The Princess’s Culinary Catastrophe, Pink & Green Monday

Hello-Hello and Happy Monday!

Did everyone enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving? We hope so, we are grateful to have enjoyed ours with TQM, it was loads of fun finished off by a fierce Scrabble tournament.  In the interest of full disclosure, we must report that The Queen took the trophy, despite our snappy 7-letter word.

We bow before the prowess of our opponent.

The real Thanksgiving tragedy involved the creation of a very simple side dish, something we have successfully made ever-so-many times here at The Prepatorium.  Usually it looks very much like this:

All we can say is that this was not a good year for the molded cranberry salad, the crop was disappointing. (Ahem.)

Here is the evidence of our little mishap to demonstrate we are not  exaggerating things.

Readers may have noted the lack of any shape or form. Any evidence this gelatinous mass sat in a mold of any kind. For. Hours.

It wasn’t even possible to contain the slithering mess to a flat surface, let alone its original serving plate.  The concoction was so liquified it resembled the creature in “The Blob,”, oozing off everything before hardening into a substance that becomes almost impossible to remove from a counter or floor unless one brings in power tools .

Fortunately the evening was spent with a forgiving group who cared only about the companionship and spirit of the day. We added our gratitude for that to the lengthy list of things we appreciated on the holiday, and all year long.

Our only other item is a reminder about today’s One-Day sale, offering 20% off everything at the Princess.  So if seeking gifts for your Tiny Prep…

Or looking at Lilly for a little holiday fun….

Perhaps thinking about gifts with a nautical influence …

Or simply seeking products in a classic preppy pattern like madras.

Preppy Princess madras merchandise

Odds are you can find it at the Preppy Princess! Today’s 20% off special pricing ends at midnight, be sure to use promo code PGM at checkout to receive your discount.

Thanks so much for indulging our commercial message today, you know we try ever-so-hard to strike an appropriate balance here on the Planet.  We’ll be back tomorrow with our more standard post, including pictures from some of the activity at this weekend’s Bal Crillon (Le Bal Des Debutantes) in Paris.

Until then, smiles all around!


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8 responses to “The Princess’s Culinary Catastrophe, Pink & Green Monday

  1. Already placed my order- all I’m going to say is that “the Audrey” is going to be very happy indeed with her new decorations!

    Hope you make bank today!



  2. MCW

    That cranberry salad looks delicious 🙂 My mom makes a jello mold every year, eventhough she is the only one who will eat it!

  3. I absolutely have no time to shop today. Taking a quick break. I am in Atlanta with the professional movers who are moving Precious Daughter to her new home! She started her new job today, so I am here making sure every “I” is dotted and every “T” is crossed. I have checked my email at various times and read a few fave blogs only to see that the deals are abundant!

    Onto things of substance – my cranberry salad did that one year, too. Why? I never figured it out. Have you?

    I love Scrabble. Love it!! xoxo

  4. I’m impressed with “instill!” My husband loves scrabble, and is super competitive- we can’t play together, haha!

    Sorry the cranberry mold didn’t turn out….it still looks delicious!

  5. When I have an occasional foray into cooking it seems that some of the worst looking meals are often the best tasting:) I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  6. Oh my goodness– a 7-letter scrabble word doesn’t come around often! Congratulations to your opponent! 🙂

    Glad your Thanksgiving was good, despite the jello mishap!


  7. I just placed my order! I am so excited to start using my new coffee mug and Scout tote.

    I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Cranberry salad gone wild!

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