The Big Winner!

Hello-Hello, and Happy Wednesday!

We are off shortly to collect a friend from the airport, our ‘extended girls  weekend’ is almost underway.  But before we leave, it is time to announce the winner of our Whitney English Make Your Own Crest stationery giveaway.  The lucky winner receives a complete suite of Folded Note Cards, Return Address labels, Flat Cards and Calling Cards from this fabulous new line:


And from Random Number Generator that number is 51,

Liz at Our Explosive Life!!!

If the blog name doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps this button will look more familiar:


This can be spotted on many bloggers’ sidebars, it takes you to Liz’s blog chronicling her husband’s recovery from treatment for wounds he received in Afghanistan; David is on Ward 57 at Walter Reed Army Hospital. Thus the reference in her blog name to explosions.

We’re just tickled Liz won; we were first introduced to her through reading her mother’s blog, Self-Confessed Lamp Tramp (or Fabulous Fluff Stuff, we’re not sure which is the right name to use), a delightful spot featuring all manner of things we love, from interior design projects to methods for storing one’s dishes.

These are both amazing blogs to read, and there is an ancillary benefit from reading Liz’s updates: any tendencies for wallowing in self-pity are vanquished, replaced with gratitude for those who make such incredible sacrifices on our behalf. We highly recommend Our Explosive Life, it is always time well spent.

Liz, we’ll send you an email so we can connect and get your goodies ordered!


We leave you with a brief look at what you’ll be seeing from retailers as we get closer to Christmas and Hannukkah:


Courtesy Banana Republic

This shot is from Banana Republic’s ‘Embrace the Moment’ holiday campaign, already underway.

Macy’s television ads will feature celebrities, including this spot with Queen Latifah titled ‘The Trek’. These commercials start airing Friday.


Courtesy Macy's via WWD

The messaging from JCPenney surrounds the ‘Joy of Giving’, with the campaign starting on the 15th. Of November.


Courtesy Photo via WWD

If we were to advise those in charge of such things that we have no interest in holiday commercials at this time, what sort of response do you think we might receive?

That’s it for today dollfaces, our thanks to everyone who entered the contest and to all of our readers!


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8 responses to “The Big Winner!

  1. Congratulations to Liz! I just love her and her mom!
    Preppy Princess, please tell me the ads don’t start November 15!?! Oh my. This person is already exasperated over all the Christmas decorations that have been out since before Halloween!!! Have a great day! xoxo

  2. LPC

    How wonderful that Liz won. I have seen that button everywhere and never looked to see what it meant. So glad to know.

  3. Congrats to Liz! I might just have to buy these for myself… 🙂

  4. Liz

    Oh my Gosh!!! I can’t believe it! I almost started crying reading your post about us, Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

  5. An extended girls weekend sounds like so much fun! Let us know what your adventures entail.

    Unfortunately Christmas started in September for me because that is when practices got underway for the Christmas performance I’m dancing in. I’ve had Christmas songs in my head for months! Oh goodness 🙂

  6. I hope you have a fun girls’ weekend!!!

  7. Congrats to LIZ!

    I think on the advertising front, companies are just trying to rev up holiday sales as best they can.

    I don’t like so many holiday ads so soon… even the Pier One I pass every day started their holiday display the second week in October. I was stunned! 😦

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