‘Create Your Own Crest’ – a Preppy Paper Giveaway!

Hello-Hello, and happy day!

We know that some of our friends on the east coast are not enjoying the same sunshine and warmth we are seeing here at the Prepatorium, but we have a ray of sunshine we hope will brighten everyone’s day.

It has to do with these:



These are from our new Create Your Own Crest stationery line by the fab design minds at Whitney English.

We are giving away a complete suite of Crested Products!

PreppyPrincess.comOur lucky winner will receive 25 of these personalized Foldover Notecards from the new line.

WO52070-Prep-Pink-Flip-FlopAs well as a set of 25 personalized Flat Cards.

WO52070-Yellow-and-Navy-TennisAlong with a set of 40 Address Labels like those shown at the top of the post…. and a set of 25 elegant Calling Cards!


These are both elegant and whimsical – the perfect blend when treating yourself to new paper goodies, also ideal as a gift for almost any occasion.


A delightful take on the classic family crest, the collection allows you to select from 10 distinctive colorways, and then get creative with one of 24 icons; we share a sampling below…


… and here are a few more…


Pick a color combination, choose a motif, decide if you prefer horizontal or diagonal stripes, and decide on your typeface, and you are good to go!


Recapping, one lucky winner receives their own personalized versions of:

We are very excited about our giveaway dolls; this new group is made with the same high standards used for all Whitney English merchandise, upscale designs matched by their impeccable attention to detail. Here is how to enter:

  • For one entry, leave a comment telling us your favorite design on any of our Whitney English products
  • For a second entry, post the Giveaway on your blog & leave a comment telling us you did
  • For a third entry, Tweet about the Giveaway on Twitter & let us know you did
  • For another entry, become a Preppy Princess fan on Facebook & let us know you did. (If already a fan, just let us know so you receive this additional entry!)

Entries will be accepted until midnight on Tuesday, November 3; we shall announce the lucky winner in Wednesday’s post!

We hope you like the new line as much as we do, thank you Whitney English for creating such a charming new group of goodies!


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63 responses to “‘Create Your Own Crest’ – a Preppy Paper Giveaway!

  1. kathleen

    I am a big fan of the Pink Gators Foldover Notecards. I just became a fan of you on facebook as well. Keep up the great stationary.

  2. How fun! I love the create your own crest idea.

  3. j

    I love the Brown Trellis File Folders!

  4. Enter me please my favorite item is the Pink and Green Stripe Ribbon Note Sheets with Clipboard!

  5. Wonderful giveaway!

    1. I love all of the file folders! Specially the madras ones!

    2. I just posted this on my blog!

    3. I am a fan on facebook!

  6. corinne

    I like the crown and the fleur de lis. I also Tweeted the giveaway and am a FB fan

  7. Mallory

    I’m a Facebook fan! I love the foldover crest cards and the flat crest cards. I would want pink with a bee 🙂 Great giveaway!!!!!!

  8. MCW

    My favorite is the Navy Prep Strip fold-over cards! What a fantastic giveaway!

  9. I LOVE the gator but I also really love the pink crest and the Lilly Pulitzer, oh wait thats not Whitney English…. 🙂 Have a great day!

  10. Love it…all of it!

    1. I really love the New Blue Madras notes with clipboard. Adorable!

    2. Posting on my blog…http://www.luluanddaisy.blogspot.com

    3. Twittering it. I’m @LuluDaisy

    4. Joining you on Facebook, as soon as I finish this.


  11. Pink-Green Bunny Foldover Notecards are my favorite WE product. I’ll tweet the link (GraysonSaige)

  12. I really love the brown swiss dot. I twittered this give away AND I’m a fan on Facebook! Good luck to me- and thank you for hosting such a nice give-away.

  13. Jo

    I love the crest with either the bee or fleur de lis ~ this would be just perfect for my future notes!


  14. What an amazing giveaway! I would probably go for the horseshoe on a matte blue background with diagonal stripes. Also, I just became a fan on FB – I would have long ago if I had known you had a page! xoxox

  15. Wow, this is such a great giveaway PP.
    My favorite Whitney English product? If I must choose one, it would be the Pink Amy floral file folders, so preppy and so beautiful.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. Preppy Princess, this is my second comment for this fantastic giveaway.
    I am now a follower of your on FACEBOOK!
    I am crossing my fingers that you pick me.

  17. I love the notesheets and clipboard! Super cute!

  18. Silly Little Lawyer

    Love the brown swiss dot and the andrew red wagon foldover cards! Just tweeted & became a fan on fb!

  19. OMG I love the flat card with the boat or anchor and pretty much ALL of the. Of course I follow you, and on Facebook and will tweet this!!!! xoxo


  20. Lis

    Oh Princess – you have the most awesome stuff ever!! I can’t wait to find a job and shop it up!! Thank you so much for hosting this awesome giveaway!! My fingers (and toes!!) are crossed!!!!

    1. My favorite Whitney English product on the Preppy Princess has got to be the Pink Monkey Dots Foldover Notecards
    2. I tweeted!!
    3. I’m def. a fan of the Preppy Princess on Facebook!! 🙂

  21. Marylu

    WITHOUT QUESTION, my faaaavorite Whitney English that is you carry is the address labels. I picture myself keeping in touch with friend JUST so that I can stick a lable on it. I would even wear them on my Lily Pulitzer Nancy Argyle Sweater!

