“The Cult of J. Crew” & Silly Tilly’s New Friend


We start with a photo indicating why today’s post is somewhat abbreviated:

"Hello everyone! Good to see you!"

This morning brought another visit to the vet for Silly Tilly, she loves going to see her friends there. It was time for an update on meds and the Separation Anxiety Issue.


Next we share news about a Forbes story, “The Cult of J. Crew” by Leah Bourne. Below, the subhead on the story:

The retailer is doing exactly the right thing: selling clothes that women want to buy. Why isn’t anyone else?

It is a fascinating piece with background on the company’s history, challenges and success. We didn’t know the origins of the Crew name, explained in the slide show accompanying the story.

“The name Crew was picked to compete with Ralph Lauren’s Polo label…added the J because… it added cache.”

1987 Catalog via Forbes.com

Nor did we realize company founder Arthur Cinader’s premise in creating Crew:

“J.Crew was founded in 1983 by Arthur Cinader in the hopes of capitalizing on the success of The Official Preppy Handbook and Ralph Lauren.  J.Crew was to be the price conscious antidote for the growing legions of yuppie shoppers.”

Ms. Bourne also discusses the brand’s challenges in the 1990s, remember these styles?

Courtesy J. Crew via Forbes.com

More from the story:

“J.Crew quickly morphed into a store that appealed to younger shoppers making investment purchases, Birkin Bag-toting soccer moms cutting back on splurges at Neiman Marcus and career-centric women who can’t get enough of the pencil skirts and slim trousers.

John Aquino/WWD

“It’s a recession-proof model that few stores imitate–$500 sequin and tulle skirts expertly sit next to their $150 counterparts, with skillfully put together mannequins to help shoppers style the look for evening (with a silk tank) and for the office (with a T-shirt and belted wool sweater). Every purchase seems like a great buy.”

We inserted a look from the spring line; for more of Crew’s spring styles just just click.

Frequent readers know we adore certain Crew items while finding other pieces just this side of horrid.  Regardless of any inane Princess comments, the story provides a nice overview of the company, click here to enjoy it at your leisure.


For today’s Pretty in Pink we share this bright bit of fabulosity:

Courtesy Photo

That would be the brand-spanking-new Fiat 500 in our favorite color, click here for more.


Two more quick tidbits before we leave you, beginning with a congratulatory note to Miss LPC of Privilege blog fame, she did a guest post for Corporette today!  Named as one of Technorati‘s Top 100 Fashion Blogs, Corporette is a great site discussing  fashion styles for women in professional office environments; it is quite the coup for LPC!

Our second newsbyte involves those increasingly popular events known as “online sample sales,” “invitation only sales,” and other monikers. We have posted about them on numerous occasions in this space, and today we share a recommendation for a stellar story in the Journal about pricing practices at these sites.

It’s 50% Off…Well, Maybe 35%” by Vanessa O’Connell offers information that online shoppers will appreciate seeing:

“… there are complaints that some of these sites, which typically promise markdowns anywhere from 50% to 70%, are relying on an old sleight-of-hand: inflating retail prices to make their discounts larger than they really are. Because these Web-only sales last a short time, usually 36 to 48 hours, shoppers feel pressure to make a quick decision.  And as with most sharply discounted sale items, purchases on these Web sites are often nonrefundable.”

Another good read, it has solid examples of pricing variances.


With apologies to those who saw this after we Tweeted about it, we leave with a look at Tilly and her new friend:

The little love on the towel is a baby bully named Prudence, adopted by one of the techs at our vet.  We don’t know if Tilly ever had puppies (she is a rescue dog and we don’t know her history) but she acts so excited when seeing them, and is so gentle around them, we believe she did have a litter or two.  Today was no different, Tilly simply loved little Prudence. How could you not?

With that, g’bye until next time!


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16 responses to ““The Cult of J. Crew” & Silly Tilly’s New Friend

  1. You never fail to educate me 🙂
    And is your Tilly cute or what, prudence too!

  2. I wouldn’t have thought of you as a fellow bulldog owner. So cute! I have a puppy (an Olde English), they are the best!

  3. I just had the most precious image of a sweet Tilly excited to see puppies… what a good dog she is 🙂

  4. a.

    Always love the Tilly pics. She looks so interested in the puppy. You really should have a feature (as if you needed more)…Tilly and Friends 🙂

  5. Interesting info about JC – there are so many JC blogs out there it is hard not to get swept up in all the fuss!

    I wouldn’t mind seeing average size 40ish women modeling JC tho so I can see if anything there would suit me!

  6. Awww – Tilly looks so sweet, she just makes you want to kiss her cute face 🙂 Prudence is a little darling!

  7. Torch Lake Prep

    Forget everything else…I WANT Prudence. She is adorable and so is Tilly 🙂

  8. MCW

    Love the J.Crew slide show! Funny to look back…

  9. Bootsy, thinks that Tilly is adorable…for a dog. I must agree.
    Thank you for J. Crew posts. And when I first saw the Fiat 500, this morning in my reader I just passed it by . But thank you for showing it again, It just needs a Lilly P. Bra.

    Always Bumby

  10. LPC

    Thank you Princess, for what we understand is currently known as a “shout out.” And as for Tilly, she looks to be in heaven.

  11. Jackie

    Oh I always love a picture of Tilly but the pup and Tilly’s face is just great.

  12. Awwww . . . Tilly is a doll baby! Love that pic of her and Prudence. Hope they get to hang out again soon 😉 xoox

  13. Tilly is adorable! What medications is she on for anxiety? My doggie Eleanor has some anxiety issues too.

  14. I read that article today too!

    Prudence is adorable!!! I love that Silly Tilly is engrossed and so gentle with her.

  15. preppyinnewengland@gmail.com

    Oh how precious…I say Tilly needs a little photo op on the corner of your blog! Adorable! How sweet with the little puppy.
    Thank you for that bit of JCrew history…very interesting!

  16. You are so wonderful! Thank you for all you share with us! I just adore reading your blog. Plus I got my Lilly magnet board in the mail and am beyond excited to get my Lilly market bags next month. Tilly is a little lovey – wish I could snuggle her!!

    Have a super weekend 🙂 XOXO

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