LL Bean Signature Line Sneak Peek

Hello-Hello and Happy Wednesday!

How is everyone doing? Here at the Prepatorium we are clawing our way back to health (a tad overly dramatic, don’t you think?!) but the absentee rate at several local school districts is at 30 – 32%. Ouch.

We start with a look at a new collection from one of our faves, LL Bean.

Courtesy LL Bean via WWD

Courtesy LL Bean via WWD

The company’s new Signature line was revealed to fashion writers last week.

Courtesy Photo via WWD

Courtesy Photo via WWD

We have more details from this story in WWD (Women’s Wear Daily, subscription req’d.):

“…200-piece collection, split evenly between men’s and women’s, is clearly indebted to Bean’s past but the line marches into new territory with items like relaxed cotton suits and washed oxford dress shirts for him, and wrap dresses and sandal cork wedges for her.”

The company is engaged in a number of initiatives to broaden their appeal; some readers may recall this August post chatting about the return of Bean’s classic Norwegian sweater.  Here are more looks from the new collection:


More from the WWD story:

“Carleton pulled in diverse bits of Americana, from the Forties, via Hepburn-style denim pants and jacket, to the early Eighties, by way of bleached plaid shirts and ringer polos. The influence of WASP casual also abounds in the oxford cloth dress shirt, madras blazer, sun-bleached knits, and leather moccasins.”

We have previously talked up award-winning designer Alex Carleton, occasionally featuring pieces from his Rogues Gallery line; Mr. Carleton was hired by Bean to oversee this collection. Below, styles from Rogues Gallery demonstrates why he was the perfect choice for the Signature line.


He also designed for LL Bean before moving on to create the Rogues Gallery line.  Simply put, Mr. Carleton gets it – the lifestyle, the look, the legitimacy we all demand.  Below we see Mr. Carleton and a model at the press debut of the collection.

Courtesy GQ

Courtesy GQ

A number of looks for women:

Photo via Style List

Photo via Style List

The reaction from Style.com:

“Fittingly, the look ran from rugged (plaid button-downs, khakis) to more feminine (ditsy floral shirts, preppy striped knits, a little madras dress). There were also great accessories in leather carryalls, oversize totes, and cute macramé belts with tortoise buckles.”

Glam’s take on the new line:

“…a line of easy breezy separates that college prepsters and beach bound fashionistas will be coveting…”

This one has the potential for the Official Seal of Prepaliciousness.  The collection officially launches in March, you may want to bookmark this site for future reference.


Reclining while recovering has allowed us to spend more time than usual browsing that unholy pile our carefully curated collection of magazines. While doing so yesterday we fell upon this photo in Elle.  Recognizing every single reader may have long ago seen (or perhaps posted) this image, we still felt compelled to share the pink and green fun.

Courtesy Elle.com

Photo: Thomas Whiteside/Elle

We have word a few Sales & Savings opportunities, beginning with the J. Crew Fall Sale.

Lord and Taylor is offering their version of Friends and Family.


Use promo code FRIENDS at checkout to receive 25% off most merchandise.


Recently we mentioned the newest version of the Armani phone; in the interest of equal time here is the new Dior phone.  If planning on one of these for a stocking stuffer you will need to make choices: color, plating and the recipient’s preference for sapphires or diamonds.

Courtesy Dior

Courtesy Dior

Don’t dawdle, they become available in December and it is possible they will go quickly.  Indeed.


We close with these images accompanying Refinery 29’s story on four-legged beasts taking jobs away from human models – oh no!

Courtesy Opening Ceremony via Refinery 29

Courtesy Opening Ceremony via Refinery 29

Opening Ceremony is using these furry style stars to market the outstanding bow ties created by Alexander Olchs. Below, a few more looks at the dogs…. ummm, we mean the ties.


It’s all about the ties. Absolutely it is.

Courtesy Opening Ceremony via Refinery 29

Courtesy Opening Ceremony via Refinery 29

Silly Tilly was feeling somewhat left out. We explained we knew there would be scads of opportunities in her future once she is out of her collar.

That made her feel much better and she returned to her normal state.


She does love her sleep. (She loves her blue binky and burrows into it before sleeping. It is like watching a big blue mushroom move about the floor. She  is truly an amazing creature.)

Until next time dollfaces, may you and those you love stay healthy!


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17 responses to “LL Bean Signature Line Sneak Peek

  1. LPC

    Just what I need. A bejeweled phone to leave on a counter somewhere or, worse, drop into a toilet.

  2. I am so excited about the Signature collection – that skirt pictured looks great!

  3. mary anne

    Love the new Bean look. May they live long and prosper! My husband insists he periodically gets phone calls from them wondering if I’m all right if I haven’t ordered yet that week! (of cours its not true). . . . .

  4. LOVE the pics of the signature line and I’ll think happy thoughts so Tilly gets her 15 minutes of fame sooner than later!


  5. I still am calling you!!! Have my list of questions already.
    LL Bean? Love, Love, LOVE their new line, love their old line too. Mostly love their prices… quality too.

  6. Jackie

    Oh TP what a great post! Tilly is certainly a star in the making! feel better.

  7. I love the doggy advertising. A french bulldog is my dream pup!

  8. I see so many puppies in ad campaigns these days. Maybe it’s about time I become a stage mom and start pimping out my puppy so he can earn his part of the rent.

    I really enjoyed reading this whole post – thank you so much for the summary! It was excellent as usual. 🙂

  9. Thank you for the L&T promo code! Those pups are adorable:)

  10. Love that LL Bean is throwing their hat into the fashion world…love their classics so how could they go wrong! xoxo


  11. Thanks for stopping by. I added you to my blogroll.

    I love the emotion that the first picture evokes. It reminds me of some of the early Polo ads that would project and promote a lifesytle rather than piece of clothing.

  12. Tilly is just absolutely adorable=)

  13. Wow! Love the LL Bean new collection, that navy cardigan with brown buttons and white pants look… I’m lusting it right now!

    And Tilly will always be a model to us, she certainly is on par with our beautiful if a little full-figured bailey the brown cow boxer!

  14. Tilly = cutest dog face ever!

  15. I am thrilled about the new LL Bean line! There are so many fun things to look forward to in the spring. The quality and price at LL Bean is just great.

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

  16. Please tell Tilly to stop being so cute 😉

  17. On the topic of L.L.Bean’s Signature line, it isn’t being accepted by everyone.

    Are the clothes really even that special? Will L.L.Bean’s Signature Line Further Alienate The Outdoors Man who are already becoming put off by the brand?

    I wrote about this perspective at my blog here: http://outdoorsmanboon.com/2010/04/01/will-l-l-beans-signature-line-further-alienate-the-outdoorsman/

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