Friday Fun: Royals Watch Alice, Mad Man in Vancouver

Hello-Hello and welcome to some Friday Fun!

We have all sorts of bits and bytes to share today, we begin with a peek at the party across the pond for Alice in Wonderland.  When they say ‘Royal World Premiere’ they do mean Royal.

Dave M. Benett/Getty

We loved the gown worn by Mia Wasikowska.

Even the fans were all dolled up.

Claire R Greenway/Getty Images for Disney

It is beginning to look like we may actually have to toddle on over to a theater to enjoy the film in its best light.


Next on the agenda, given any opportunity to post photos of Don Draper we continue our tradition of updating readers on Mad Men stars; Jon Hamm is in Vancouver enjoying the Olympics.

Jamie Squire/Getty

Above he is seen at the US vs. Canada hockey game last weekend, having a bite of pizza with longtime girlfriend Jennifer Westveldt.

Bauer Griffin

We’re not clear which team he was pulling for.


Next, a look at the latest collaborative collection from Louis Vuitton.

Courtesy Photo via

The limited edition line is called Cosmic Blossoms, done with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. Some readers may recognize the artist’s name, this is one of many partnerships Mr. Murakami has done with Vuitton.

Courtesy photo via

The advertising campaign features Daisy Lowe, with pieces in three rich shades that we adore. The bright pops of color look like Easter candy or ice cream sherbet.


The Cosmic Blossom collection becomes available in Louis Vuitton stores beginning April 15.


We also have a few more styles from New York Fashion Week we haven’t yet had time to share.

There is no way we could allow the Oscar de la Renta show to pass unnoticed, the man is genius.

There are many reasons we frequently refer to Mr. de la Renta as ‘the master’.  Among other things, the designer knows how to use color and texture.

He also knows how to make a woman look, and feel beautiful.

Lush, luxurious and lovely.


Next, looks for a Lady:

Lady Gaga, that is.

The entertainer sought designs for her Monster Ball tour from both Prada and Armani; above are sketches for two styles from Armani.  Below we see the entertainer in her ‘Telephone’ video.


We do love a post by the folks at StyleFrizz, pointing out one of the hottest trends in wedding gowns:

Pockets.  More and more gowns are offering pockets.

The genesis of the StyleFrizz post is actually found in this post at the Austin Wedding Blog.

The J. Crew Genevieve silk radzimir gown also offers this handy helper (no pun intended).

J. Crew Genevieve

As does the very popular Alexa cotton Cady.

J. Crew Alexa

Many of Crew’s gown have pockets, a smart move on their part.

TP is hyper-sensitive to the issue, having wept more than a few tears of joy upon the occasion of her marriage to the Consort. If we’d only had pockets, sigh.


We close with something provoking a little controversy:

Associated Press

You are looking at what’s left of the hair on speed skater Ryan Bradford’s head.  Evidently a small minority of people feel this is disrespectful to the American flag; as someone who might be considered hyper-sensitive to such things we disagree.  Another Team USA skater sort of tricked the athlete into the look; click here to see more about that.

On that note we say g’bye and share hopes everyone enjoys their weekend!


Oscar de la Renta: George Chinsee/WWD


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10 responses to “Friday Fun: Royals Watch Alice, Mad Man in Vancouver

  1. Have a great weekend!
    I think that skater is creative- not disrespectful 🙂

  2. Hmmmm..not a fan of the new LV design. Love, love, love Oscar. Yes, he is a genius!!

  3. TP- You know the way to my heart! Wedding dresses with pockets. As you know MY wedding dress had pockets and they were SO handy. I carried a lipgloss, a hankie (from my Christening!) and a gorgeous pearl covered pocket mirror. Every bride should have pockets!

  4. MCW

    I think the new Alice in Wonderland looks so creepy! And that first wedding dress you posted is BEAUTIFUL!

  5. People who get agitated about a dude’s American flag head are waaaaay too uptight for me.

  6. Hi TP, and my apologies for being gone so long from your brilliant site.

    I’m also excited to see “Alice…”, and it has been a long time since I’ve said that about a Disney movie.

    Those new LV bags are not for me – too reminiscent of the stuff Coach is doing with the Poppy line, to my eye – but I’m always interested in what Murakami comes up with for them.

    And I have to agree on the flag issue. I’d consider myself a purist about that sort of thing too, but that just looks like something done in the spirit of patriotic competition to me.

  7. PS – Can’t believe I forgot to comment on / lament the Hamm beard. OH, JON. Why, why must you torture us, and that handsome face of yours, so? Sigh.

  8. I love your posts!!
    If Don doesn’t get rid of the beard, I am afraid he and I are finis. I mean he is darling no matter, but the beard has to go.

    I agree about Oscar de la Renta’s fashions. I could never afford one of his pieces, but I always admire them. His things are always an A+ with me. Many of the other designers are just too way out there for me! I love the elegant use of ruffles. Hope you have a great weekend Miss Princess!! xoxo

  9. Jon Hamm is so much cuter on Mad Men! Lose the beard, Jon!

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