“Disturbing Preppy References?”

Hello-Hello and welcome to a Wednesday!

We start with a few expressions of gratitude, the first to our Wonderful One, the Consort, for his fabulous post yesterday, and to everyone who provided more food for thought through their insightful comments, thank you.

Our second ‘thank you’ goes to the folks over at The Daily Basics, a delightful online magazine with a philosophy we love: “…one short, sweet and quirky article a day to think about. That’s it.”  We were ever-so-excited to be included in their recent story “How to be a Preppy“, a look at several brands serving the prep market. Among the companies covered in the piece are such stalwarts as Lilly Pulitzer, Smathers and Branson, Angela Moore, and Vineyard Vines, so you can imagine how astonished (and über-flattered) we were here at The Princess to be included! Eeek! Thank you!


We move on to more standard fare, starting with Fashion Week in Milan, wrapping up today.  Mens fashions are the primary focus here, although more looks were shown from women’s ‘pre-fall’ collections than in previous years.

We’ll chat primarily about the Prada show, and its ‘preppy factor’.  Below, a montage of men’s looks from the Prada show via All The Rage.

PHOTOS: Peter Stigter/LA Times

An AP story about the collection has been running since the weekend:

“”Without using the word “preppy,” the trendsetting designer nevertheless presented a collection that would make anyone feel right at home in Harvard Yard, with tweed blazers to crew neck pullovers and casual slacks.”

The folks at The Cut (NY Magazine‘s fabulous online fashion group) have concerns about the way the story’s author, Daniela Petrof, described the line:

“We’re disturbed……  since when is Harvard a fashion point of reference? First they launch a fancy clothing line and get tons of press for it, and now Prada’s critically praised men’s collection is credited with Harvard Yard influences.”

As mentioned, womenswear was also shown:

More from the AP story:

“”The “preppy” collection shown Sunday is so normal it might have risked boredom were it not for the Prada fashion genius.”

A few more images by Giovanni Giannoni for WWD’s story on the Prada pre-fall looks.

From that WWD story:

“…camouflage, a fashion perennial Prada claims to have never embraced before, was more urban jungle than safari jaunt, as evidenced by a frisky, big-buttoned coat in shocking pink and brown.”

And a few more men’s styles via WWD:

Back to the story at The Cut:

“Even if Harvard kids would never wear this stuff (or most things remotely more interesting than boat shoes with no socks), the problem is, the world doesn’t need them to think themselves any more important or WONDERFUL than they already think they are.”

Well. The crankenstein word comes to mind.



In news about another collaborative pairing we share a look at the Lacoste partnership with streetwear label Married to the Mob.

Teen Vogue


Next, a look from another athletic line:

Clive Brunskill/Getty

That would be a dress from Nike’s new Maria Sharapova Collection they are launching with the tennis star.  Ahem. A sheer overdress…? On the tennis court? Indeed.


We close on a fun and cheery note, a look at the new Lilly Pulitzer Melamine Dish sets from our spring/summer line:


Each gift-packaged set includes a plate, bowl and matching utensils in either of the new patterns, Desert Tort or Later Gator. The sets run $24.50, or one can consider the individual plates and bowls.

These are just cute as can be, we absolutely adore them; they are $9.50.


For those subscribing to our Lilly Pulitzer email list, watch for a Lilly update tomorrow in your electronic in-bins! This will have all the latest on delivery dates, new goodies and patterns, and pre-ordering information. (If you would like to be on the Lilly, Jonathan Adler or Preppy Planet email lists, just click here and scroll down, email sign-ups are on the lower right side. We only send updates about every 4-6 weeks, and we never (ever) share your information, so breath easy on those fronts.)

With that we say g’bye until next time, may everyone enjoy a simply blissful evening!


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12 responses to ““Disturbing Preppy References?”

  1. So very cute TPP! And congrats on your preppy fame! 🙂


  2. ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! Love the plates and everything else!

  3. I can’t see myself wearing that dress on a tennis court anytime soon! With all that sheer fabric, it looks more fashionable than functional, not to mention like it would need to be dry-cleaned after each wear. Thumbs down to that one, although it’s very pretty.

  4. Oh I have to have the later gator set for my guys!! Thanks for the info!!

  5. First off, thank you SO much for your health well wishes! xoxo.
    Congrats on the article, that’s great. When any of my friends ask me for a preppy website, it’s you I recommend!
    Next, I’m loving the men’s styles on the runways this year, especially the preppy look.
    Lastly, I have GOT to get me some of that Lilly P. kids plate and dinner sets for Lallie! MUST! Will order soon!

  6. preppyinnewengland@gmail.com

    Oooh how fabulous, roll out the red carpet for your new fame! Congratulations, that is terrific press for you!

    Hmmm…..I just can’t see myself, friends or any celebrity wearing that tennis outfit seriously!!!!!!!

    Adorable plates!

  7. Congrats!!!! The tennis dress? No thanks, Maria! 😉 xoxo

  8. Oh TP….congratulations!!! A most deserved mention!

    Ahhh Prada. If I had all the money in the world I would give it all to people who need it and spend the rest on Prada.

  9. hey girl!
    I love these new prada collection…I love the shoes so much. Classic, cool and comfy! It seems you can walk a mile on them…am I right?

  10. Congratulations It’s about time.
    The Gator bowl, and plate are great.
    Prada and Preppy in the same thought…. can’t do it. my brain isn’t that flexible.
    Thank you for you comment, Bootsy is doing well, as is Sasha.

    Always Bumby

  11. Have you seen The Big Window Contest for Bloomingdales? It’s a great preppy contest… drop by my blog to read about the contest. My dear blog friend Eddie Ross is competing. http://www.completelypreppy.blogspot.com

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