When Preppy Goes Bad: Amy Winehouse Argyle & Twin Sets

Hello-Hello and Happy Friday!

Generally we like to do a bit of Friday Fun in this space on this day of the week, but we’re not clear if it is appropriate under the circumstances. The circumstances being this:

Amy Winehouse Fred Perry Argyle Dress

Courtesy Photo via WWD

You are looking at a sketch from the upcoming Amy Winehouse/Fred Perry collaboration, more specifically, the pink and black argyle dress. No, we did not start the day with a Bloody, nor did we ingest a handful of pharmaceuticals, these four words actually belong together.  Amy Winehouse Fred Perry.

The two entities have collaborated on a new collection to be launched this fall.

Word initially came in this Women’s Wear Daily story:

““Amy has been wearing Fred Perry for years, so we were aware she was a genuine fan of the brand,” said Richard Martin, Fred Perry’s marketing director…”

Here are two more sketches, including one look with the Perry polo shirt. In pink.

More from WWD’s story:

“In a palette of mostly black and pink, the 17-piece collection includes a girlish twinset; slim, thigh-skimming pencil skirts; capri pants, a mini bowling dress, and Fred Perry’s signature polo shirts (“collars are most definitely raised,” the press release effused).”

We would have put this in our “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” category until we read all of the Women’s Wear Daily story, including this portion:

“Started 58 years ago as a sportswear collection by tennis icon Fred Perry, the company also has a history of aligning with music stars — such as Paul Weller and Damon Albarn — which has helped grow the label into a more mainstream, musician-favored streetwear brand.”

As is said these days: duh. Our old Fred Perrys are comfy in the closet (as they have been for years), and we are so out of touch we had nary a clue the brand was thought of as streetwear or hip in some quarters.  It matters not, we shall continue to wear the shoes until they have absolutely disintegrated, but we do feel woefully, tragically out of step.

As one might anticipate, the snark-o-meter is peaking in the red zone with this particular partnership. From Entertainment Weekly’s story:

“Preppy fashion company Fred Perry is sullying its tennis whites by doing a fashion line with Amy Winehouse. You read that right…Amy Winehouse.”

For the record, we do think Ms. Winehouse is an extremely talented young woman, we are simply surprised at the turn of events in the fashion world. (The Consort’s reaction to the news? “Tattoos extra.”)

Yesterday’s announcement comes just prior to the Perry collaboration with Liberty of London, launching in April.

Courtesy Photo via HypeBeast

While not exemplifying a preppy aesthetic, this is more of what springs to mind when thinking of a Fred Perry collaboration.

Courtesy Image via Selectism


As we are speaking of Liberty, a reminder:

The Liberty of London for Targét collection launches Sunday (3.14.10), some items are now available online at the Liberty Mother Ship on the far side of the pond. We like the notion of Liberty/Target candles, like this Black Tea scented example; we also like the Dunclare Cereal Bowl, and believe both items qualify for our Pretty in Pink designation.

For more background on the partnership click here.

We would feel we were doing a lackluster job of things here if we did not also mention the cosmetic collaboration recently debuted by Liberty and M·A·C cosmetics. Below, selections from their Give Me Liberty line, now available at many outlets, including Nordstrom.


Speaking of launches, the LL Bean Signature collection debuts Monday.

Courtesy Image

This is Bean’s highly anticipated line featuring more contemporary clothing and accessories. Below we show two looks originally featured in this post.

From Eric Wilson’s Times story on the new endeavor:

“…it’s not exactly as if Leon Leonwood Bean is trading his mocs for stilettos.”

In addition to the dedicated website one may also visit the Signature Facebook page.

LL Bean Signature

The Facebook site offers images from the new collection for both men…

Courtesy LL Bean Signature

And women.

Courtesy LL Bean

For those fortunate enough to be near the Tysons Corner store, the collection is already available.  We hope this does well for Bean, we do adore so many of their offerings.


We leave you with a look at yet one more collaborative effort, this one involving Lilly Pulitzer.  The retailer has joined with one of our favorite products Barnum’s Animal Crackers to create a million specially decorated boxes of the tasty treats.

Courtesy Image

This is part of the Lilly Goes Green effort with a portion of sales proceeds going to the World Wildlife Fund.  It’s a fun play on words, as there is a Lilly Animal Crackers print, currently a popular choice for many of the Lilly Stationery items.

From all of us here at the Prepatorium, happy weekend!


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17 responses to “When Preppy Goes Bad: Amy Winehouse Argyle & Twin Sets

  1. LPC

    I am quite surprised by how much I like the look of the Winehouse/Perry collaboration.

  2. Miss Coco

    Oh, my. Must have that pink lipstick. Vanessa and I plan to be at the doors of Target on Sunday morning at 9 am sharp, credit card in hand!

  3. Excited about the Signature collection.

  4. Suburban Princess

    Amy Winehouse….lol I was thinking hmmm if it wasnt for the tattoos and horrid makeup and crazy hair and dirty balet flats and drug problem and and and and and….it could work!

    Do you know if LLB is mailing out catologues for their new line?

    I am tempted to drive to your place so we can go to Target for the launch!! That bowl is TDF!

    How cute are those animal cracker boxes!!!

  5. Well. I am trying to find the words. And while I’m thinking about it, I do fear that Fred Perry is turning over in his grave. The phrase Brand Contamination keeps coming to mind. Anyway – excited about L of L at Target. And the Lilly animal crackers! Too good!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend TP. xoxo

  6. MCW

    I wish LL Bean had store…I HATE buying things online…and hate returning them even more! LofL stuff looks so adorable. I have a feeling it is going to be sold out in no time!

  7. Amy

    I’m wondering if Lisa Birnbach will feel the need to edit the section of “True Prep” that addresses “prep brands we are forced to recognize” in light of the AW/FP collaboration….

  8. Um Amy Winehouse? That is cray-cray!
    cute drawing though, if she even did them herself?

    Sunday, we have the Rose Bowl Flea market then Target or should it be Target first? yikes, so much fun shopping!

    happy weekend xoxo

  9. I absolutely love LL Bean– their return/replacement policy is AMAZING. I usually dread costumer service, but theirs is impeccable!

  10. Being a big, longtime fan of LLBean I am very excited about this new line. I hope and pray that the same quality and construction of all their garments is included in this group.

    My ski pants have lasted me ten years and I TEACH skiing, meaning I wear them A LOT.
    We have many fleece and field coats at our house- all from LLBEAN.
    What am I trying to say?
    I’m ready for some fashion from good ole LLBEAN but hoping for the practicality I love.
    Happy weekend.

  11. Preppy313

    ooooh positively adorable collaboration with Winehouse and Perry!
    And Lilly animal crackers! The world is finally sane again! (or maybe not…) Just recieved another LL Bean catalogue… Looooooove it!
    Lovely post!

  12. I’m gonna take a pass on the Winehouse-Perry collection but I’m loving the new looks at LL Bean.

  13. Very, very interesting about the Amy Winehouse collection. I am intrigued that I company would want to engage in a joint venture with her given her unstable past (cancelling shows, etc). I love, love her music though.

    Lilly animal crackers…now that just made me giggle out loud!!!

    The MAC lipstick tube-so pretty. That might just make me clean up that mess of a purse that I have.

  14. I love the new MAC colours! I’m so very excited to shop for spring, my goodness!

  15. those lilly animal crackers are darling!

    and AW in argyle is about as correct as if I started walking around in an American Apparel bodysuit!



  16. I keep forgetting to look for the cookies! Thanks for reminding me

  17. The Lilly animal crackers look so cute! What a fun thing to add to an Easter basket!

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