version, this one might work here at Princess InterGalactic HQ…

Courtesy Chloe Ruchon via DesignBoom

What do you think, do we need to one for the Employee Lounge? (Ahem.)

Until next time, we hope your skies are bright and sunny!


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14 responses to “Preppy Bits and Bytes

  1. i checked out the new bean this am. some cute things i thnk i’ll have to try!

  2. Red & White Preppy

    Oooo…thanks for the link to the LL Bean Signature line :)!

  3. I have to give my sincere compliments to you and your fine blog. I find it very inspiring, despite (?) being a swedish guy. Keep up the good work!

  4. kiki

    if we weren’t moving and saving our dough for a down payment on another house, i would be spending most of our savings on the new LLBEAN and LANDS’ END lines. i miss working in retail…
    thanks for sharing and take care.

  5. Preppy 101 might not be able to recover from seeing Barbie twisting and turning in such an unnatural way 😉 haha xoxo

  6. Princess Freckles

    Migraines are the worst! I take Maxalt and have had great results. If you’ve never tried it, ask your doc.

    I’m now your fan on FB! Yay! 🙂

  7. LPC

    Migraines are miserable. I had them in my youth. Oooh. So sorry. Get those soccer Barbies to fight it off maybe? Grrr.:)

  8. MCW

    The armless bodies are a little scary!!!

  9. oh, TP I am so sorry about the migraine! I can empathize!

    I was surprised about the Tommy Hilfiger sale…I don’t know why really, but I was.

    Those heels are rather, hmmm…architectural, aren’t they?

  10. Jen

    Sorry I’ve been remiss in visiting. Was in Palm Beach for the weekend. Got to love that fashion action. Not quite understanding the Lacoste “book” thing. Is it blank for doodling or does it document the rise and fall of the brand? Not sure either form does it for me.

  11. Boo, migraine! Hope you’re feeling better. And I love the Keds, thanks for the heads up. And yes, of course you need the Barbie foos ball for the employee lounge!

  12. It makes me think of the Stepford Barbie…Creepy

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