It’s Charming, That Snuggie Suit, & Sally Draper’s Dress

Hello-Hello and Happy Thursday!

The crush of business forces us to post only briefly today (and not at all yesterday, eek), so we jump right in chatting about a brand we like, Links of London.  Our fondness for the company might seem a touch odd if one is taking the company’s name literally, we really only haul out our cufflinks 10-12 times a year. And when we do sport french cuffs we do vintage linkage, circa the 1930s through the 1970s.

But L2 does offer items other than what the name implies, including some darling charms.  We like the Scooter charm (now only $32 on sale!) and adore the little Welly boot ($48), both in sterling silver and both very nice bargains at those prices.

One of the smartest things the company does online? They offer a ‘create your own charm bracelet‘ application and we only have one word for it: addictive.  You can imagine how much we love the Hot Pink Heart charm, today’s Pretty in Pink.

Links of London


Many readers may already know this, but for those not yet aware, the M·A·C cosmetics collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer is now available in stores and online.

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

As described on the MAC website:

“A collaboration that feels like the best tongue-in-chic resort retort delivers that joyously bright and refined Key West bloom: new floral patterned Pearlmatte Eye Shadow and Face Powder, plus all the retro-modern colour combinations that Lilly is famous for.”

Below we show the Lipgelées palette; from the left: Preppy, Lush & Bright, and Shift to Pink.

We did not show the Resort Life color in the swatches above, described as an “off-white with pink pearl,” but it is seen on the far left in the four-shot of the gelées:

MAC Cosmetics

These run $14, and like almost all items in the collection, they are limited editions. Neither the Pearlmatte Eyeshadow (L, $19.50) or Face Powder (R, $27) are for us, but they do look fun.

MAC Lilly Eye Shadow trio

There are loads of other goodies in the collection, be sure take a peek if only for the eye candy factor.


Because we are completely delusional like to stay on top of all things Snuggie, we bring you the latest:

Courtesy JC Penney via Racked

Yes, it is the Snuggie Suit brought to you by JC Penney. Oops! It is the Snuggle Suit with an ‘l’, not an ‘i’.  (We dare not risk the wrath of the Snuggie pooh-bahs.)  Old news for those who follow TP on Twitter, the suit is currently on sale for $24.99, this ah, this item is also available in red and an oh-so-chic black.  For more on the Snuggie phenomenon, including the Snuggie vs. Slanket controversey (gasp!) click here.

(How did this Snuggie ‘coverage’ start? What does it have to do with anything remotely related to the Preppy Planet? Has TP gone off her meds, or just off her rocker?)

For those intrigued by “Seen on TV” products, the Times has a great story today about the way Consumer Reports perceives such merchandise.

“Among products the article says are not worth buying are the Snuggie, ShamWow, Debbie Meyer Green Bags for food storage, and the Garry Ultra Light vacuum, which testers said fell short of advertised claims and, even when they had some good attributes, were overpriced.

The only item that passed muster: the PedEgg, a foot file that traps shavings in a compartment and costs about $10.”

There you have it.


And finally, word about pint-sized red carpet fashions for a Mad Men star.

Courtesy AMC-TV

Kiernan Shipka plays Sally Draper in the show and it seems the Young Miss is in need of a party dress or two for upcoming award shows. Below we see Kiernan with her mother, Betty Draper costar January Jones on the red carpet last August.

Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos

One of our favorite bloggers, Robert Janjigian at the Palm Beach Daily Post, shared that Miss Shipka was recently seen shopping at Spring Flowers on Worth. Did the intrepid writer discover a dress choice?  He did.  Miss Shipka selected the Caroline by Fleurisse, in gunmetal gray as shown below.

Spring Flowers

The silk taffeta frock is available in a number of colors. Fleurisse is a private label from the owners of Spring Flowers, long an outstanding shopping spot for the little ones.

The snow is starting to fall here at the Prepatorium, so we leave you with a dose of bright and springy colors: our soon-to-be-available Lilly Pulitzer Luggage Tags.

Lilly Pulitzer at

Until next time, may everyone stay warm and snuggly!


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14 responses to “It’s Charming, That Snuggie Suit, & Sally Draper’s Dress

  1. Long live the snuggie. It’s a blanket…with arms…and it’s super, super warm.

  2. Wow! A snuggiesuit! Although, I imagine that it might look a bit ridiculous on my 5’10” frame (can anyone say “highwaters”?). 🙂

    And, I like the MAC lipgloss. I wonder if it’s super sticky? I do think that the pink and green eye shadow is a bit, umm…much? I wonder if it will sell?

    LOVE the luggage tags! So cute!!! Yay!

    Have a great one!


  3. I wonder if I can use my bedazzler on my black snuggle suit to glam it up for evening!

  4. That suit is ridiculous!

  5. Oh my Lord, I’m not sure about the “snuggie suit!” But, I do love the Lilly luggage tags:)

  6. LPC

    I love Sally Draper’s dress:). Sophisticated but age-appropriate.

  7. Thank you for the Links of London link. Just bought a pair of Knot Cufflinks.

    Always Bumby.

  8. Oh thank you so much for posting the link for those charms, too cute! The BF got me a pinecone charm for my birthday because I pick up so many in my parents’ yard… haha my #1 job!


    Sally has lovely taste. The dress is perfect for a gala event.

    As for the snuggie…..oh my heavens, can we just burn them all?
    Funny, my tween and her friends all wanted one for Christmas. No one received any! Hee-hee!!!!!

  10. How sweet are those charms?! And I love those lil’ party dresses!


  11. Sally Draper’s dress is adorable!

  12. Princess Freckles

    How cute is little Sally Draper? Little girls on the red carpet are just so adorable!

    Canyou get over this snow? Ugh!

  13. I am loving the MAC cosmetics. I am going to have to go to the store and check that out.

  14. Adorable Charms!! LOVE love love the Lilly luggage tags. Perfect dress for sweet little Sally Draper!! 🙂

    Looking forward to your thoughts on the MAC collection too. Happy weekend!!

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