The Consort’s Guide To Holiday Last Resort Ideas

Hello-hello, The Consort here striding mikeside to dazzle and/or baffle you, the last I saw of the Princess she was running through the Prepatorium, shrieking concerned about pink and green ribbon.

I thought it appropriate to turn the spotlight on some suggestions for the testosterone-laden on your holiday list.  There will be, not surprisingly, no regard for budgets nor reality.  Sit back, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy the ride.

We start with a little item that every male wants for no apparent reason.

Hey, it’s shiny and makes noise.  Kind of like a bald-headed baby without the mess. What’s not to love? The Apple iPod touch 8 GB is a great time-killer at a reasonable price.  You can find these babies at for well under $200.  Get one of these and your favorite guy can carry it along with his iPhone.  Which, unless I’m horribly mistaken, does the same thing with the added feature of being a real phone. But let’s not get bogged down in facts and details.  Let’s move on to bigger things…

It’s time to gather that growing collection of hand tools and get organized.  Kobalt offers a fine selection of tool chests in varying sizes with a ton of features.  How many features can one expect on a tool chest?  Some of these beauties are over-the-top crazy with refrigerators and sound systems.  I’m content with a rolling chest like this one that can be found at your neighborhood Lowe’s for under $400.  It’ll last a lifetime and only fuels tool lust.  But if you need something to put into your new, shiny tool chest you might want to consider a stop at an American standard.

Craftsman tools have been around since early man first picked up a rock and banged on a stick.  Or something like that.  If you’re starting your tool arsenal this is not a bad beginning point.  The 83-piece Homeowners Tool Set is available for under $120 at Sears stores or online.  The set is made up of dependable, homeowner-grade tools that will be fine for average use.  If you’re seeking professional-grade tools you can also find Craftsman tools for that but you might want to consider looking at Matco Tools or Snap-On Tools.

Maybe we need something a bit more budget-friendly.  Something truly memorable.  Consider taking $50 and donating it to your local food bank.  You’ll be amazed how far they will stretch that money.  Locally, our food bank can provide five meals for every $1 donated.  These are fragile times in which we are living.  You can be the difference between someone eating or going hungry today.  I don’t intend to get overly dramatic here and I apologize if I appear that way to you.  We, as a nation, are remarkably generous.  Now is the time to share our time, talent and treasures with our neighbors.

Oh, look.  It’s time to step off of the soapbox and head back to the shipping department.  Thanks for your indulgence.  The Princess will return when the credit cards melt.  Meanwhile, treat your waitperson right because they’re out there working hard for you tonight.  Try the veal and I’ll be back soon.  Now, sit back and enjoy this group of young people with a very positive attitude.  Good night, everyone!



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6 responses to “The Consort’s Guide To Holiday Last Resort Ideas

  1. Jen

    Thanks for the gift ideas. My hubby is getting the Kindle. Not just the regular one but the oversized one as he felt the smaller size would not simulate reading a newspaper as well. Perhaps, then, he should just read the paper version but then that would not be any fun, would it?
    Hope you are hitting it out of the ballpark in sales this season!

  2. Love the idea of donating $$$ to a Food Bank. Your dollar goes much farther in helping people than it does when you donate food because the Food Bank pays less.

  3. Great guide! I was just at the LA Regional Foodbank the other day- helped out through my company. I still need to get my boyfriend a gift, but he’s telling his parents not to get him anything and to donate money to charity.

  4. Thanks for providing us with this guide! I consider myself being reasonably good at shopping for the opposite sex, but a reality check once in a while never hurts! Also, I could not agree more with you: if we can afford lavish gifts, we can certainly afford making a donation to a charity of our choice.

  5. Great choices! I got 2 of the itouch for the boys.

  6. Your list is spot on! My husband is always swooning (is that an appropriate word to use for a man?) over a tool chest at Lowe’s that has a built in refrigerator, iphone dock, and speakers. I guess only men can appreciate that? Ha ha!

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