Saks’ Sale on Christmas, Fierce Footwear & A New Anti-Prep

Hello-Hello and Happy Thursday!

Today we begin with a topic of a serious nature (ahem) impacting almost everyone (not exactly) in the free world: Hello Kitty.

Please allow us to be among the first to proclaim our fondness for said Kitty. While not found on anyone’s list of Top Preppish Accessories, we still find her to be cute and cuddly, perhaps even a little cheeky. Our appreciation of Ms. Kitty comes as no surprise to readers who have suffered through occasional posts containing KRC (Kitty Related Content).  Perhaps the best that can be said about this practice is that we have been consistently inconsistent, writing about the Hello Kitty MAC collection here, sharing products from the upcoming 35th Anniversary Collection here….


…or talking about miscellaneous Kitty merchandise here.


We have even included some Kitty products in our Pretty in Pink category.

We haven’t always understood everything Kitty, like the Large Diamond Pendant necklace at Needless Neiman Marcus… or the Coffee Maker… or the Toaster.



However, we have always been able to comprehend their creation and merchandising.

Until now.


PHOTO: Markus Klinko - Indrani

This creature is known as Lady Gaga, and the next image may fall under the NSFW umbrella (Not Safe For Work viewing), something we diligently try to avoid here at Princess HQ.


PHOTO: Markus Klinko - Indrani

The Daily Mail initially got their little journalistic paws on the photos, and their story explains their ultimate purpose:

“The images – by celebrated photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani  – will be featured on the cover of  the special, limited-edition reissue of GaGa’s hit album, The Fame.

The 23-year-old New Yorker… is reportedly giving away a lock of her hair with every sale of the box-set.

According to her website, it will also include a pair of 3D glasses to view ‘forthcoming Gaga visuals’ and the definitive ‘book of Gaga’.”

Not only is this a Help Us Understand, it is most assuredly an addition to the Anti-Prep Wall of Shame, don’t you think?  If anyone is capable of passing along some information or perspective on Miss Gaga, we would be most appreciative for your gentle guidance and educational assistance.

NOTE: We have been advised by our house guest that she enjoys Miss Gaga’s musical offerings.

Evidently the performer will be guest starring on Gossip Girl next week.


PHOTO: Giovanni Rufino/the CW

In the photo above she is seen with G2 stars Leighton Meester and Penn Badgley.

There you have it.


Those in search of fierce footwear will be pleased to learn that some of Christian Siriano’s line is already online at Payless Shoes.


The new handbags in his Holiday collection are not yet online, but the six shoe styles are available. Below, the Micola Zipper flay on the left; the Slither Boot is on the right.


Styles unlikely to be seen here at the Prepatorium, but certainly appealing for those more hip than TP (a group including most of America’s female population).


We have several quick Sales and Savings opportunities to pass along, beginning with the Vera Bradley sale at ‘members-only’ shopping site Rue LaLa.

spot1aIf in need of an invite, just email us:

Don’t forget the Polo Ralph Lauren Private Sale begins today as well; use promo code NOV0509 to receive an additional 15% discount on reduced merchandise.

The Nordstrom semi-annual sale for women and children has commenced.


Also underway, Saks’ Online Only sale.


There is a significant amount of this year’s holiday merchandise in the sale, including Christopher Radko’s 2009 Saks ornament (originally $55, now $38.50), and the I’ll Take Manhattan ornament (originally $45, now $31.50).


Also available, an ornament Silly Tilly would love.

0426202734411R_300x400Tilly Big Smile CU (exc)  3.26.07


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13 responses to “Saks’ Sale on Christmas, Fierce Footwear & A New Anti-Prep

  1. Anti-prep – DEFINITELY!! OH my. The Horror. A lock of hair. Yes, that is way more than I want with any boxed set. Goodness. Reminiscent of Angelina wearing that necklace/vial of blood. Remember that one? Just as disgusting to me. I know – I’m old. 😉 thank goodness.

    Don and Betty? Can the show survive if they are not together? Wow! Very emotionally draining for those of us who love Don 😉 He is def hurting now. He probably deserves all that he gets. ;-( xoxo

  2. MCW

    Gaga is a nut case

  3. okay- I own the hello kitty toaster featured above- I am not a hello kitty person, but I spied it, brand new, at the JLSP “next to new sale” when I was helping set up- and got it for five bucks! it’s adorable and I am smitten 🙂 a fun touch of whimsy whilst I toast my whole wheat english muffins!



  4. Of course, I love the Hello Kitty toaster and bulldog ornament!

  5. LPC

    I can only posit, it is the fringe that illuminates the center.

  6. I dont get Lady Gaga either…but then she is an artist and might be the next Madonna so more power to her!

  7. Lady Gaga scares me. Seriously, what is she??? She freaks me out. haha!

  8. I got my boyfriend’s parents a Brooks Brothers/Christopher Radko ornament last year for Christmas, they loved it so maybe I should continue the tradition? Those are too cute!

  9. Tilly needs that ornament! Or you could have a Tilly made…I had a Charlie made from Custom Pet Creations ( last year for my parents and they love him!

  10. Silly Tilly has such a great expression! I love her underbite 🙂

    Also, the Christian Siriano collection wouldn’t be my normal cup of tea, but I was walking by a Payless last month and say the most incredible pair of flats (in the same blue w/ gold detail print as the boots). GORGEOUS. I can’t wear heels, so it’s rare to find a jaw-dropping pair of flats. When I do, I usually scoop them up. But alas, they didn’t have any in my size and now they aren’t even listed on the website. 😦

  11. VictoriaM

    I would like a Tilly, please!

  12. I loved hello kitty as a child. My 4 year old (son) has one from build a bear and several outfits for her! Love that cute puppy. xoxo


  13. Oh TP I do loooooove this post. I have been collecting HK stuff since I can remember. My parents even gave me some of the 35th anniversary stuffed toys for my 35th birthday. I’m not sure who was more excited…me or Pretty Girl!

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