Fun Interrupted

Hello-Hello! We hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

Remember us nattering on Friday about all the fun activities we had planned for the day? We were going to scamper off to The Big City to do this….


And a little bit of this….

Art by Kathy Waetjen

Art by Kathy Waetjen

And then go see this….

But none of that happened because we spent the last three days doing this.

And we will be returning there shortly.  Frankly, it all rather has us feeling like this:

Getty Images

Getty Images

(We want to be utterly self-indulgent and let out one big waaaaaaahhhhhhhh! but proper decorum would forbid such conduct.)


In an effort to retain some sense of self-worth, to feel we have something of value to contribute (this is of value?!) , we have scraped together a few of the just-released photos from the upcoming Lilly Pulitzer and MAC cosmetics collaboration, MAC in Lillyland.

The group includes four Lip Gelees, all Limited Editions, all $14. From the left:

  • Lush and Bright (bright pink/yellow coral with pink pearlized pigments)
  • Preppy (blue pink with pink pearlized pigments)
  • Shift to Pink (light violet with silver pearlized pigments)
  • Resort Life (off white with pink pearlized pigments)
Courtesy MAC via Temptalia

Courtesy MAC via Temptalia

Readers may recall seeing this image in our first post on the new line.

Courtesy photo via WWD

Courtesy photo via WWD

This is the Pearlmatte Eye Shadow ($19.50), below we have the Pearlmatte Face Powder ($27.59), these two items are also limited editions.

Courtesy MAC via Butterfly Diary

Courtesy MAC via Butterfly Diary

There are three Paint Pots, in Rubenesque, Bare Study and Fresco Rose.

Courtesy photo via Temptalia

Courtesy photo via Temptalia

Four colors in MAC’s Cremeblend Blush formula round out the mix:


These will run $18.50; like all the other items (perhaps excluding the brushes), these are limited editions.


The Nail Lacquers: Hot n Steamy Pink is on the left, Coconut Ice Light on the right, both are MAC’s cream formula. Additionally they are limited editions and will run $12.

Courtesy MAC via Temptalia

Courtesy MAC via Temptalia

As mentioned, there are brushes included with this Collection, they are not limited editions.

Courtesy photo via Temptalia

Courtesy photo via Temptalia

And there are two Technakohl Liners designated as part of the Collection, in Graph Black and Purple Rose, but these are permanent items for the MAC line and currently available for sale. Pop over and visit the good folks at both Temptalia and Butterfly Diary for more on the Collection.

Many thanks to everyone for all of your kind emails, Tweets, and messages – we really appreciate the way they make us feel much more like this:

We hope things return to a more normal routine tomorrow. Until then, smiles to everyone!


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18 responses to “Fun Interrupted

  1. LPC

    Get well soon Princess.

  2. Feel better! Nothing is worse than not feeling your best 😦 I am sending hugs your way! 🙂

  3. Sending good thoughts that you’re feeling better, TP!

    (PS – I do like the look of this MAC / Lilly collaboration – almost too pretty to use!)

  4. oh NO! i’ve had a case of the sickly’s myself. such a bummer. i can’t wait to see ‘september issue’! sorry your weekend plans were jaunted.

  5. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  6. MCW

    Oh no, that stinks! Hope you have gotten all sickness out of your system!

  7. Get well Soon! (hugs)

  8. Sue

    In the words of Rachel Zoe ‘I die’. Two of my favorite product lines colaborating. Can’t believe I missed the launch. Could have something to do with unsubscribing to websites to free up space on my PC.
    So sorry to hear that you missed your fun weekend with the sickies. There seems to be a lot of that going around.

  9. I hope you are feeling better soon!

    I so love MAC – now I am craving a trip to their store!

  10. mona

    Oh my! I do hope the Princess is back to feeling in the pink real soon!! I’m loving the LE MAC/Lilly colors. They make me smile.

  11. Hope you feel better soon, Princess!

  12. Feel Better real Soon!! You even do a great post when you are feeling ill!! xoxo

  13. Yay! Lilly and MAC! What a great combo!

    I do hope you feel better very soon! Three days is too liong to be under the weather!

  14. Hope you are feeling 100% soon. I’m in LOVE with the MAC/Lilly make-up!

  15. Torch Lake Prep

    Get well soon !!

  16. Jen

    Do feel better. Everyone around here seems to be sick and I’m just hoping I don’t find myself crabby with a fever too. Give you credit keeping the blog up.

  17. Hope you’re feeling better…there’s a bad cold going on around here. I’m trying to dodge it!

  18. I am so sorry you are not feeling well. Get well soon and THANK YOU for all this Lilly info!

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