Badgley Mischka for HSN Now Available, Chanel & Vuitton at CostCo?

Hello-Hello, and Happy Thursday!

We begin today with a question: does it seem a tad early for the Black Friday frenzy to be underway?

We have seen several stories on the topic in the last two days, including several focusing on the Target and Wal-Mart strategies for boosting sales. From a CNN/Money story:

“Target is hoping to lure this year’s Black Friday shoppers with $3 toasters and coffeemakers, deep deals on high-definition televisions, and discounts of 50% on clothes and toys…”

Le Boutique even has a Black Friday ad sign-up page on its website; we’re not clear what one receives when signing up on that page, and much as we adore our readers we just couldn’t bring ourselves to sign up in order to learn more.


Courtesy Target

There are a number of sites with the Target ad and many others to peruse if so inclined:

Last year we shared as much information as seemed reasonable about fiscally-friendly opportunities at retail establishments with a preppish slant, Brooks Brothers, Talbots, Neiman Marcus, J.Crew, and the like. We planned to do the same this year. We just feel there is an ever-earlier encroachment, but perhaps it is selective recall on our part.

Speaking of Target, we have more photos of the Rodarte for collection, due to debut December. Below, this dress is featured on Teen Vogue’s December cover with Dakota Fanning.


Teen Vogue

The issue also showcases this Lace Dress, it will run $45.


Courtesy Target

This next image is a scan from Marie Claire:


Marie Claire


Another major collaborative group launches much earlier than the Rodarte line seen above; the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection will be unveiled this Saturday.


Jimmy Choo for H&M

Below, actress Demi Moore sported a dress from the line in October.


Steve Granitz/Wire Image for H&M

Another look:


Jimmy Choo for H&M

We aren’t going to devote too much space to this however, as the collection isn’t available online in the US and not everyone is near an H&M.


There are a number of interesting stories on this line and the growing trend for fashion collaborations and defusion lines, including this piece from ABC.


One final joint effort to share today: the Badgley Mischka line for HSN, American Glamour.


The collection is scheduled to launch November 17th with a special program on the shopping channel, but from the looks of things, many pieces (if not the entire line) are already available online.

The Animal Print Bag is showcased in either a Cheetah or Zebra pattern, selling at $349.90.


Price points run from $39 to $499; the collection includes clothing, jewelry and accessories. (But no housewares as in Isaac Mizrahi’s line for QVC discussed in Tuesday’s post.) The Big Bold Ring is $59 and the coordinating 5 Stone Necklace is $79, $69 for the event price. (?)


The Hinged Cuff Bracelet runs $99.


Courtesy HSN

We find this all more-than-interesting to watch from the sidelines, the marketing and merchandising techniques are fascinating.


HSN/American Glamour

WWD’s story on the line says the launch online at HSN is November 15, but everything seems to be available now.


According to this story in today’s Times, Blake Lively hair is all the rage.


Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

“At the Bumble and bumble in Bloomingdale’s, Michael Wilson, a stylist, said that more than half his customers ask for the “Textured and Tousled, or Curled and Swirled” styling … It is a request he attributes to Ms. Lively’s hairstyle.”

And the popular Gossip Girl star’s reaction?

““I didn’t really realize the extent of it,” Ms. Lively said of her hair’s popularity, though she had an inkling: fashion forerunners like Vogue staffers routinely approach her at events and fixate on her hair, she said.”

Finally, news that may put smiles on the faces of some fashionistas, while creating scowls for others: one may now purchase both Chanel and Louis Vuitton handbags at CostCo.

A post at StyleList notes the discount warehouse has the Classic Chanel Flap bag at $1999 :


Daniel Acker, Bloomberg via Getty Images via StyleList

From today’s Post:

“The Post found plenty of small-living-space-appropriate surprises in-store.

Like the massive wall of Ugg “Ultra” short boots ($124.99), the Chanel classic flap handbags ($1,999.99) and the classic Louis Vuitton “Speedy 30” mini-duffels ($589.99).”

Of course this is in addition to the Burberry, Tod’s, Ferragamo and Coach merchandise at Costco, at least from what we read.

We’re guessing Costco is not carrying this:


Courtesy Photo via Grazia Daily

This creation from Vuitton honors the Red Cross.


Courtesy Photo via Grazia

This story in Grazia explains more about the limited edition item:

“The box was commissioned by Patrick-Louis Vuitton, a fifth-generation descendant of the founder who says, ‘When reflecting on our collaboration with the Red Cross, it came to my mind to create a special Red Cross kit… [this is a] visually impactful and a truly unique piece.'”

The upscale leather goods firm is also donating a percentage of proceeds from certain handbag sales to the Red Cross.


For more on these efforts and loads of fab photos, click here.

With that we say good bye until next time!


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13 responses to “Badgley Mischka for HSN Now Available, Chanel & Vuitton at CostCo?

  1. I am assuming that is a LV jewelry box?

    Gotta love Target and Costco!

  2. Oh my goodness- Dakota Fanning looks so grown up!

    I want Blake Lively hair. Sadly, not going to happen as long as I live in the swamp that is my home state.

  3. MCW

    OMG! Dakota looks so grown up!

  4. I am sad to see that some of those Jimmy Choo for H&M prices are not bargains!

  5. I have been shopping on HSN now for around 10 minutes…WAIT 5 easy payments?! I can do that!! haha

    Dakota Fanning looks absolutely gorgeous, I cannot believe she is so young! I hope she does not develop the whole child star “I wish I was as skinny as I was at 7 years old” complex.

  6. Chanel at Costco? Is Coco swirling? Have a great day!! xoxo

  7. Wonder what they will carry online??thanks for the heads up.

  8. Dakota looks beautiful! The LV luggage makes me drool. xoxo


  9. If only I could order my hair to look like Blake’s. I would pay full price and even be willing to pay for the shipping. Since I can’t I might go with some Isaac jewelry.
    Happy weekend Princess and to the Consort and to all the Preppy pets in the pink and green Lily Pulitzer castle.xoxo

  10. blacklabsandlilly

    I am loving the Teen Vouge cover with Dakota Fanning, I think she just looks so chic!!!

  11. Oh no! Chanel at Costco? I am just going to pretend I never read that… on another note, I love those Isaac Mizrahi pieces! 🙂

  12. The Black Friday talk definitely seems a lot earlier this year than in the past. I used to get up at 3am and join the madness. I even camped out with Geof for our television a few years back.

    Dakota Fanning looks fantastic and is definitely growing up fast. I love that dress. I also think that the Isaac Mizrahi ring for QVC is fantastic. All of the designer/retailer collaborations are so exciting.

    Now that Costco has LV and Chanel, I may need to get a membership simply for that. I would love to have a classic Chanel quilted bag!

  13. It is crazy to think that when I go to pick up my contacts and detergent I could also purchase a Chanel bag! Costco does carry Waterford crystal and it the largest retailer of Dom Perignon in the US. Who would have thought they would carry Chanel and LV?

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