How It All Began & Meet the “Olympic It Couple”

Hello-Hello and welcome to another week.

We have been derelict in our duties vis-à-vis some recent bloggage mentions, and we need to get back on track. We begin with the always-delightful Queen Bee; she included us in her Sweet Heart tag and we completely spaced out doing as requested: sharing how we met The Consort and ended up marrying him. We shall attempt brevity here, as little seems less interesting than two old fogies.

Yours truly was living in Denver and working at the ABC affiliate; TC was in town for several weeks with several other gentlemen installing the spiffy new computer system we were getting in the newsroom. One Saturday we toddled on in to the station, hoping to catch up on paperwork. The Consort was there and started chatting us up; we had a very-casual-conversation (casual in the extreme) that somehow resulted in plans to get together later that evening.

A little background: The notion of TP going out with anyone of the male persuasion was major news. We had sworn off men. Forever.  The old “Bitter, party of one” cliché understated the reality in our case.  Clearly there was some kind of mental incapacitation at play here, causing us to even agree to anything like meeting someone outside of the workplace. It most assuredly was not a d-a-t-e.

But we acted like it was. Some long unused female mechanism kicked into high gear and we dashed home, proceeded to tell our best friend all about it, showered, dressed and then literally sat by the telephone, waiting for the call that would finalize the evening’s plans.  To put things in context, this was before call waiting was invented; we wouldn’t speak with anyone who called that evening lest we miss The Consort’s call.  You know what call we’re discussing here, of course: The. Call. That. Never. Came.

Seriously. He did not call.

You can imagine the level of frosty disdain we displayed toward him on Monday. A chill in the air? You could have made snow for the Winter Olympics from the deep freeze radiating off our colder-than-cold heart that day.  TC and his entire computer crew left town two days later; we had not spoken to each other. There was no discussion, no apology, no explanation, nada, zippo, zero, zilch.


He did start sending cute little computer messages from New York. Again, this was back when instant messaging was new and oh-so-high-tech! (It also seemed like a safe distance as well. Not that it mattered. Cough-cough.) He would simply message little things like ‘hello,’ and ‘how are the computers working?’

We gradually upgraded to telephonic conversations, but only covering work-related issues. And then for some reason he called us at home (very, very scary) one night and we stayed on the phone for hours.  He called the next night, and the night after that and… yep. This went on for months until he actually came for a visit.

And as is often said, the rest is history. He is better than the best, but unfortunately, he can never live down standing me up for our first date non-date.


Also today, a big Thank You to Sweet Home Amy for gracing us with the Sunshine Award.

Thank You Sweet Home Amy!

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There are simply scads of lovely bloggers we enjoy reading; given enough time our list would number in the hundreds.


Finally today, we stoop to what could be a new low in our Winter Olympic coverage. It has nothing whatsoever to do with competition or uniforms or anything like that.

Getty Images

Yeppers, it has to do with off-the-ice activities. That would be skating Gold Medalist Evan Lysacek and gymnastic Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin; the two are an item.  An LA Times blog has the story, originally confirmed by People magazine.

Some are referring to the duo as the “Olympic It Couple.” They first met in 2008 while taping the Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular for NBC.  This summer they attended the Espy Awards together.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty

Both athletes have Twitter accounts, below is a Tweet from Mr. Lysacek following his big win:

“@NLiukin So glad you were there!!! XX”

And Ms. Liukin posted this Twitpic:

BTW, we can be located on Twitter here, and Facebook here.

On that romantic note we say G’bye until next time!


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17 responses to “How It All Began & Meet the “Olympic It Couple”

  1. MCW

    Love the dating story! Although talking about “we rushed home” got me very confused at first and I was thinking a Big Love scenario 🙂
    Thanks for the award! We need it here in NY…very cloudy.

  2. Suburban Princess

    Thank you so much for the wonderful award! I so need to get on top of these awards – tomorrow my goal is to give some out!

    So did TC ever tell you WHY he stood you up?


  3. great post. so happy to know your love story. also, thank you for the award. very sweet. i didn’t know about evan and nastia. they are a beautiful couple. thanks for sharing and take care.

  4. What a precious story! I too would love to know WHY Mr. TC did not call!

    I mentioned you on my post today – I am absolutely head over heels in love with my Lilly market bags! They are the most darling bags ever. I love them with a million pink fluffly hearts!! Thanks again XOOXXOX

  5. LPC

    Love your story. Echo the question. Why WAS he so derelict?

  6. Oh waiting for that call must have been excruciating! Been there, done that. Happy things worked out and now you have the fun tale to tell your grandkids…some day 😉

    I saw the interview with Evan Lysacek the day ofter he won his gold. And I have to say he was very gracious at down playing Plushenko’s nasty comments. His demeanor does our country proud.

  7. They are a very cute couple!

  8. The Consort here. In the interest of fairness I must respond to this post. To answer the question of “why didn’t I call The Princess?”: I was insane. I got better. Now I’m lots better. Thank you. Good night and good luck.

  9. Loved hearing the beginning of your happy ever after fairytale!!!

  10. LOVE the story. LOVE! You need to do a follow up on how to make a long distance relationship work! Hope that you do tease him still from time to time about not taking you out that first weekend. Oh golly!

    Love that those two are a couple, that is just adorable 🙂



  11. Amy

    Awww, so glad you liked the award. 🙂 And I loved the story about you & TC. Esp the part about you swearing off men – they have such a way, don’t they? Tricky boys. Sigh. Hope you have a great day!

  12. They are definitely a Gold Medal couple, so cute!

  13. MJC

    What a great “how we met” story! Loved it! And thank you for the blog award- I’m honored!

  14. Jen

    Love the story! Glad the hubby got it right finally and all worked out. Men can be rather clueless when it comes to the complexities of dating/non-dating etiquette.
    And, I thought that skater was gay. Interesting.

  15. Thank you so much for the award! You are too sweet for making my day. Have a lovely evening!

  16. Well thank you for the tag/award you dear! I will add it to my post this morning!

  17. I love the story of how it all began!

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