An Anti-Prep’s Antics, Chanel Does It Again

Hello-Hello, happy Tuesday!

We have a slew of bits and bytes combined with a heavy out-of-the-office schedule, so today shall be somewhat scattered and mercifully brief.

We begin with an update on a member of that oh-so-exclusive (but sadly growing) group known as the Anti-preps. We are referring to an individual sometimes called La Lohan; the celebrity is seen below just before today’s Chanel showing at Paris Fashion week.

Thibault Camus/AP Photo

The reason for mentioning Ms. Lohan today?  News she has filed a $100 million lawsuit over this television commercial.

Courtesy E-Trade via Page Six

For those unfamiliar with the E-Trade television campaign, the spots feature “voices” of babies who invest in the stock market. In this particular commercial the little tyke is apologizing for not calling his little female friend the previous night when she inquires in an accusatory fashion: “And that milk-a-holic Lindsey wasn’t over?” (As far as we know it could also be spelled Lindsey.)

Unless Ms. Lohan’s legal counsel has evidence the Grey creative team (E-Trade’s advertising agency) sat around discussing the benefits of aligning E-Trade with Ms. Lohan (an unlikely scenario) we fail to grasp the grounds for the litigation.  This story from Page Six explains that evidently Ms. Lohan believes she is on a level with entertainers recognized by a single name, like Oprah or Madonna.

Courtesy E-Trade via You Tube

Additionally Ms. Lohan’s counsel is requesting an injunction forcing the popular commercial off the air; more from the Post’s story with quotes from her attorney:

“”They used the name Lindsay,” Ovadia said. “They’re using her name as a parody of her life. Why didn’t they use the name Susan?”

Precisely our question.

This takes us back to our television days, when a certain NFL Team Owner decided that his Football Team owned the color orange. (This is also in the You Can’t Make This Stuff Up category.) Seriously. No one but the Official Team Station was to use that color in conjunction with the team. At all. That particular legal action was short-lived and unsuccessful for the Team Owner.

One last quote from the story:

“This is a subliminal message. Everybody’s talking about it and saying it’s Lindsay Lohan.”

Now we’re feeling like we’re not part of ‘everybody’.  Sigh.


As we mentioned the Chanel show at Fashion week, we want to share a few images. Below we see Alexa Chung and Caroline Seiber on their way into the event.

As always, there was incredible staging; in this case 25 tons of ice was brought in to create the desired backdrop.

Eric Ryan/Getty

It’s a tad difficult to look at fall/winter clothing when it is finally springlike outside.

We did like some styles.

Mr. Lagerfeld never fails to raise the bar, an amazing accomplishment considering his tenure at Chanel.


In our Sales & Savings category, J. Crew is doing an additional 30% off sale merchandise, use promo code EXTRA30 at checkout.  The promotion ends at midnight Friday, but we would not be surprised to see email on Friday announcing the discount has been extended through the weekend.

Speaking of J. Crew, the firm’s Bomber Jacket has been updated.

J. Crew via Luxist

This is the jacket done in collaboration with UK retailer Belstaff, the same one worn by Hilary Swank in Amelia.


For today’s Pretty in Pink we offer two items, the first is only available for a limited time at ‘by invitation’ sale site One King’s Lane.  Accessories from a line we love, Baekgaard, are on sale through the 12th.

Passion Fruit by Baekegaard

The group of four pieces seen above is now just $59.  If in need of an invitation to the site click here or email us at

Our piece of pink perfection is actually edible.  Meet the Candyglam ring.

If It's Hip It's Here

It definitely looks good enough to eat, and that’s the idea, these are made of hard candy. For more on the tasty jewelry visit If It’s Hip it’s Here.

On that yummy note we say goodbye until next time, may everyone enjoy the bright sun we are seeing here at the Prepatorium!

  • Lorenzo Santini/Getty Images
  • Giovanni Giannoni/WWD


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11 responses to “An Anti-Prep’s Antics, Chanel Does It Again

  1. I love that commercial!! I can assure you Ms. Lohan, no one was thinking about you when it aired. Talk about delusional!!

  2. Suburban Princess

    I would ask where Lindsay’s parents are and why they aren’t giving her a shake…but we know where they are and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

  3. Lindsay is irrelevant since it is no longer 2004 she needs to move on and learn a valuable skill since her career is over!

  4. LPC

    Karl Lagerfeld is the Steve Jobs of fashion. Lindsey Lohan is not the milkaholic of that commercial. Which I like, despite myself.

  5. Jay M

    She cannot help being ignorant, she’s in the entertainment industry. Litigation over a first name? Really?

  6. Miss Coco

    Hahahahahahahahahaha *snort* hahahahahahaha! As if she were the only Lindsey on the planet…please.

  7. MCW

    I think Ms. Lindsay is a little full of herself!

  8. Once again we see how out of touch with reality Ms. LL is. Ridiculous. On a more important note, I love OKL!! It’s the best! Thanks for this post. xoxo

  9. Amy

    Omg I saw that article about the Lindsay Lohan thing and she’s just nuts. That commercial was awesome though – my fave of the SuperBowl! She’s just trying to keep herself in the media.

    Thanks for the JCrew sale info!!

  10. Chanel would be the show to see! Beautiful! Wow! Lohan, gag me!!

  11. I loved that commercial and all those commercials…they are too cute!

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