Sperry Top-sider Rolling out Retail Stores

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Please forgive our brevity, we are coping once again with Apple/iMac software issues. As in our first struggle, we are dealing with this.

If not easily remedied, the corner condo here at Princess InterGalactic HQ may need a sign like this:

That is all.


We share good news for Sperry Top-sider fans: the brand’s first three retail stores open soon in Tampa, Orlando and Boca Raton, according to this story in Women’s Wear Daily.

Courtesy Photo via WWD.com

The next communities to have Sperry stores, Dallas and Kansas City. The company plans to continue its expansion into apparel and accessories. Below left, a women’s Polo Shirt; on the right the Full Sail bag.

Options for the MOTH (Man Of The House) at your castle include the Mako Short and the Pilot Performance Vest.

The retail stores will have a nautical feel, as one would expect with this brand.

Courtesy Photo via GQ

Some readers may recall that Sperry has collaborated on a line with Band of Outsiders. Above, a look at this spring’s group via GQ.

This partnership provides the perfect segue into our next newsbrief.


The Boy by Band of Outsiders show at Fashion Week.

Nothing really knocked our socks off, in part because we simply aren’t in a frame of mind to ponder anything remotely related to winter, other than the obvious reminders outside.

We adore the nautically inspired coat, but the rust plaid pants are eerily reminiscent of the late 1970’s.  This is a frightening prospect.


We have a brief update to to our continuing coverage of Team USA’s Olympic uniforms; Polo Ralph Lauren exec and PR pooh-bah David Lauren went to Vancouver to see the uniforms firsthand.

Courtesy photo via WWD.com

He wrote a brief column for WWD on his trip and reaction to seeing his company’s designs in action:

“The opening ceremony on Friday was incredible. Watching Team USA take to the stage in their Ralph Lauren uniforms was a proud moment for us. And it was great to see the diverse fashion for each country’s team.”

One more update on Team USA opening ceremony uniforms: anyone looking for the oh-so-popular Fair Isle Knit Hat is likely to be disappointed by news that the company doesn’t plan to manufacture more.

Polo Ralph Lauren

We did spot one on eBay, as of this writing the bidding was approximately $350.


Finally, while probably not news to most readers (it did happen 18 hours ago) we thought it appropriate to update the Westminster story with the news that a Scottie won Best in Show last evening. Congratulations to Roundtown Mercedes Of Maryscot, or Sadie as she is more commonly called.


It is never easy coping with the media.

Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

Did anyone else watching howl at this sight in one of the commercials running in the show?

Courtesy Pedigree.com

These images are from the new advertising campaign Pedigree is using to promote a doggy dental product.


Denture Your Dog” promotes Dentastix, allowing anyone to upload a photo of the family pet, and give them an amazing smile. Pet owners can select from denture styles dubbed “Bling Bling” to “Dogula”. We selected “The Biggin'” smile for Silly Tilly.

Click here to see her new and improved smile.  (She even raps.)

Until next time, may your day be filled with grins and giggles.


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11 responses to “Sperry Top-sider Rolling out Retail Stores

  1. great post. i went to purchase a pair of sperry’s a while back. i made the mistake of shopping with my 5 y.o. he told me the shoes were for “old men.” i settled on a pair of Bass oxfords. the golden retriever should’ve won best in show, but miss sadie is cute.

  2. I loved that dog commercial. It was adorable. How about another one where dogs and cats were driving cars. It was cute too. Sadie was so precious last night. I’m glad she won. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. Amy

    HA! I’m dealing with tech issues myself. As of the last 7 days, I hate Flash CS4.

    Um…is someone seriously going to pay $350 for that hat? I mean, it has reindeer on it. I’m just sayin’.

    Such a precious dog!

  4. I crack up every time I see that commercial! In the end I fell asleep before they chose the Best in Show – oh well, I got to see the Box come in 2nd in the working group, so I was happy.

  5. I do love those male sailor shoes, so classy!!!

  6. Are you from USA, right?
    I just would like to update your link at my blog 😉

    all my kisses

  7. Princess Freckles

    I visited a Sperry store on 5th in Naples, FL while on my honeymoon. They said it was the first store. There were no clothes, but I can’t wait to visit again!

  8. That is awesome Miss Freckles, do share… was it wonderful?

  9. MJC

    I always grin and giggle when I read your posts- you have such a way with words! I always enjoy visiting here!

  10. Love that hat. It reminds me of the Jack Spade hat they made a few years ago.


  11. I adore boat shoes! Sperry-Topsiders are classic.

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