A Logo the Princess Loves, Savings of a Preptastic Sort

Hello-Hello and Happy Wednesday, it is bright, sunny and beautiful here at the Prepatorium! May it be so in your corner of the globe.

We begin with something whimsical today, the Tory Burch Barbie.

Courtesy Photo via WWD

More accurately, the Tory Burch accessorized Barbie. Some readers may recall the Barbies featured at New York Fashion Week last year in honor of the doll’s 50th Anniversary.  A Women’s Wear Daily story explains this newer version:

“Mattel recently introduced a Barbie Basics doll, who wears a simple little black dress and can be easily accessorized and personalized by their owners with special accessories kits featuring such items as scarves, purses, shoes or jewelry.”

The CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) has twelve special Barbies getting glammed up to be auctioned on eBay starting tomorrow. Other designers include Kate Spade and Alexis Bittar, whose doll is seen below.

Courtesy Photo via WWD

The starting bid for each Barbie is only $100, a wonderful entry point for such a fun item. (Keep in mind, this perspective comes from the individual still carrying scars from her childhood Barbie vs. The Beauty Parlor Doll trauma. Indeed.)


We now share something that may stun readers.  So shocking in fact, we suggest those with any frailties or infirmities may want to be seated while reading this next tidbit.

Are we ready?

All right, here it is: We are loving the logo on this Polo Ralph Lauren shirt.

This is not a typo, nor are we are taking hallucinogens.  The polo shirt in question is seen below.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Why are we not foaming and frothing with maniacal articulating a minor concern that our Logophobia may be triggered by said logo? Because of what is on the back of the shirts.

This is the knit top Polo created to help raise funds for the United Way’s Disaster Recovery Fund. The Haitian flag is seen on the front of the shirt in addition to that annoying the pony logo.  Above you see the back of the shirt with the United Way logo, click here to see all versions of the shirt.

The good folks at Polo Ralph Lauren are setting a high standard, donating 100% of proceeds from shirt sales to the United Way Humanitarian efforts in Haiti. And while it isn’t a look we would sport (preferring to keep activities of this nature private), our hat is off to the retailer.

Loads of designers, organizations and retailers are doing varying things for varying charities and we have no intention of talking about too many of them. However, we are happy to share efforts from a few of the more ‘preppish’ companies, like the PRL example discussed above, or this campaign by Lilly Pulitzer.

Lilly is promoting their donation of 10% of sales proceeds from six different items to the Red Cross.

As always, we feel compelled to recommend that those considering donations to any non-profit take a look at the organization’s operations via Charity Navigator or Charity Watch.


Next, a quick peek at a brand we occasionally mention, APC. The spring/summer lookbook is now available.

Courtesy APC via HighSnobette.com

We initially saw the images via High Snobbette about ten days ago and liked several styles.  The images may also be seen on the APC blog.

Courtesy APC

The navy skirt in the shot just below looks wonderful.

Courtesy APC

We do like a number of pieces in this collection, the clean lines and lack of frou-frou are qualities we appreciate!


We leave you with a few quick Sales and Savings reminders.

  • The J. Crew Extra 30% off Sale promotion ends at midnight tonight. To receive the additional discount, use promo code EXTRA30 at checkout.

Almost everyone has taken significant markdowns on merchandise, including the major department stores.


We leave you with news from Spanx, a brand we know many readers like.

From a quick perusal of the styles shown on the website it seems the swimsuits range from attractive to frightening, but this may be reflective of our lack of experience with the brand.

Do let us know what you think, we love your insight!


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8 responses to “A Logo the Princess Loves, Savings of a Preptastic Sort

  1. LPC

    Today Princess, I am with you across the board. Love the Tory Burch Barbie, love APC, and am glad to see so many retailers chipping in for their part in public service. Also sending you thanks for your thoughtful, as always, comment on my recent family emergencies.

  2. KK

    I love the Barbies! And can’t wait to check out the Spanx swim suits.

    Oh I commented on your FB the other day about those lanterns- are you selling those? I need to pop on your site to see them up close. So cute!

  3. Princess, the Barbie is wonderful, reminds me my ex’s daughter in Russia, she was only 8 at the time, but she could not get enough of Barbie.

    Good thoughts.

    Always Bumby

  4. First – donating 100% of the sales! I am impressed. That’s what I call a donation. And I expect nothing less from a company with such success, but hardly do I ever see that! 10% from Lilly. She can do better in my opinion.

    Love the Barbies, too. And I don’t know about the Spanx suits. Well, this is what concerns me: Spanx wet. One might never be able to extricate oneself from that suit. Do I hear “jaws of life” – hehe. Sorry Princess, I couldn’t resist!! As always you have given me a post I love!

    P. S. Not to say that Preppy 101 does not need a little help from Spanx in making me look fabulous 😉 xoxo

  5. I agree with you about the RL shirt…very cute AND 100% of profits. That is great.

    The Barbies are cute and I actually like the Tory Burch Barbie clothes better than regular size TB clothes (gasp!!!). Pardon the heresy!

    I got the email about the Spanx swimsuits today. Brilliant, I think. I am hooked on Victoria’s Secret Miracle Bra swimsuits though because I like the…miracle.

    BTW…I mentioned you on Monday’s post. Hugs. 🙂

  6. I only have two barbies, but if I could I would have at least 10!

  7. Anonymous preppy!

    Lilly Pulitzer really should take a cue from Mr. Lauren and step up the percent they donate to charity. Also, I would like to see them donate to more needy HUMAN causes (not necessarily the WWF– I love Pandas but care for HUMANS more!!) . I am very glad they are donating to the red cross this time!!!

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