Sperry 2010 Spring, Creep Clothes, Prep School Fashion

Hello-Hello! It’s bright and beautiful outside, we hope it is where you are as well!

We begin with an early look at the Sperry Top-sider Bahama Collection for spring/summer 2010.

Courtesy Sperry via High Snobiety

Courtesy Sperry via High Snobiety

This is one of Sperry’s classic profiles, done in different colorways and textiles, including the firm’s basic blue.


The line also offers the Bahama Chukka in leather and canvas styles.

Courtesy Sperry via Solediction

Courtesy Sperry via Solediction

Ahem. As indicated, these are next year’s shoes. If interested in supplementing your collection with this year’s styles, Sperry currently has some outstanding bargains on their site, like one that we all love, the Bahama Plaid Cuff.

9561697.JPGOriginally $60, these are now only $30, available in three different colors, but the sizes are growing scarce, so don’t wait too long if these hold appeal.


Speaking of Sperry, they are mentioned more than once in an interesting W Editor’s Blog post about fashions currently in favor at private schools on the UES.

Gossip Girls Blair and Serena may set the standard at Constance Billard School for Girls, but Manhattan private school teens have their own ideas about fashion. We asked 15-year-old Rebecca, a freshman at an uptown prep school, to tell us what young fashionistas are wearing in the hallways these days.”

Private School Confidential” offers an intriguing perspective on what is popular, including several items previously featured in this space, not all of them in a positive manner.

Courtesy Doc Martens via W

Courtesy Doc Martens via W

Not qualifying for today’s Pretty in Pink: the Doc Martens Hot Pink Patent boot.  As far as getting one’s book and other necessaries back and forth from school, Diane Solway’s story asked what works for that task:

“…Longchamp Tote bags or backpacks. Most have American Apparel backpacks—either the black glittery one or the neon orange one.”

W Editors' Blog

W Editors' Blog

When it comes to the Gossip Girl influence on trends and styles:

“None of these ideas come from Gossip Girl, considering that most girls who live and go to high school on the Upper East Side do not watch Gossip Girl, because they find it to be extremely pretentious, and exaggerated.”

As far as what is not favored by the teens, we’ll let W‘s illustration tell the story:

W Editor's Blog

W Editor's Blog

We can almost hear one of our favorite bloggers and Princess team members looking skyward and saying “Amen”.  Heh-heh-heh.

Ms. Solway also asks if “…preppy style is still going strong?” in her post; the most we’ll share of that response is that “… Topsiders are big…”. For the rest of that response, just click here for the story.


Next, please raise your hand if you know what CREEP stood for in a 1970s sort of way. (Committee to Re-Elect the President.)

Why is this relevant? Because the contemporary take on Creep is as a clothing line we fell upon.  (We suspect Nautical by Nature might like the look of this sweater from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection.)


Courtesy Creep

A story at the NOW Toronto site says Creep is carried at Urban Outfitters, although a quick check of their site would indicate everything in the line is sold out. We can understand why, many of the pieces are enticing.


Courtesy Creep


Because we remain gaga over Mad Men, we had to share this picture of slimy Pete Campbell Vincent Kartheiser looking more than natty: he is sporting the Brooks Brothers Mad Men Edition suit we have previously posted about (here).

Star Traks Photo via Luxist

Star Traks Photo via Luxist

The Luxist story where we found this photo features an interview with Mr. Kartheiser. As we’re on the topic, what about Don and Betty last night? Myohmyohmy!

Courtesy AMC-TV

Courtesy AMC-TV

As the Insider put it in their review:

“…no matter how much of a calculating princess Betty may be, she’s not the kind to sit on information for too long — and she recognized her lack of options.”

And only two episodes left. Gulp.

That will do it for today, we are back again tomorrow with an incredible, fantabulous giveaway!


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12 responses to “Sperry 2010 Spring, Creep Clothes, Prep School Fashion

  1. LPC

    A particularly wonderful post today Princess. Topsiders were the thing in my youth. The. Thing. And isn’t it amazing how the Mad Men stars look infinitely better with their regular hair than their TV hair?

  2. that sweater is sooo Nautical by Nature and I’m giving my sis a heads up on the Longchamps- she is beyond obsessed!



  3. Queen Mother

    We remember back in the day when a local company did scads of business with CREEP; this included their ‘ringdown’ phone right into the White House.

  4. Thanks for the info on Creeps 😉 Both Pete and the clothing! haha

    Yes, Mad Men – don’t know what to say at this point!! Wow, so much with only 2 more epis!!

  5. mary anne

    Enjoyed the post today! Love topsiders. Sperry also makes other types of shoes as well, such as loafers with the siped sole.

    As to CREEP, yes, I know what that was all about (ahem).

  6. Amy

    I love Sperry’s. I am drooling over those colorful ones for upcoming seasons!

  7. I remember way back when hubby and I were first dating, we both wore Topsiders!! So cute!! Wow, those doc martens are especially hideous, and I am also not an Ugg fan. I’ve never owned a pair and still, after years of them being around, don’t see the appeal.

    I have not yet seen Mad Men, but am growing increasingly intrigued . . .

  8. Love the topsiders own two pairs of the madras love them. Really missing Mad Men…! Have a great day Princess!

  9. Jen

    Love the Bahama plaid topsiders. Too cute. The Creep collection is a bit creepy. That may have more to do with the model chosen to display the clothes than the actual items. Will stop back to see what the giveaway will be!

  10. Love the sperry’s! I was so into Betty’s outfit on Sunday I was trying to think of way to recreate it! xoxxo


  11. Ohh, those Bahama Plaid Sperry’s are too delicious for words! Looove them 🙂

  12. LOVE the anchor cardigan. So cute!

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