Brooks Brothers Online Outlet & “High Society”

Hello-Hello, welcome to a Wednesday.

In honor of the warming temps here at the Prepatorium we share a few looks from the Brooks Brothers spring/summer collection.

This seems to be the navy sleeveless wrap dress in the photo on the right.

Brooks Brothers

The images immediately below are all clickable if any of the styles are intriguing.

We do like most of the madras pieces shown for men.

The Black Fleece items are always… interesting. The spring styles seem much more wearable than Thom Browne’s previous collections.

Certain motifs work better on the ladies than they do on the gentlemen.


Perhaps of greater interest, word the retailer will be offering merchandise in a new format; more from a late February WWD story:

“eBay also is creating an online outlet mall for the U.S. with some well-known retail and apparel brands. Lord & Taylor’s outlet division is already on board and Brooks Brothers will be added next month.”

This one may hold promise for those seeking outlet mall price point without having to make a trip to said outlet.We’ll let you know when the site is live.


Next on today’s agenda: High Society. We are not talking about this version.

We refer to this incarnation.

Courtesy the CW

Debuting a week from tonight, the show is launching on the CW; the network’s blog describes the program:

“HIGH SOCIETY follows Tinsley Mortimer, New York’s most talked-about “Park Avenue Princess,” as she and her circle of often-controversial friends circulate through New York’s most prestigious black-tie affairs, outrageous parties and fashion exclusives, with never-before-seen access from behind the velvet rope.”

Or, as the New York Tix blog says:

““Jersey Shore,” look behind you. “The Real World,” step up the pace. “Dancing with the Stars,” watch your step. A new breed of reality show is coming to town, and it’s the New York bluebloods who will be in the spotlight. And no, it’s not “Gossip Girl”: This is the real deal.
Premiering March 10 on the CW, “High Society” looks at the infighting, cat-fighting and general, well, fighting, of a group of upper-crust society ladies.”


We close with two more quick items. First, yet another in the ever-growing list of Gossip Girl magazine covers, this time Jessica Szohr showcases the April issue of Lucky.

Lucky Magazine


Second, a sorta’-kinda’-maybe-not-really Pretty in Pink.  Meet the Christian Louboutin Barbie 2.0. (That’s our name for it.)


The official title is Dolly Forever Barbie, we love the miniature shoes that come with the doll.

But the life-size version is much more fun.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Until next time!


George Chinsee/Brooks Brothers Spring Collection


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14 responses to “Brooks Brothers Online Outlet & “High Society”

  1. MCW

    Love the BB black and white striped dress!

    Barbie shoes remind me of my father…he would get so frustrated when his little girls would ask him to help put the little tiny shoes on the little tiny Barbie feet. But, he would always try!

  2. Fabulous post as always! Brooks Brothers online outlet could be great! The closest one to me is about an hour away. Could be dangerous too 😉

    High Society looks great – I will definitely be tuning in.

    And I NEED those Christian Louboutin’s!!


  3. I’m liking the Brooks Brothers collection! (Minus the two looks at the end with the compass design etc.) Also, Jessica S. is looking great in orange on that cover of Lucky. I’ve been meaning to add a few orange pieces to my wardrobe. Hope you’ve had a wonderful day TP!

  4. LPC

    The real socialites of New York on reality TV. Looking back on the Age of Innocence, maybe they would have done the same. Seems shocking, maybe I just don’t have the right perspective.

  5. Suburban Princess

    I love the B2 sweater with the lobster on it! I must get one for the Little Prince!

  6. Do love the spring fashions! I think we are all trying to hurry spring along by posting about spring things!! I’m on my way over to The PP shop to order a hostess gift!! Can’t wait!! xoxo

  7. JCrew has a nice version of that sleeveless ruffle wrap dress. I am going to take a look at both and see which one is better in person. I think the price of the JCrew one might be a little friendlier to my purse.

  8. I love the Brooks Brother’s mens clothes but the women’s line isn’t up to the clothes they did 3 years ago. I wonder if they changed designers.
    And why does a girl that is as beautiful and wealthy as Tinsley Mortimer need a tv show? Is a reality show and a People magazine cover now de rigeur for the old money Park Avenue crowd?

  9. Jen

    Madras and polka dots should never be seen on men in public. In the privacy of one’s own home, I can’t protest. But, inflicting that on anyone not fully prepared is just wrong.
    I want that Barbie doll. I will admit it. It’s the closest I’ll ever come to a pair of those heels.

  10. kiki

    i am in love with the Brooks pique dress. i would need to get to the gym more often to wear it, though. i’m super excited for the premiere of High Society. i hate to admit it, but i tuned in to NYC Prep and Jersey Shore. take care.

  11. Why Tinsley….. why? Why join the likes of “Kate plus Eight”, ” Keeping up with the Kardashians”, and “Jersey Shore”??? Why??? That is one way to get your name crossed off future the guest lists in NY.

  12. I had NO idea about that tv show. I cannot wait!



  13. Princess Freckles

    That show should be…interesting. I’ll probably give it a try. My husband is working on a campaign so he’s often on the road now and really busy. This is the kind of show I can only watch on my own. I doubt he’ll feel left out!

    Brooks Brothers never fails to hot the right spot with me! I just wish I could bankroll the whole Spring collection! Just lovely items!

  14. mary anne

    Ooh, love all of the LADIES b2 clothes! As for the men’s, less said the better about them. How can you go wrong with a navy dress for spring?

    As for Ms. Mortimer, um, well, Mrs. Astor (the original one as well as Brooke) is/are probably rolling over in their graves.

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