Online Beauty Sales & When Logophobia Attacks

Hello-Hello and Happy Friday!

We are a tad crazed and dazed here at the Prepatorium, preparing to head to the spring market, getting the housekeeper/housesitter settled in (sadly, he is allergic to Tilly, so she gets to visit Grandma and Grandpa, it’s rather like spending her time at the Pooch Palace, honestly), attending to all of those details necessary to a good business trip.

We begin with an update to yesterday’s post about online ‘members-only sales’, where we offered suggested reading about the pricing practices at these sales.  Today WWD has an oustanding story about the proliferation of online sites offering deeply discounted beauty products. Smashbox sale via WWD

The story looks at the increasing number of such sites and reactions within the industry. One of the websites mentioned is, and we popped over for a quick visit.


This shop does not require an invitation and they had an interesting mix of merchandise.  Bobbi Brown Lotion at $15.99 is nothing to sneeze at, nor is $32.99 for a Laszlo Face Mask easily ignored.

The YSL Highlighter Palette at $18.99 is an outrageous bargain, as is the Smashbox Lipstick Palette at $21.99

Other online options with a focus on beauty products include include Market for Drama and The Fairest.

The story exlains that many of the larger ‘invitation-only’ sites already offer beauty items:

“Some sites say they offer brands a more discreet outlet to sell their wares at a discount. In fact, Rue La La, an invitation-only private sale site with 1.2 million members, declined to discuss what beauty lines it has featured in its 48-hour sales.”

Happy shopping!


Because we have been fairly restrained of late in our neverending whineathon occasional references to logos we thought it time for an update. Yesterday while perusing the Coterie Blog we discovered there is now a solution for those in need of a lifeboat for their larger watercraft:

Courtesy Photo via Coterie Blog

What a relief.  Not in the market? How about having one of these on hand for the next family reunion at the beach, you know that sooner or later there will be a game of touch football.

Courtesy Photo via Nitrolicious

We actually thought it was rather humorous when initially seeing the lifeboat, and reading about a few of the other items on varying fashion websites we follow. Aside from the fact Coco Chanel is doing the proverbial rolling over, it seemed like a small entry into this venue, perhaps an almost tongue-in-cheek effort.

Courtesy photo via Nitrolicious

After all, these aren’t the first sports-related items Chanel has offered, they have been doing any number of products in this genre for years. Then we realized the company has an entire mini-web area devoted to all manner of ‘sporting goods’ (yes, we use that word in the broadest possible sense). And upon reading more about the collection, we now understand the items are being carried in all of the boutiques, so Chanel is clearly serious about the endeavor. Indeed.

(For a look at all of the items head over an visit the always-on-top-of-things Nitrolicious.)


We approach the weekend planning to park ourselves in front of the teewee for at least some portion of two events. The first is probably of interest to fellow skaters like Little Bow Prep.

Because this is an Olympic year the US Figure Skating Championships are of particular import as this is how our Olympic skating team is selected. Two contenders are shown above, Sasha Cohen (L) and Alissa Czisny (R).

The Mens and Pairs competitions were held last weekend, tonight and tomorrow the Ladies and Ice Dance competitions will play out. Below we see Kimberly Navarro and Brent Bommentre (L) and Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto (R).

We are guessing A Crafty Mom had her eye on the Canadian Championships last week.  The European Championships are also underway this weekend in Estonia.

As is said about other sports… it is a matter of inches.


Also happening, tonight’s Help for Haiti series of concerts.

May everyone enjoy a stellar weekend!



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9 responses to “Online Beauty Sales & When Logophobia Attacks

  1. MCW

    The last picture makes me nervous. A little close for comfort!

  2. call me trashy if you must, but I secretly think it would be pretty fabulous to play tennis with the Chanel logo racket. PS- the pros spray on the logos when you get them re-strung, back in my tennis days, they’d let us spray what we wanted on ours… might have to pick up a racket again JUST to get my monogram sprayed on! That’s a thought!

    Love that you love figure skating too, btw:) My dad always told me growing up that if golf in college didn’t work out, that I should be a coxswain and that I’d be perfect for pairs figure skating b/c I’m so small. We both know what went down, but nonetheless, I feel a special affection towards them 🙂

    Happy Friday


  3. That Chanel football is seriously cracking me up! I kind of want it…GO JETS!! (and I’ve missed you, Princess! I should be back online more regularly now, I hope! Best to you and the Consort!)

  4. mary anne

    Because there is a slight tongue in cheek-ness to the CC items, they are not offensive. I wouldn’t buy one, but they did make me smile! Thanks for the giggle and have a great weekend!

  5. Princess Freckles

    I just love Figure Skating! I’m bummed I’m at work all day and am missing it! Tanith Belbin attended my high school. Only she was only there in the mornings due to her schedule. Its so fun to root her on!

  6. Yes, Coco is turning over in her grave for sure. Would love to hear what she might say at all this! Have a wonderful time at market!! xoxo

  7. I do chuckle at the Chanel lifeboat! Let’s see…what to wear on the boat,
    big floppy straw hat, large Chanel sunglasses, lots of GOLD jewelry, etc.
    shouting; “Don’t jump….I don’t want to get splashed!”

    I do like the racquet, and the idea of the monogram!

  8. Speaking of ice skating, isn’t that news about Nancy Kerrigan freaky?

  9. KK

    Sasha and Alissa are two of my favs- was sad that they didn’t make the cut. But happy with the top two representing team USA.

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