15 responses to ““The United States of Ralph Lauren”? (It’s Those Olympic Uniforms)

  1. LPC

    All logos aside, I kind of like the uniforms…

  2. $425 for the sweater?! Is it made from Olympians? Polo ponies?

  3. regardless, those hunks are still hot. I will always love a man in uniform, especially an Olympic one!

    Happy Birthday too 🙂



  4. mary anne

    Those of us who are also logophobic appreciate your diatribes/discussions!

  5. Maureen

    Saw some athletes the other day on Today sporting the outfits. They are nice and classic.

  6. I was hoping you would do a post about these…. ugg… I am just not a fan of the overall look, I do however find the hat with the moose to be darling, and the blue shawl cardigan with the red trim although the logo is HUGE, I find to be perfectly adorable!

  7. TippyL

    Now that I see the photos on your blog, I’m even more appalled. I mean, really. That pony is on steroids. Isn’t that against Olympic regulations? 😉

    On another note, I really really like that watch! A good find for spring!

  8. I’m kind of enjoying the red white and blue.

  9. you know, I can’t help but wonder…..does RL get paid to design those uniforms or does he pay for the privilege to do it? The uniforms are kind of like a billboard….

  10. Amy

    Oh my gosh, total logomania. Insane. I mean, the sweaters & jackets & even the fleece pants are cute styles, but no way am I on board with the giant-sized-logos. Not even a little bit.

  11. MJC

    The logo is a bit much. Well, a LOT much. Rather embarassing, really.

    I do believe you’ll be unpacking my Lilly travel mug today- I can’t wait!

    How lovely to have “a number of social engagements”! It’s work, work, work, for me today- but YAY it’s Friday!

  12. Anonymous

    im proud of you

  13. Brasds40

    I love the sweater. Wool and cashmere is the reason for the $400 + price tag. Will watch for it after the Olympics

  14. Valerie Zeise

    How can I purchase the knit hat with the Moose and the American flag.

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