More Things I Learned On The Road To Here

Hello-hello, friends.  The Consort here stepping boldly mikeside while The Princess gives back to the community.  Before skipping out the door she demanded politely asked me to fill in today.  I am humbled at this opportunity.  The timing is perfect because I’m in a reflective mood.  I’ve been considering what I’ve learned along the way so hang on tight… we’re going for a ride inside The Consort’s mind.

1.  Share your toys – Ever seen an armored car in a funeral procession?  Earning money is not, on the surface, bad.  It’s one of those basic things that we must do to survive.  But when the pursuit of money controls you then there has been a line crossed somewhere.  You can never have it all and you certainly can’t take any with you when you die.  Share what you have with someone who needs a little help.  I’ve been fortunate to have been involved with large-scale disaster relief drives during my broadcasting career.  It always amazed me when the people who had the least to give came forward with significant gifts.  Perhaps they knew what it meant to need help.  I don’t know what the reasons might have been but the generosity always touched me deeply.  We’re seeing it again during the crisis in Haiti.  Your mother was right all along when she told you to share your toys.

2.  Keep grinding – I spent some time on the phone today with a sales representative who cold-called The Preppy Princess.  We get a lot of that and I’m always willing to spend a little time (but no money) with the caller.  You see, I’ve done that and I hated it.  Cold-calling can be the most soul-sucking part of any sales job.  I have to hand it to the person who can get hung up on, verbally abused or laughed at and still make the next call.  They’re grinding.  The next call is the one that’s going to click.  It’s brutal.  I salute those people.  But I’m still not going to buy anything off of a cold-call.

3.  Don’t put off a visit – Life is fleeting.  Listen to that voice in your head that is telling you to go visit someone who might need a little cheering up.  Call them, get in the car and drive, whatever.  Just make up your mind that you’re going to go.  When the visit is over they’ll feel better and so will you.  We sometimes act like we’re never going to run out of days.  We’ll go tomorrow… or the next day.  Then, quite suddenly, there is no more tomorrow and the person is gone.  Those missed opportunities are a heavy burden to carry.

4.  It’s a big world – Go see it.  Meet someone in their home country.  Get out of the resort hotels and go inland.  I spent some time doing business in Brazil and do not speak Portuguese.  But I tried and my bumbling efforts were always a source of amusement and were appreciated.  I also met some amazing people because I was willing to make a fool of myself.  Take a backpack, a change of clothes and go.  You’ll be amazed at what happens next.

5.  Fashions come and go – Style stays.  That’s the heart of a great quote from someone far more clever than I.  It’s true.  There are still some looks that are difficult to top.  You know them… the LBD.  A well-cut suit.  A single strand of pearls.  The black bowtie casually undone at the end of a perfect evening.  I love style.  Fashions can leave me baffled.  I’m not as smart as The Princess or all the faithful readers of this blog.

What lessons have you learned on your journey?  Leave a comment and share.  C’mon… don’t be shy.  We’re all friends here.

But now I’ve come to the end of my mind.  It’s time to say thank you for your time.  Don’t forget to take care of your waitperson tonight; they’re working hard for you.  I’d like to leave you with the unique song stylings of some British lads who seem to be in for a surprise tonight.  The Princess will return tomorrow… good night everyone!


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10 responses to “More Things I Learned On The Road To Here

  1. mary anne

    Not at all original, but I love this: happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have. Contentment is a wonderful luxury. Good job filling in for the Princess today!

  2. I’ve learned sometimes you just gotta be the one to give. Say I’m sorry. If you really miss someone in your life, then be the first one to say it. Because, if you don’t, you’ll never be any further than where you are right now.

  3. One of the lesson that my husband and I learned and then passed on to our children is “treat people the way you would want to be treated.” Simple and somewhat cliche I know, but it works and makes the world a better place when practiced. I’ve seen it over and over and over.

    Speaking of sharing your toys – wanted to share that when I taught school we always did some kind of Secret Santa for children who would otherwise have no Christmas. Interesting observation when we took those children shopping for toys and such, they always wanted to buy for their mommas and baby brothers and sisters. Yes, those moment will rip your heart in two.

    Great post Mr. Consort! Thanks and The Princess will be proud. 🙂

  4. Jackie

    So here is one that has been my mantra: Always speak about someone else as if they were standing in the room with you. Enough said.
    And, I loved “Lola”. Good post, as usual.

  5. LPC

    I’m with you on those cold calls. One day I made 13 in a row. Cold, in-person calls. Had to sit in my car and listen to Bruce Springsteen before each one, mustering up courage. Not sure I sold anything but it sure made later efforts seem easier.

  6. Ooohhh… one of the lessons I’ve learned is to always give that extra dollar or two to the server… You know the ones… were you check is only $10 and all you have is a $10 and a $5, or the tip that puts you over your tipping limit whether that be 15% or 20% (it really should be 20% ya’ll)… Anyway, at the end of the week that extra few dollars probably doesn’t mean much to you, but to a server it can mean a lot. And where so many servers are students… every extra penny helps!

  7. I was just thinking today that we should always look the cashier in the eye. She is someone’s daughter/mother/sister/wife and deserves the same respect we would give anyone else!

    I always tell young single girls to see the world! But instead they get married at 18 and have a baby at 19 and then complain they are trapped :O(

    The bow tie comment conjurs so many great memories for me!

  8. Torch Lake Prep

    Thanks for your insights, I love the change of pace tonight. I actually had a student fundraising for MSU tell me I was the best call he had all night, that it was great to talk to a “cool alum”. I didn’t give him any $$$, b/c we had already given in Dec, I told him that and he was so appreciative of a little small talk. Carry on !

  9. What an excellent post, Consort!! I enjoyed it immensely. One of my most valuable lessons was in third grade. My mother told me to treat everyone with kindness because you never know what they go home to at night.

  10. Thank you Consort.
    For me, Giving is such a personal matter, in regard to charities, The ‘Family’ tends to direct the amounts and the cause. I find it most rewarding to go out on my own and do a soup kitchen. Because we all must remember ‘But For The Grace Of God ‘
    A smile cost you not a single dime. but can mean the world to someone else. I know that there have times in my life it (someones smile ) has gotten me through.

    Always Bumby

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