Sneak Peek at Narciso Rodriguez for eBay

Hello-Hello, did everyone manage to rest and rejuvenate this weekend? We hope so, this first week in February can be ever-so-dreary.

We begin with a look at the new Narciso Rodriguez line to be sold on eBay. That is not a typo or our Newzheimers kicking in, the designer really is opening an eBay store.

Some may recall initial news about the line when we originally mentioned it in September of last year.  The acclaimed designer is collaborating with eBay on a small collection, only eight pieces in total.

Women’s Wear Daily has an early look at the line:

“…more relaxed, accessible versions of the designer’s graphic classics, at considerably lower prices ($75 for a T-shirt; $350 for the reversible cotton coat).”

Here are a few more of George Chinsee’s photos from WWD’s story.

The Rodriguez eBay store is slated to open February 15.


We take a very quick look at a category we rarely venture into, ladies’ unmentionables. (Gasp!)  Some experts believe the lingerie market is bouncing back along with many other retail sectors.

PHOTO: Thomas Iannaccone/WWD

Above, Tommy Hilfiger’s cotton flannel sleepshirt and microfiber bra/undies for  next fall, below, a DKNY sleepwear look for fall/winter.

PHOTO: Thomas Iannaccone/WWD

The DKNY could easily be today’s Pretty in Pink.


We move on to a topic many readers are already familiar with, the upcoming release of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.


This is the 3-D version with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter; some might say “Not your mother’s Alice.”

The marketing bonanza tied into the movie is well underway, today we have a glance at several pieces by designer Tom Binns, beginning with his Shattered Teacups necklace.

Tom Binss via High Snobette

We found these images at High Snobette, the site has scads of photos from the line. Next, what we’re calling the “Off With Their Heads” necklace.

Tom Binns via High Snobette

Below, an amazing charm bracelet by Mr. Binns.

Tom Binns via High Snobette

The Los Angeles Times has more about the two lines Mr. Binns is doing:

“One is the six-piece, higher-priced, limited-edition Tom Binns for Walt Disney Signature collection (which will sell in the $1,000 to $2,000 range), and the other is a less expensive ($100 to $500) 35-piece Tom Binns for Disney Couture collection…  Both are slated to roll out for spring 2010.”

The film opens March 5.


Another PIP (Pretty in Pink) to ponder, the first in a series of new ads from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Gilles Bensimon for Saks Fifth Avenue

The Chanel dress and pumps look just delightful; to see an entire behind the scenes album showing how the ad was shot, pop over and visit the Saks Facebook page. (If feeling neighborly, do say hello to TP as well!)

We close with one more Pretty in Pink item, the Handbag Charm from Tiffany.

Tiffany & Co.

Frequent readers may recall our attachment to charms, whatever their composition, and this one is no exception.

With that, we say adieu until next time!


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11 responses to “Sneak Peek at Narciso Rodriguez for eBay

  1. MCW

    Love the charm bracelet. The tea cup necklace…not so much. I was actually never a fan of Alica in Wonderland. A little too trippy!

  2. $75 is NOT cheap for a tee shirt Narciso!

  3. LPC

    I love Narciso, he prompted my most recent extravagance. But I’m scared of eBay….

  4. That teacup necklace is awesome! Unfortunately it is something that really only could be worn once spectacularly and after that everyone would remember it! But certainly perfect for a red carpet opening of the movie!

    The T&Co purse charm…is that new? I didn’t see it the last time I was there or I would own it already!

  5. Princess Freckles

    I love that Chanel dress! Ah, to die for!

    The Alice in Wonderland stuff is pretty cool too! Love the “off with their heads”!

  6. Jen

    Love anything to do with Alice in Wonderland. Was my favorite book as a child. Probably still is. So sorry I’ve been remiss in stopping by. Went on a lovely trip to south Florida to escape the arctic weather. Took an internet hiatus and left the laptop behind. Now that I’m back, I’ve gotten sucked back into the blogosphere.

  7. OMG NR for Ebay? That seems new to me, but who knew. xoxo


  8. You are talking my language. Love the Pretty in Pink Saks ad. The Tiffany pink diamond handbag charm is the cherry on top of of a delicious fashion sundae. I still kick myself for not collecting charms as a kid or hinting for them as gifts. This Tiffany diamond handbag charm would definitely heal the bruises.

  9. I like the ebay idea. It’s very clever.

  10. Love the first Narciso dress in black & white. Has a cool one-shoulder effect.

  11. Love the Pretty in Pink ad! I’m not sure what to think about the new Alice in Wonderland. I may just have to check it out though.

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