J. Crew Bridal 2010, Sales & Savings of a Preppish Sort

Hello-Hello and Happy Friday!

Doesn’t it take forever to get to this particular Friday every year? This one following the New Year’s? Or is it just our old and ancient self?

Lest we lapse into a whineathon, we move on to a quick glance at this spring’s J. Crew Bridal look book:

J. Crew

Officially dubbed “Weddings and Parties Spring 2010 Preview,’ the line continues to offer stellar alternatives to more costly bridal attire.  First up, the Chiffon/Organza Dune gown.

Courtesy Photo via The Frisky

For some reason the Silk-Cotton Estate dress seen below appears heavy and bulky, even when taking into account a thicker, weightier fabric. It must be the lines or the lighting or the shot. Or something.

J Crew via The Frisky

This one makes up for that with its light and appealing lines.

Our thanks to Bridal Opulence and The Frisky! To peruse the entire collection, just click here.


We have just a few Friday Fun bits and bytes today, almost all of them of the Sales & Savings kind; we are trying to keep your pocketbook in mind.

There are lots of Angela Moore goodies available at a splendid price point in Angela’s Attic, we had nary a clue about the Attic and its treasures!

The Buzzy Bees classic (L) is now $24.99 (a nice savings from the original $50), as is the Confetti Pink/Lime classic.

Next, a reminder the Brooks Brothers clearance continues apace; if seeking a look that combines tartan and madras for the man in your life, here is a possibility.   On the right we show the Black Fleece Knit Jacket for women, reduced in price by 50%. (FYI, it appears much of the Black Fleece is discounted.)

Talbots is also offering some bang-up bargains.

As one might expect, both Kate Spade and Tory Burch also have significant discounts available, both in-store and online.

The Vineyard Vines guys are doing their ‘Whale of a Sale,’ with offers like this Argyle V-Neck, reduced to $89.99.

The discounted merchandise offered in the Boys and Girls sale section is darling, per usual with this retailer. On the left, the Girls’ Corduroys and right, the Girls’ Striped Rugby Dress.

For today’s Pretty in Pink, we go with a man’s style we would personally be pleased to sport, the pink cashmere sweater from Matthew Williamson’s new menswear line.

Courtesy Photo via WWD

It is a luscious look. We also appreciate the cool yet vibrant pairing of olive and fuchsia seen on the scarf. While not for us, it seems like a very hot color combination this year. Below we show two looks from Louis Vuitton’s pre-fall group using an almost identical palette.

It is an eye-catching combo.

We leave you with a look at the new line Tarina Tarantino is launching at Sephora come February.

PHOTO: George Chinsee/WWD

May everyone enjoy a recuperative and restorative weekend!

Photo Credits Louis Vuitton: L George Chinsee/WWD, R courtesy photo via Style.com.


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11 responses to “J. Crew Bridal 2010, Sales & Savings of a Preppish Sort

  1. I love the bracelets! Hmm I wonder if Talbots here is having a sale! I will be there on Monday!

    Have an awesome weekend!

  2. MCW

    I just don’t love any of those wedding dresses…glad I am not getting married any time soon 🙂

  3. LPC

    Wow I love that Brooks Brothers jacket. Have you submitted it to Corporette at all?

  4. My daughter’s wedding dress is from J. Crew. They even have bridal depts. in a few of their stores so that you can try on the dresses, etc. see swatches for bridesmaid’s dresses, etc. The young lady who waited on us in Atlanta was wonderful!!

  5. preppyinnewengland@gmail.com

    These sales are just to die for…..such great prices. Yes, Angela’s Attic is a must to check. I have bought a few bracelets over the years at fantastic discounts!

  6. I wish they had Jcrew bridal back when I got married.

  7. I just love wedding dresses they always make me smile.

  8. Hey, I’ve got some pink earrings on my blog!

  9. Deme

    Hi Preppy Princess,

    Based on your experience reporting, do you recall when Brooks Brothers goes to 70% off in the winter? I think it’s Feb.


  10. Your posts are so meaty … I can have so much info at one go including sales and possible combo outfits. Thank you!

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