The Lilly Pulitzer Spring/Summer 2010 Stationery & Gift Collection

Hello-Hello and Happy Tuesday!

We are back from a wonderful trip to the market where we saw all manner of new  goodies. (We are very excited by some of the new lines we shall soon be be adding to the Princess – can you say nautical!)

But first we focus on the new additions to our Lilly Pulitzer Stationery and Gift line, as they are just too fun. Since we first shared sneak peeks of a few items via Facebook or Twitter the mighty IT department here at Princess Intergalactic HQ  (umm…. that would be the Consort) has been typing and uploading photos into the wee hours.  A quick note on the Spring/Summer line: the items are up on the site and now available for pre-ordering only, we anticipate shipping in mid to late February.

We begin with the incredibly popular Thermal Travel Mugs; some readers may recall that the fall/winter mugs sold out within weeks.

As seen in the photo above, the new crop of mugs are offered in Queen of Green, Crabtastic, Hanging Around and Later Gator.

Next, the fabulous new Ink Pens.

The Pens come in the Desert Tort, Crabtastic, Hanging Around, and Patchtastic patterns. Many readers are familiar with the Lilly pom-poms, many have used them for more than just party decor, decorating dorm rooms, bedrooms and more. Now there are Lilly Paper Lanterns providing a vivid, vibrant splash of color wherever you choose!

Next, the new Lilly Picture Frames.

We are already overly attached to some of the new patterns, like Silver Dollars and Crabtastic (in both pink and blue colorways).

Also new to the line, Melamine Dishes.

These come as beautifully pre-packaged Place Settings with a plate, bowl and matching knife/fork….

…. or they may be purchased individually. (Because we have already fielded an inquiry on the topic, we want to let you know that if seeking the knife and fork, the only way to acquire them is with the gift sets.)

Also new in tabletop, the Lilly Placemats coordinate perfectly with the melamine dishes, offered in both Later Gator and Desert Tort in a water-resistant, durable material.  At only $5.50, they make a new look for your table a reasonable undertaking.

Recognizing some fight this odd, we’re going to share it anyway: we believe that Silly Tilly would like (nay, requires!) one of these under her dishes to enhance her drinking and dining experiences. Now we ask, is that wrong?

We move on to the always-popular Latte Da! mugs, now available in three of the new patterns: Desert Tort, Crabtastic, and Bamboo Patch.  Of course, most of the Classic patterns are still available as well.

Below we have a better look at Bamboo Patch and Crabtastic (blue).

Brand new and already a crowd-pleaser: Lilly’s new Watch Sets!

Each set includes two patterned bands and they are perfectly packaged for gifting.

Designed to fit all ages, the wristwatches come in Later Gator, Desert Tort or Patchtastic and run $19.50. Perhaps the very thing you need for one of the young graduates on your list this spring, or a special member of the bridal party? (Remember, we provide gift wrap at no additional charge; if you just alert us to your needs, we can use Lilly paper or come up with something to fit almost any theme or personality. Just because we like to have fun with tape. Heh-heh-heh.)

Also a great gift any time of the year, the new Lilly Luggage Tags, especially at just $5.50.

If thinking about sprucing up the office, the new File Folders provide a bright splash of color; below we show the Desert Tort and Crabtastic folders, Patchtastic is not shown.

The new patterns are also seen on loads of other products, like the Mini Notebooks, the Sticky Notes with Lilly Pads, and the Dry Erase Boards, to name just a few of the fun items sporting the new patterns.

We’re also tickled to be offering items tied into the Lilly Loves Green campaign, like these new Market Bags in Creme Fraiche and Queen of Green.

At 17″ x 14″ (and almost 8″ deep!) and only $10 they make a trip to the farmer’s market or grocery not fun, and a little more eco-friendly, eliminating the need for paper or plastic bags.

Now, there are loads of goodies not included in our little post, so be sure to pop over and have a peek if/when the spirit moves you.

Thank you for indulging us while we spout about our excitement over the new Lilly treasures; tomorrow we shall return with one of our more standard posts, and later in the week we will share some of the new and faboo Jonathan Adler Nifty Gifties!


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11 responses to “The Lilly Pulitzer Spring/Summer 2010 Stationery & Gift Collection

  1. What fun items! I will have to pick up something pretty. The dishes are adorable! Thanks for brining us the latest and the greatest. I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far!

  2. Love that Lilly’s stationery products are so affordable. We want everyone to be able to have a little Lilly. What a darling wedding gift = create your own picnic basket with the melamine + placemats + mugs + travel mugs and maybe even paper lanterns with a bottle of vino! Love your posts Miss Princess. xoxo

  3. I do believe Rhett Butler will REQUIRE a Lilly placemat in hues of blue and green for his dining area, don’t you??

    It was so lovely to finally meet the Royal Family this weekend. Thank you for including some time for me!

  4. YIPPEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I already ordered my market totes but will be definitely purchasing the lanterns and watches too. I love it all! Thanks for sharing with us 🙂 xoxoxo

  5. I was looking at these the other day! Please save me a travel mug in Hanging Around :O)

  6. I will be placing a BIG order very soon! I just LOVE all these new items. Yippee!!!!

  7. TCP

    Mother of pearl, I completely NEED those plates! And the file folders. And the travel mug. And…well, you get the idea. Love them all!

  8. MJC

    I’m anxiously awaiting my travel mug and am quite sure I’ll be ordering more items soon! I love shopping your website and enjoy your blog!

  9. Oooohhh a Spanx bikini… I might just have to hop on that happy train ASAP!

  10. KK

    Ha- never mind my question about the lanterns. I wrote that before reading this post. Love them!

  11. LOVE IT ALL! I need those market totes….and everything else too!

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