“Ultimate Luxury Beauty Brand” Coming to Targét


Because things are a tad busy here at the Prepatorium, we have a dribs and drabs kind of post, lots of unrelated tidbits with the only underlying theme being a hope readers might find one/some/any moderately interesting.

We jump right in with word about Frédéric Fekkai:

“In a further sign of the tectonic shift taking place in the beauty world, Frédéric Fekkai, one of the ultimate luxury beauty brands ever to hit Fifth Avenue, is headed for Walgreens.”

And also to Targét, according to this story in Friday’s Women’s Wear Daily, that is where the quote shown above above comes from.

Courtesy Fekkai via WWD

It seems not everyone is pleased by the news:

“And the fallout has already begun: Sephora immediately said it will drop the line.”

Currently sold in upscale locales like Saks and Neimans, Andrea Nagel’s story says both Target and Walgreens are among mass retailers expected to carry the line. If you have already been buying premium hair products at Target, look for something about the launch in your mailbox:

“These customers are set to receive direct mailers just prior to launch which have been designed to “introduce” the shopper to the Fekkai brand…”

The mailers will include samples. The products are already shown on Target’s site, with a February 21st date for availability; pre-ordering is possible. (One interesting note: many sites show Target as already carrying some Fekkai.)


Some may remember this post taking a quick glance at the new OlsenBoye line for JC Penney from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Nylon has more photos of upcoming pieces, and while the line doesn’t really speak to a prep look, we thought a few items merited sharing, for a variety of reasons.

Courtesy Photo via Nylon

We thought some might like the blazer shown above, not yet available on the Penney’s web site.  It seems logos are definitely part of the line’s look.

The distressed flannel shirt is one of the items currently available for purchase.

This next piece surprised us.

Courtesy photo via NylonMag.com

Why? It seems to bear an uncanny resemblance to this spring’s homage to Stephen Sprouse for Vuitton, designed by Marc Jacobs.

The Olsens generally show more savvy than that exhibited in the tee’s design.


Good news for those of us who share blind adoration a fondness for Mad Men: the cult hit received multiple Golden Globe nominations today, including Best Drama, as well as Best Acting nods for Don and Betty, January Jones and Jon Hamm (seen below with Tina Fey at the Emmys in September.)

Mark J. Terrill/AP

Time magazine ranked the show as the best television show of the decade in a recent story.

BTW, if looking for interesting work:

“… AMCtv.com is currently looking for one or two Mad Men Moderators as well as a number of Senior Talk Forum Members who would post relevant topics, guide conversations, and share thought-provoking insights on the show and its talented cast and crew.

Click here for more information.


Finally, for those interested in the Hamptons, we have a real estate opportunity.

Courtesy Sotheby's

Tory Burch has listed her home in Southampton; she is asking $17.9 million.  Ms. Burch is moving nearby, so have no fear about there being a roof over her head.  The existing residence is rumored to have significant water damage; the new owner is actually getting pre-approved plans for a new structure.

Courtesy Sotheby's

Here is the Sotheby’s listing and here is the WSJ story.

Until next time!


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15 responses to ““Ultimate Luxury Beauty Brand” Coming to Targét

  1. Sheesh Sephora needs to chill out! Not everyone lives near one and it is nice to be able to get quality products in Target!

    My pen arrived today! I photo’d it for my blog :O) I havn’t unwrapped it yet tho – I am admiring the lovely wrapping job you did :O) I keep the handwritten notes you send too!

  2. That Fekkai line is good, and if it’s being made more affordable by a move to Walgreens, I say that’s wonderful. I have seen the full-priced line at Target before.

    And thank you for the (not entirely gratuitous) Jonn Hamm in a tux photo. Ahhhh.

  3. I think Sephora needs to get over itself – it’s not the only beauty supply store in town anymore and although it’s my favorite, I hate to read stories like this. I’ve actually seen Fekkai products at my Target for a while now but I’d always buy them at Sephora to get beauty points – I think Sephora needs to trust its customers.

    My dream is to own a house in the Hamptons – alas, at such a price tage, it won’t be happening in the near future!

  4. interestingly enough, I have already spied FF at Target- although I live in the Target HQ city!



  5. Torch Lake Prep

    Target in Troy & Bloomfield Hills stocks FF and a few wks ago there was a Target direct mail piece that offered buy 1 FF product and get 1 free — used mine and now asking friends if they’ll give me theirs !!

    p.s. LOVE John Hamm — wonder what he’s like in person??

  6. Princess Freckles

    YAY for Mad Men! I have to agree with Time, it is one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. I’m dying to know what will happen next season. Why can’t some designer come out with a Mad Men inspired women’s line? I know Brooks Brothers did the one suit, but come on! The fashion on that show is fantastic!

  7. Ooh Tory’s house for sale, I’ll be jumping on that 😉 Hope you holidays are staying merry and bright (and busy)!

  8. Oh I am so excited!! I love Fekkai products thanks for the tip!!! Happy Holidays!

  9. Thank you for posting this pic of my Don 😉 Sephora – grow up. Love your posts as always Miss PP!! xoxo

  10. Target is getting all the good stuff–I was shocked to see my personal fave ‘Bumble and Bumble’ next to the Pantene and Suave 🙂

  11. I’m astonished about the “Sprouse” top. I don’t have a problem with Sephora’s move. It does drag the brand image down. It would be better if he did a mass line with a tweaked name or a Fekkai for Walgreens or whatever. I don’t use Fekkai or shop at Sephora so I don’t have a horse in this race. It’s just basic branding strategy and human psychology to me.

  12. I live for FF! I can’t wait to get it from Target. Yes I want that house in the Hamptons-need to see a few more books LOL


  13. Good morning! I hope you are doing well!

    My Target already carries Fekkai. I am not sure why Sephora is so upset? It is available at Ulta, Nordstrom, Belk, Neimans, etc, etc. Sephora’s loss!

    I would love the property Tory Burch’s Hamptons home is on. Too bad it isn’t in my budget… Ha ha!

    Have a wonderful week!

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