  22. BAH

    I lovelovelove the flat crested cards! And I just posted it on my blog!

  23. I love the fleur de lis, I’m French and married a french man, so this is perfect for me! Fingers crossed…. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  24. Sue

    Love the create your own crest line. What a great giveaway!

  25. SKC

    Love the cupcake notecards! Super cute! Also, just became a fan on facebook.

  26. ACH

    I begrudgingly blogged about this; I don’t want too many people to enter and ruin my chances! I’m mostly kidding–I’m not *that* bad of a sport!

    I’m loving this “create your own crest” line, so I’m going to have to say it’s my favorite WE design right now!

  27. Liz

    I love the navy prep stripe foldover cards! But I am really loving the new crest line!

  28. Fantastic giveaway! My favorite product is the file folders. I love going to a meeting at work and whipping out one of my adorable folders. The pink bees design is my favorite.

  29. I love the clip boards and note paper, the green sheets with the zebra border. I also love the crest papers. I saw them recently and thought how adorable they were. Thank you for the chance to win!

  30. My personal favorite are the Coco Brown File Folders. I’m a stacker/piler of paper and these file folders make me smile & want to happily file my paperwork. However, I really just LOVE most WE designs … so, it’s hard to choose.

  31. Am now a FB Fan. Have Tweeted (check Twitter handle @cwoodworth) and will blog to cnotes.typepad.com tomorrow!

  32. Torch Lake Prep

    PP, this is a very generous giveaway and I would love to create my own crest (w/the key I think). Love the W.E. clipboards w/the madras paper.
    Posted on my blog
    I’m a fb fan too
    P.S. Nov 3 is my b-day 🙂

  33. preppyinnewengland@gmail.com

    This is fabulous! The designs are adorable. Love the colors! Such a generous give-away If I win, I MUST do the scallop design. Perfect for me and where I live. Love it!
    Sorry I haven’t been posting lately and rarely checking my blog in the last week. I will be coming back very soon! Hope you are well.

  34. Sara Lang

    My favorite design is definitely the Berry Fun Dots Foldover Notecards. I tweeted about the giveaway here (http://twitter.com/SaraLang/status/5263723588), and am a Preppy Princess fan on facebook!

  35. What an amazing giveaway!!

    I really like the cupcakes foldover notecards.

    I tweeted about this on Twitter (@maliasma).

    I am a fan of Preppy Princess on Facebook, too!

  36. Cosette

    This is really cool, cant wait to see what happens…gonna tweet too….saw maliasma’s tweet @ VBSCPSSISCOZY

  37. I love the preppy-ness of these! I love the Stewart Plaid Note Sheets!

  38. Liz

    Just became a FB fan!

  39. Oooh I love the Brown swiss dot foldover cards!

  40. I’m a fan on fb, I’ll tweet and post on my sidebar (if that counts!) My favorite is the pink and green crest. Why? I love pink and green and there’s that little extra something about initialed, personalized stationary. I save it for my very best life people!

  41. I like the Posey Pink foldover note cards!!!

  42. Heide

    The Pink Prep Stripe is my Favorite.. and I tweeted about your giveaway… and I am following you now too!

  43. I love the Diamonds Pink Foldover notecards, but I’m also tempted by the Blue Madras Patch pattern (even though I suspect these are supposed to be for boys?!)! And OF COURSE i like the crests!

  44. Lauren

    I love the crested address labels! So fun!

  45. okay here is my blog link if i win!

  46. Oh My Word- how this escaped me, I do not know! I’ll join the fb fanpage when I’m at home- I’m in for two- what a fabulous giveaway and I love that you told me to have a faboo weekend this weekend- aka the weekend of BOO’s 🙂


  47. Oh wow! What a generous giveaway you are hosting! My favorite Whitney English design on your website is definitely the pink and green stripe ribbon note sheets with clipboard. I think the pink and green stripe is so cute!

    Of course, I am a fan on facebook! 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend!

  48. Awesome giveaway! I love the Black Damask file folders! 🙂

    Thanks for hosting a cute giveaway 🙂


  49. Kate

    Hooray, fabulous giveaway – I hope I win!

    1. Oh my lord, the crested notecards in the red/white/blue theme are my ultimate favorite, but I also love the black damask file folders – perfect for my office!

    2. I am absolutely now a fan on Facebook!!

  50. Sally

    I love the madras note sheets on a clipboard! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  51. Mary Bailey

    Excited about the giveaway. My favorite design is the pink fun dots fold-over notecards, I think, but it was hard to choose just one favorite. I just became a fan on Facebook.

  52. Tess

    What a great giveaway!

  53. Meredith

    Pink Madras Patch Foldover Notecards – fabulous! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  54. I would love to be entered in this fabulous contest! thanks Miss Princess! My favorite design is the Pink Prep Stripe! And I already your fan on Facebook and IRL 😉 Thank you!! xoxoxo

  55. mona

    Thank you for an amazing giveaway opportunity!
    Today after the crested stationery, I would say my fav are the pink & blue madras foldover notecards.
    I’m a fan on fb.

  56. mary anne

    Love the madras notes with clipboard!

  57. I posted this on my sidebar=)

  58. thank you princess for the link. I now am a fan on FB=)

  59. My Favorite Product has to be The Pink Madras Note Sheets and Clipboard!

  60. I have become a fan on Facebook as well 🙂
    Aurora Moore

  61. I also Tweeted about the contest

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