It’s a Happy-Happy Monday!

Hello-Hello, and Happy Monday!

It is exceptionally happy today because…

… the always fun and gracious Pink Cupcakes and Tab tagged us with the Happy 101 Award! Thank you Miss Tammy, yours is one of the very first blogs we ever read. We still love reading it, although we don’t comment nearly enough, shame on us.

Here are the Rules for the Award:

1. List 10 things that make you happy.
2. Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day.

We’ll start with the first item, ten things that put a smile on TP’s face:

  • The Consort: our always-and-forever love
  • Silly Tilly, our rescued bulldog

  • Tilly’s sibling, Scooter-the-Wonder-Cat

  • The Queen Mother, absolutely the best parent anyone could hope for, and then some
  • Mad Men, especially Don & Betty Draper
  • Our blogosphere friends, all so kind and witty and generous
  • Almost anything in pink, let alone pink & green!

Courtesy Lilly Pulitzer

  • Time spent at the Large Lake, where the family has summered since the late 1800’s

  • Life here in the Corner Condo at Preppy Princess InterGalactic HQ, allowing us to do something we *really* love, with absolute the best customers in the galaxy
  • Being able to read all of the fashion trades as part of said job.

Courtesy Women's Wear Daily

We are ever-so-blessed, the list could be endless, but as we’re not terribly comfortable nattering on about ourselves (too much TP is too dreary), we’ll stop here.

Next, our list of 10 bloggers that brighten our day:

1) All Things Southern & Preppy (aka Preppy 101)

2) When Pigs Fly

3) Queen Bee Swain

4) Princess Freckles

5) Preppy Pink Crocodile

6) Nautical by Nature

7) Muffy Martini

8) Lipstick at the Mailbox

9) The Pursuit of Techyness

10) Whale Flip-Flops aka Prep in the Big Apple

There are many (MANY) more than these ten, but we would be posting all night if we actually listed all those that we enjoy.

Thank you again Miss Pink Cupcakes & Tab, you put a smile on our face too! For those not familiar with Tammy, pop over and say hello, she is recuperating from serious foot surgery and has somehow maintained her same great attitude throughout the entire ordeal – she is amazing.



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13 responses to “It’s a Happy-Happy Monday!

  1. merci beaucoup and you KILL me when you call it “Large Lake”- seriously- that is hyster! glad that I’m your neighbor on the other side of LL!



  2. Those Tilly & Scooter pics have made my afternoon!

    Yours in “MM” and pink n’ green,

  3. LPC

    Oooh. A few new to me. Will go look right away.

  4. Your pets are adorable! And on a totally unrelated note, I thought about you this morning when I purchased a fabulous, beaded Lilly P frock! Sales make me smile!

    Have a great week! xoxox

  5. MCW

    Mad Men makes me happy too…but, also really sad when I think of how long it will be until I see them again!

  6. i love that underbite on your bulldog! cutest thing ever!

  7. Princess Freckles

    Thank you!!! You make me happy too! I, too, love Mad Men! I have the first two seasons on dvd and I plan to take them on vacation with me over Christmas so I can share the obsession with my sisters! Lol.

  8. Your bulldog has the cutest face in the world!

  9. Jen

    Many thanks on the nod! I’m glad I brighten your day with my ramblings. I’m off to check out these other great blogs.

  10. Love your list! Congrats on your award. Do deserved. I love that lilly golf cart-I so need that. xoxo


  11. It was fun to read more about you! I love seeing pictures of your pets! Miss Tilly is so cute!

  12. Ok I am obvioisly super behind on my commenting/reading. Thank you for another great award. You know I love your blog! I always save the posts and make sure to read every single one!

  13. I obviously can’t spell either. Excuse the typo!

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