Sneak Peek at Isaac’s Line, Lilly & Kate Online Only Sales

Hello-Hello and welcome to the mayhem that is the Prepatorium today, in large part because yesterday we were a tad under the weather. We thank The Consort for stepping in and penning the blog, what a dream of a spouse he is!

We are so woefully behind in personal and professional obligations we fear our pointy little head is about to explode!  Therefore our bloggage will be brief.  We begin with a sneak peek at a line from a designer we adore, Isaac Mizrahi, for a television shopping channel we had never visited, QVC.


John Aquino/WWD

It seems the talented designer is using many of the classic design lines he employed at Le Boutique Targèt. Above: the Wool blend duffle toggle coat, $198; cashmere sweater, $88, and taffeta skirt, $60; shoes, $70. We aren’t crazy about this next look; the word ‘matronly’ comes to mind, oui?


John Aquino/WWD

We’ll use this next item as today’s Pretty in Pink; the leather Drawstring Bag is expected to be $200.


John Aquino/WWD

The Patent Leather clutches are going to be in the $75 range.


John Aquino/WWD

Mr. Mizrahi’s collection is also going to include housewares. Below left, the set of Three Vases are going to retail at $75 (the candy dish price isn’t available) and the Bow Plates will be $40 for a set of four.


The talented designer is also going to offer a wide variety of tartan products, including the Cotton Pajama Set, $67, and the Plaid Throw, $49.


A new and nifty option for storage? The Tartan plaid boxes in two sizes at $55 and $70.

For an entirely different look at the popular plaid motif:

mizrahi-qvc13The wwd

John Aquino/WWD

Yes indeedy, that is an edible tartan: the cheesecake will be offered at $40, and the plaid platter at $40.  Yumalicious! Below, Mr. Mizrahi and a model in his Gold paillette tank and silk pants.


John Aquino/WWD

Target still hasn’t ‘replaced’ Mr. Mizrahi as far as we are concerned, they have yet to procure a stellar talent as an in-house designer, although they claim to be content with the status quo in this respect.

The collection launches on QVC December 4 – we may actually tune in for the unveiling.


A few quick Sales & Savings opportunities we must pass along, the first already underway….


The Kate Spade Sample sale is generally worth a visit, with things like the Bon Vivant zippered Chrissy only $81.


An upcoming chance to enhance one’s walk-in starts Thursday (the 12th), this one courtesy of the good folks at Lilly.

JubileeSaleThis is the first time Lilly Pulitzer is doing an online-only sale; if interested in being able to get a head start on shopping, Lilly Facebook fans will be able to start browsing and buying at 7am Thursday.  Those who subscribe to the Lilly newsletter may begin at 8am, and the sale opens to ‘regular shoppers’ online at 9am.

It seems the success of the online sale might have a direct impact on what is available at the Lilly Warehouse Sale next week, the 19th – 21st.


Finally, we are struggling in our efforts to adapt to life without our dear friends Don and Betty Draper Mad Men every Sunday evening. Below, Jon Hamm and January Jones on the set.


Courtesy AMC-TV

A season that started with such promise ends with the couple having “the talk” with their children.


Courtesy AMC-TV

We shall have to wait until next season to learn about the family’s future, including how little Bobby and Sally Draper handle Daddy’s absence from the family hearth.  Sigh.

For those fond of Ms. Jones, she is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. On that note we say g’bye until next time!


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8 responses to “Sneak Peek at Isaac’s Line, Lilly & Kate Online Only Sales

  1. LPC

    The words it brings to mind are, “Have you lost your mind? Your clothes are 3 sizes too big for you!” 🙂

  2. Mr. Mizrahi must be a busy man! Whew, he does everything!

  3. MCW

    Did you know that QVC sells Kenneth Jay Lane as well? Some the rings and bracelets I really like (I was home sick channel surfing when I realized!)

    I do not know what I am going to do without Mad Men for another year. I have the last episode on DVR. I may have to just watch it over and over again!

  4. That first MM pic….the guy in the background doesnt seem to fit in!

    I bought all of us Tartan jammies last year – love them! We will wear them for a cute Xmas photo :O)

  5. Oh TP, I do hope you feel better soon!!! Great blogging today, Consort (as always)!

    I am just in love with that tartan cheesecake! I think it would be a fabulous groom’s cake for a wedding. Or a great midnight snake for me. You know, just whatever.

  6. Thanks for the heads up on SNL. Since we don’t have cable, I’m totally out of the loop on live TV. I guess that’s the ultimate thriftiness.

    Thank goodness for this site:

  7. Don called me. He is terribly busy what with the new Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce ad agency and all, but I will be hearing more from him. I just know that Betty will come lurking about when she realizes that Henry just wants what he wants until he gets it {IMHO}. So if I get any inside info, The Princess and the Consort will be the first to know. hehe And I will be watching for the IM unveiling on QVC. I actually thought the grey suit was suited for a prison warden. Hope you are feeling great! xoxo

  8. I love kate spade and am digging their sample sale– styles I’ve never seen are up there.

    Now, lets see if I can hold out, for the sake of my wallet! 🙂

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