Turquoise Talks, and Are Lands’ End & LL Bean Dowdy?

Hello-Hello, and welcome to a Monday.

We begin with a congratulatory note about our friend Erin from the Pink and Green Scene; Erin finds all manner of nifty treasures in our favorite color combination and shares them on her blog.

The Butterfly Pillow post is here, and the Tote Bag post is here.

Or the Salad Plate and the Door Plaque.

Back to Erin; some readers may recall she has more than one colorful blog, actually writing blogs that showcase a panoply of colors.

In fact, Erin’s House of Turquoise blog was featured last week in the Washington Post, yippee-skippee! That blog is like Erin’s online inspiration board, but doesn’t necessarily include lots of items available for purchase. So if desirous of hearing about things one can acquire from shops around the world, Erin’s Everything Turquoise is the place to be. The site showcases merchandise across a broad spectrum of categories, like the Via Spiga satchel, or an ever-so-fun Shower Curtain.

Erin also has blogs featuring purple, chocolate & brown, and several more. Decor by Color is the perfect place for anyone interested in a spot of color on these gray and gloomy days.


We have a sad SOTT (Sign Of The Times) to share today; news about the auction for Tavern on the Green’s contents;  it is this Wednesday.

Luxist has a good story on the auction accompanied by photos of items for sale, like an iconic Doorman’s Coat.  There are three of these offered, the opening bid is $500.

The Bar sign will be appealing for many.

Guernsey’s is handling the sale, lots may be viewed online here.

In all candor, we have only dined at the restaurant once, and yes, it was mediocre. But we have also enjoyed a liquid refreshment or two at the landmark spot, so while we aren’t crushed by its demise we are saddened by the idea of it no longer being there.  It is representative of an era, something one wants to be there, where it has always been.

The restaurant is now representative of that place in the road where ‘always’ and ‘forever’ meet. And part company. Sigh.


On an up note we are very excited to have been nominated for the Beutiful Blogger award! We send gracious thanks to the oh-so-nice GingerSnap for bestowing such an honor upon us! Here are the rules:

1) Thank the person who nominated me for this award.

2) Copy the award & place it on my blog.

3) Link to the person who nominated me for this award.
4) Tell us 7 interesting/random things about yourself.

This is where it becomes a bit of a challenge, as we were taught it isn’t proper to spend much time chatting about oneself. (And there are few activities more tedious than hearing about TP, TC and life at the Palace, we are the world’s most boring couple.) However, because Miss GingerSnap has been so generous in sharing this, we shall make an effort to abide by the rules:

1) TP was a regional Singer sewing champion back in the day.

2) We hate the cold weather, and cannot. wait. for. spring.

3) We swipe borrow The Consort’s library books on occasion.

4) Our favorite part of Christmas is the baking of cookies for family and friends.

5) We harbor secret hopes our intensive Scrabble training sessions (ahem) on the iPhone will help us beat a certain sibling at the next family tourney.


6) We are secretly alarmed about our FF (Frump Factor) now that the Journal has called both Lands’ End and LL Bean dowdy. Dowdy. Here is the headline and subhead from the story.

“Two Dowdy Clothing Brands Go for Vogue”

“L.L. Bean and Lands’ End don’t exactly bring to mind the word “cool.”


7) TP can recite the starting lineup of the 1967/1968 Detroit Tigers. By position.
(And it isn’t long until pitchers and catchers report to training camp.)

There are so, so many beautiful bloggers we enjoy each and every day, we could list everyone on our blog roll and then move on to another 100 or so that we haven’t managed to get listed on the roll yet! Yikes!

1) Wendy Brandes

2) The Couture Cookie

3) Miss Privilege (aka Lisa)

4) Alexander Grant

5) Nautical by Nature

6) Preppy Pink Crocodile

7) Suburban Princess

Thank you for stopping by for a visit today, we hope to see you back again tomorrow!



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22 responses to “Turquoise Talks, and Are Lands’ End & LL Bean Dowdy?

  1. I am with you on being ready for Spring! I don’t like how early it gets dark!

  2. Oh my gosh, I’m blushing over here! Thank you so much for all the kind words and link love!! You’re the best!!! 🙂

  3. Oooooh! Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for giving it to me! I love it!

    I guess we will be dowdy together – I am sitting here wearing an LLBean sweater about to go out wearing an LLBean coat!

  4. I am sad that Tavern on the Green closed. I once spent a Christmas Eve in NYC and went on a carriage ride in Central Park followed by dinner at Tavern on the Green and the Rockettes. It will always be a special memory for me. 🙂

  5. MCW

    I didn’t realize Tavern on the Green was closing…it is so beautiful to look at when walking around the park all lit up and fairy like. The food isn’t good, but it is a landmark!

  6. mary anne

    Re: LL Bean and Land’s End are “dowdy”, then call me dowdy. I can live with that better than “trendy” or “fashionista”. Besides, what they really are is classic, traditional, no frills wear.

  7. Miss Coco

    I prefer the term “practical”.

  8. Hello, Let’s face it WASP food is not known for its great flavor.( T.O.G.)
    But it is a sad day in WASPdom. Thanks for the journal link.

    Always Bumby

  9. I am loving the Pink Meets Green and Everything Turquoise blogs. Thanks for turning me on to them! Hope all is well (I love receiving your lovely comments on my blog!) Cheers!

  10. I didn’t realize TOTG was closing either! Sad, I never made it there…

  11. It’s always sad to see a landmark go that’s always been a tradition. It’s also a sad sign of the times.

  12. Love, love turquoise!

    I agree with what you are saying about Tavern on the Green. I feel that way about “institutions” also. I may not care to ever go there, but I want it to be there forever. xoxo

  13. K

    Bean is not so bad — lots of stuff that has never been and will never be either really fashionable or really unfashionable — but Lands’ End has been selling really awful pants for almost two decades now. I am not so old as to remember a sailing supply catalogue, but I do remember ones filled with $300 (in the 1980s!) cashmere sweaters; at some point there was a drop-off, and it became pleated-front tapered twills, 35% poly, e-z care, size 4XL not available in mulberry; signal orange only, etc.

  14. Congrats on the award! You do have such a “beautiful” blog!

    It’s sad to see that Tavern on the Green is going…I’ve visted New York (and lived there) many times and always told myself that I should go and eat just once to “experience” it, but never did. I guess now I’ll have to check that off my list!

    Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  15. Wow, I would love to have something from the Tavern’s auction. On another note, if Bean is dowdy lump me in…XXOO

  16. Ooh, I will have to check out that Turquoise site. I’m in need of some bright colors myself with this gloomy weather. Thanks!

  17. Lands end has some cute stuff but I can’t see how it could be described as dowdy. Most of the ORIGINAL FIT shirts are super boxy and unflattering. They dod have some cute raincoats etc. I would definitely not call L. L bean dowdy though!

  18. Whoops! I meant that I CAN see how Land’s End could be described as dowdy. And they DO have some cute raincoats. Darn typos!

  19. I’m so glad you’re excited about the award!!!

    P.S. I do not think LLBean and LE are dowdy! What nerve! 🙂

  20. Re: starting lineup of Detroit Tigers….COOL.

  21. Awww thanks for the award! 🙂

    PS-I am still pretty jealous my sister got to chat with you on the phone! I can’t believe she thought I wouldn’t already have the Lilly cookie cutters 😉

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