Party Frocks, Mad Men, & the Perils of 8 Inch Heels

Hello-Hello and Happy Monday!

Some may be starting the week with less rest than normal, we know loads of friends stayed up last evening to watch the goings-on at the Kodak Theatre.  As always, hits and misses littered the scene once all was said and done.

We loved the Marchesa gown Best Actress Sandra Bullock wore.

The fabric was exquisite, and Ms. Bullock wore the gown, it did not wear her.  We adored her comments on choosing The Dress:

“There are so many gorgeous dresses out there I couldn’t possibly predict the trends,” she said. “My stepdaughter picked out my dress yesterday.”

Cameron Diaz was stunning in Oscar de la Renta, we called it the Fairy Tale Princess dress.

Gabourey Sidibe was radiant in blue Marchesa.

We laughed (and agreed) with the Twitter comment asking how many Muppets had to die to create Zoe Saldana’s Givenchy Couture gown.

The top portion of the dress was simply breathtaking. If only the lower half carried out through the theme.

WWD’s post-mortem had an insightful thought on the styles seen last night:

“Some, though, seemed a bit overwhelmed by their looks. Miley Cyrus in Jenny Packham looked less sexy than Helen Mirren in Badgley Mischka.”

Of course, comportment always has a significant influence on any appearance. Below we see the darling bow on the Jenny Packham dress and Ms. Mirren’s oft-discussed tattoo.

We struggled with Sarah Jessica Parker’s look, it seemed to channel the sixties but appeared a beat off, whether it was the hair or eye makeup, we’re not sure.  More from Women’s Wear Daily on her gown:

“…donned a Chanel Haute Couture gown “that Mr. Lagerfeld so nicely made for me when I asked him,” was so in love with her dress “that I don’t want to give it back. I also don’t want to sit down, because the back is so beautiful.”

Fitting in one’s seat must have been challenging for some:

Donato Sardella/WWD

Tighter shots better show the diaphanous fabric used for Amanda Seyfried’s Armani Privé creation, as well as the Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.

While some awarded Mariah Carey points for ‘most improved,’ the Valentino didn’t work for us. The diamonds were provided by Chopard.

One report speculated the entertainer may be “in a delicate condition” (our term) and also commented on the struggles this particular ensemble presented:

“Wearing extremely high eight inch heels… and a dress that prevented her from actually walking on her own, Carey was held up by her security guards.”

“I don’t think I can do this,” she whispered.”

Most were not fond of Charlize Theron’s Dior Couture dress,and one report referred to Virginia Madsen’s gown from Kevan Hall as being “Frumpytown”.

Some celebrities took advantage of an opportunity to wear more than one party frock; below we see Faith Hill with husband Tim McGraw at the Oscars in one dress and in another gown at the Vanity Fair party.

Not everyone received the “less is more” memo this year; Hilary Swank’s dress for the after parties was by Valentino.

Also seen at the Vanity Fair party, Mad Men’s Jon Hamm and girlfriend Jennifer Westveldt.

Craig Barritt/Getty

Co-star Christina Hendricks attended along with Jennifer Hudson.

Others at the annual fundraiser for the AIDS Foundation included the Jonas Brothers….

Gus Ruelas/Reuters

Heidi Klum and Rachel Zoe…


Olympians Apolo Anton Ohno and Johnny Weir….

Refinery 29 has compiled some wonderful montages, including their “Most Divisive” list:

Refinery 29

There are scads of places to look at more fashion coverage, including the Refinery 29 post mentioned above, InStyle, FabSugar and WaPo’s story.

We were puzzled by an unusually cranky-looking George Clooney.

Perhaps he forgot the reminder posted for celebrities as they face the cameras.

Until next time!


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12 responses to “Party Frocks, Mad Men, & the Perils of 8 Inch Heels

  1. this is the best recap I’ve seen so far, I just don’t have the patience to sit and watch the shows live, but I appreciate all the effort you put into summing up the night for me!

  2. kiki

    great post. my choices for best dressed are Kate Winslet, Diane Krueger, Cammy D, and Rachel McAdams. my pick for worst dressed is SJP. i love Chanel but that frock was just unflattering on her and the hair was horrendous. i thought the program was incredibly boring, but did enjoy Mo’Nique’s speech, the John Hughes tribute and Ms. Bigelow’s win. Sandy even made me tear up a bit. take care.

    ps – a friend of mine saw Jon Hamm outside a church earlier this week in the LA area. she gets all the best celeb sightings in her neighborhood. had it been me i would’ve ended up in jail and with a restraining order.

  3. As usual, your analysis is spot-on. I completely agree with your Oscar points. I can’t believe Cameron Diaz isn’t being discussed as the most improved VIP; unlike a certain somebody else *Mariah* who just can’t bear to keep her ladybits covered at these events, Diaz was the picture of elegance, a huge improvement on her usual kookiness IMHO.

    I would only add Vera Farmiga for my best dressed vote. Marchesa is very hit-or-miss for me – their romantic swoops and ruffly swirls often wear the wearer, as it were – but between the color & cut, she (Farmiga) completely pulled it off.

  4. Suburban Princess

    Helen Mirren was STUNNING!!
    In fact so stunning that she gives all of us slightly more mature girls a lot of hope!

  5. Miss Coco

    Mariah Carey. Once a cheeseball, always a cheeseball. She will never change. As for SJP’s Chanel gown, I thought it was beautiful but there WAS something that just threw it off. I think it was the strap from the back around the front of the neck…it was just, I don’t know…it should not have been there.

  6. You nailed it girl! I loved Sandra! Her graciousness and class! Fun evening of watching! And i loved Meryl! What a talent!

  7. YES! Rule #1 on the red carpet. Be able to walk. Mariah, I love you, but wear some walkable heels next time!

    Sandra looked absolutely stunning! I love all your picks!

  8. An amazing recap as always PP! And our beloved ‘Don Draper’ looked DIVINE all clean-shaven and dolled up (and his GF looked pretty too LOL)! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  9. LPC

    Thank you for the recap. I too noted Clooney’s sourpuss. Good lord Mr. Clooney, what was that bad?

  10. I LOVE this post! Faith Hill’s second gown was much better than that first train wreck she donned! Good grief, Faith. Your giving us Southerners a bad name in that first dress. 🙂 Miley Cyrus’ gown was a fail from the waist up. The skirt and sweet bow/belt was precious and so appropro, but the bustier – NO. Jon Hamm- well you know I love him 😉 Hilary has obvi lost her mind. And poor Mariah. She so needs prof help. I’m embarrassed for her; she needs to stay out of the limelight until she gets her issues in order IMO. It is always a night of fun if for no other reason than the red carpet and the pics and gossip that follow! xoxo

  11. Jen

    Charlize Theron looked as though she had two lavender Cinnabons glued to her breasts. Maybe George is getting tired of being strapped to Italian models who speak broken English. It’s tough being Mr. Clooney.

  12. Alicia

    Quote: “”Wearing extremely high eight inch heels… “”

    Those were about 5 and a half inch heels with a three-quarter inch platform.

    Compare the shoe shape with (say) a Louboutin 150mm (6 inch) heel. You’ll soon see the difference.

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