An Early Look at Kate Spade and J. Crew for Spring 2010

Hello-Hello and Happy Friday!

It seem this has been a week from you-know-where for so many of our friends, many with battered spirits and others with weary bodies; we hope the weekend brings a respite and time of recharging for everyone.

For us it brings an all-day rummage sale at church; no one will be surprised to learn we are not entirely (ahem) prepared for said sale.  Therefore, today’s post is brief with scant commentary from these quarters.

J. Crew presented their Spring/Summer 2010 line Wednesday, we thought we might share some of the styles garnered via this story in WWD:

PHOTO: John Aquino/WWD

PHOTO: John Aquino/WWD

In the story on next spring’s collection WWD writes:

“In an upbeat presentation, J. Crew’s Jenna Lyons started with a Hockney-inspired palette of neutrals with pops of neons. She applied this to looks rooted in counterpoint: whimsically ruffled and otherwise embellished pieces juxtaposed with boyish military-inspired outerwear.”

PHOTO: John Aquino/WWD

PHOTO: John Aquino/WWD

A little more from WWD:

“For the most part, the contradiction worked like a charm, even if one or two looks felt overstyled.”

Thoughts from the StyleFile Blog:

“…Lyons’ latest effort could be her strongest yet. Layered with the girly cocktail frocks and cashmere cardigans in acid-bright hues were camo cargo jackets, slim plaid shirts, and a streamlined version of the Men’s Shop’s top-selling suede desert boots.”


All photos by John Aquino/WWD.


Two more looks:


The styles seen in the photos left us somewhat underwhelmed: at this juncture we’ll attribute that reaction to our incredibly s-l-o-w recuperation.


Also shown this week, Kate Spade’s collection for next spring, and we can only say our reaction is much more positive! In their brief review WWD called it “….a playful retro-chic line that harkened back to simpler times.”


We concur, the cleaner lines and lack of frou-frou prompted a big thumbs-up here at Princess InterGalactic HQ. The WWD story has more:

“And who doesn’t need a little levity these days? There was plenty of that: dresses in whimsical sunglass prints, along with tweed jackets and striped sweaters done in a faded red, white and blue color palette that recalled the boardwalk.”

Again, all photos from Women’s Wear Daily; our appreciation to Thomas Iannaccone.


A little more from WWD:

“There were also great accessories — multicolored, oversize woven leather bags, faceted-gem clutches, charming colorful bauble necklaces as well as bright flats and high heels in color blocks and with adornments.”

PHOTO: Thomas

PHOTO: Thomas Iannaccone

And while we certainly never intended to do a ‘compare and contrast’ between J. Crew and Kate Spade (it is actually the result of our time crunch), one can’t help but notice the distinction between the two looks and styles when scrolling by the pictures. It’s rather amazing, we would not have predicted such a stark contrast.


There are several upsides specifically related to this week, the first being that our dreary bug was NOT related to this genre of flu:

Courtesy Trendhunter

Courtesy Trendhunter

The next being that we were not reclining in home goods that look like this:

Courtesy Trendhunter

Courtesy Trendhunter

The third being that when perking up the Prepatorium and disposing of things, we did not actually use a receptacle like this:

Courtesy Trendhunter

Courtesy Trendhunter

Hopefully you don’t think less of us.

With that we send a Thank You to all of our cherished readers for sending such kind thoughts and good wishes, you are the best!



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20 responses to “An Early Look at Kate Spade and J. Crew for Spring 2010

  1. Love Kate Spade’s collection!!

  2. LPC

    But do I spy a Chanel jacket lookalike in the J. Crew line?

  3. Jen

    Glad you are feeling a bit better. The J. Crew looks are, shall we say, ridiculous. The 80’s grunge look crossed with ruffles and dad’s cashmere sweater has the feel of someone who has been dumpster diving in the rejects of fashion eras gone by. And, is it too much to ask to have the models’ hair brushed? Oh wait, that is the look they are going for.
    The Kate Spade collection is fabulous. Not generally a fan of polka dots, they hit just the right note here.
    Louis Vuitton trash bags – this is yet another sign that the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

  4. The Kate Spade spring line is just divine!! Beautiful, sophisticated, and timeless. The dress pictured first has my name on it!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Awwww! I have LV pillowcases! Tho not garish ones…just simple and I use them with dark brown sheets :O) They look quite nice :O)

  6. MCW

    Not a fan of Neon…J.Crew may be going a little trendy! Oh well…I am sure we can always Prep it up!

  7. If ever a dress was made specifically for me, it’s the kate spade spotty one!! 🙂

    I’m not sure if the LV trash bags are funny or sad, sigh.

  8. oh my goodness- you totally know that Victoria Gotti and the Real Housewives of NJ ladies are going to be all over the LV linens!



  9. mary anne

    Re the LV overload: Dios Mios! Mon Dieux! Dio Mio! When will it end, when will it end? Does everything need to be covered in LVs? Ahhhhhh! Of course it is no worse than everything being covered in double Cs or double Gs or whatever the logo of the moment is.

  10. I am loving the looks of Kate Spade’s clothing for this spring.

  11. Lauren

    Oh my those J. Crew looks are disappointing and horrendous!! Kate Spades collection looks super fun and cute! WOW from those scary LV pictures I’m realizing the cheap-ness of an obsession with logos!

  12. Hello! Oh my, imagine having LV garbage bags? 😉 Can I just say that my current obsession is J.Crew? I’m completely in love… I stocked up BIG TIME on my recent trip to D.C…. as sadly we don’t have J.Crew in Canada yet… and I have even ordered some more basics online. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? 😉

  13. I LOVE Kate Spade’s new line. Seriously, so fab!

  14. i love that you gave us a sneak peek into 2 of my favorite brands! i think J Crew and Kate Spade work so well layered together too!

  15. don’t know how i feel about jcrew camo for spring … interesting concept!

  16. I am so happy Kate Spade is finally designing clothes now! The fall line was amazing and SS10 looks very promising as well! 🙂

    Could have done without seeing those LV pigs, though…. mon dieu.

  17. Loooved the LV trashbags!!! Hysterical!!

    XOXOXO – Margaret

  18. LOVE those Kate dresses and the LV trash bags!

  19. I have a serious love affair with KS’s new line of clothing! I have already been swooning over the Fall line – and now the Spring – oh I love it! I am saving my pennies for one of those pretty frocks!

  20. Joe

    Jenna Lyons is a fraud and a phony. She steals other people’s ideas and creations and passes them off as her own by calling them “inspirations”. Not one original bone in her body.

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