More Olympic Uniforms Revealed & You Can Buy Some!

Hello-Hello, and welcome to our little corner of insanity, such is the wackiness of a retailer’s holiday season! (Pssst – we love it!)

We begin today with news about Talbots. News that no one here at the Prepatorium can decipher very well, nor can any of the online brain trust we queried.  Suffice it to say that:

  • Talbots is “merging” with a company called BPW
  • Talbots is paying off what they owe Aeon, a Japanese firm
  • Trudy Sullivan, the current CEO, is staying on
  • big changes are not anticipated

There you have it, with apologies for our inability to apply anything we learned at B-school to the announcement. (To see a full story on the news, click here.)


Next, a look at the uniforms the US Snowboarding Team will be wearing at next winter’s Olympic Games.

Courtesy Burton

The uniforms are made by Burton Snowboards, above we share the men’s style. To us the most amazing part of the look is the Gore-Tex pants made to look like ripped denim. The Times’ Vancouver Olympics blog explains more:

“The uniforms plainly reflected the team’s desire to reconcile the individualism inherent in the sport’s culture with the earnest national pride inherent in the Olympic Games.”

Courtesy Burton

USA Hockey has also unveiled its look for Vancouver.

Courtesy Nike/USA Hockey

The new jerseys from Nike may be purchased online.

We are struggling with the Women’s Knit Hat from USA Hockey/Nike.

Courtesy Nike/USA Hockey

It must be much cuter when it’s on.

Because there are not enough marketing and sponsorship opportunities with just the Official Opening Ceremony uniforms, Official Closing Ceremony uniforms, official individual sport uniforms, official practice uniforms, official event uniforms, etc., we also have the Official Team USA Medal Stand jackets.

Courtesy Nike/Team USA

“This ultra-warm jacket is the same style that will be worn by the winners on the medal stand during the 2010 Winter Olympics and features a cozy quilted lining, a filled puffer body, a high neck zip and hood to keep you toasty in winning style!”

Nike is also making these; above we show the Women’s version, but the Men’s is essentially the same.

Months ago we showed these sketches of the Team USA uniforms created by Polo Ralph Lauren. (This post has the background.)

Courtesy Polo Ralph Lauren

The vision in the sketches has been transformed into actual apparel:

Courtesy Polo Ralph Lauren

Even though the Games are months away, the actual uniform pieces are now available to the general public. Below left, the Ladies Long Sleeve Hoodie, and on the right, the Fleece Mock Neck for Ladies.

If looking for something not quite so… dramatic, how about the Team USA Opening Ceremony Hat (L), or the Ski Cap?

For the MOTH (Man Of The House), the Half-Zip Sweater might be appreciated (L), or the Olympic Graphic T-shirt

All of these pieces are available at the Team USA online shop.

Because we are due at a meeting, we must cut this short. Trust the Princess when we say we have barely scratched the surface of this topic.


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15 responses to “More Olympic Uniforms Revealed & You Can Buy Some!

  1. Princess Freckles

    I love the first team hat! I’m not sure where I’d ever wear that, but I kinda want it! Hmmm.

  2. Safe to say we are going to be inundated with Olympic merchandise like never before! Thanks for keeping us informed, Miss Princess. I do love some of these pieces, I must admit. I may end up with a purchase or two myself 😉 xoxo

  3. LPC

    I like the snowboarders’ uniform:).

  4. MCW

    I do love the majority of the Olympics looks…but, those snowboarding pants? Maybe a little sloppy looking???

  5. Love the Olympic look …going to check site out I need to get many Christmas gifts still!

  6. I saw the ones on Ralph Lauren’s site and liked them, I think it’s neat how you can buy them!

  7. I can’t wait for the winter Olympics!

  8. I never quite like the Olympic outfits (except for those Canada hats made by Roots for the Salt Lake City ones)… I’m not sure why. I do like the hockey jerseys though! And it’s great that they are available to purchase! Thanks for sharing, tp!

  9. I too am struggling with the knit hat.

  10. Nothing cooler or more preppy than skiing in RL! Great post. BTW the article I wrote included you all! Yeah-saw the final copy and she did not edit you out. I’ll share as soon as it is published!



  11. Oooh, I rather fancy that fleece. Thanks for the heads up.

    And as casual as those snowboarder uniforms look, that does reflect the culture of the sport (at least, from an outsider’s point of view, having known many in southern California). On the flip side, ripped jeans at the Olympics?!?

  12. I love the American Snowboarders uniforms! They’re so cool.

  13. madie

    i love the opening cem. hats, i wish they werent as expencive:(

  14. KNITTER~

    Hey Madie- on Ravlery there is a -pattern for the Opening Ceremony Hat! AND THEY ARE SOLD OUT ANYWAY!

  15. 2010olympicluver

    I luv the opening ceremony hat!!!! But its sold out!!! I hope they restock cause i would wear that everyday!

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