Francis New York Sneak Peek & Priscilla of Boston Wants to Hear From You


We dive right in with a look at next spring’s collection from Francis; some readers know how much TP adores this line by designer Christian Francis Roth.

For example, while black is not generally considered a staple of the preppy wardrobe, we love this look:

Courtesy Francis NY

Courtesy Francis New York

Although these are next spring’s styles, we would love wearing them to celebrate New Year’s Eve or other festive occasions!

Our friend Wendy does divine jewelry. (Hayden Panettiere was wearing a Wendy ring for her recent Letterman appearance.)

Wendy is also buddies with Mr. Roth, so she has all kinds of behind-the-scenes insight and photos.

Francis New York

Francis New York

The picture above shows model Karol Marie being styled during the shoot; Wendy helped put scads of photos on the Francis New York Facebook page.  She also gets to try on lots of darling styles before they are even photographed!  (Wendy is the dark-haired doll in the photo below.)

Courtes The Coveted blog

Courtesy The Coveted blog

Back to the S/S 2010 collection, we like the skirt in this next look:

Francis New York

Francis New York

You can actually see the talented designer in this next photo.


You know we are silly for seersucker here at the Prepatorium.

In just about any form or format.

Another look we like, this is one we would love to be wearing this next summer.

For more behind-the-scenes fun pop over and visit The Coveted, or stop in at Wendy’s blog, they’re both oodles of fun.


Most Princess readers are familiar with Priscilla of Boston.

Courtesy Priscilla of Boston

Courtesy Priscilla of Boston

(In the interest of full disclosure, it was one of only two stops we made when searching for our gown.)

Now the company is entering the social media world, asking “How does Priscilla of Boston inspire you?”

The classic purveyor of bridal gowns and accessories is holding a contest, requesting entrants create collages using Priscilla items, answering the question in a visual manner.

Courtesy Priscilla of Boston

Courtesy Priscilla of Boston

Some entries are busy, others are clean and less cluttered.

Courtesy Priscilla of Boston

Courtesy Priscilla of Boston

Some may recognize the technology used in the contest as being similar to that used on popular sites Polyvore and Kaboodle. (We admit to using both, we can’t help it.) At any rate, it really is fun to look at all of the Priscilla  entries, maybe even a little addictive.


Two more quick notes, starting with news of a launch date for the much-anticipated Edward men’s collection debuting at the Odin boutiques: November 1. We know this one holds a lot of appeal for the younger set.

PHOTO: Pari Dukovic/WWD

PHOTO: Pari Dukovic/WWD

The line is a collaboration between the boutique owners and Duckie Brown designers Daniel Silver and Steven Cox.


Also, The Consort has been working insane hours, typing his little fingers off in an effort to get all manner of new inventory online at the Princess. We will limit ourselves to the new Luggage Tags from the good folks at Boatman Geller.


These are ideal for a little one’s backpack, your computer case, the duffel taken to the gym, almost anything.


He is the best.  Sigh.

Thank you for coming to visit dollfaces, may everyone awaken to a bright and sunny day tomorrow!


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15 responses to “Francis New York Sneak Peek & Priscilla of Boston Wants to Hear From You

  1. those luggage tags are darling and I LOVE the pink-striped dress that is right above the P of B info 🙂


  2. Oh! That white & pink striped tunic is TDF!

  3. Princess Freckles

    Priscilla of Boston is just the essence of wedding inspiration! I’ve loved everything I’ve seen them advertise! Oh how I wish I could have visited their showroom while dress shopping! Was it amazing?

  4. LPC

    I happen to have a pink and yellow madras luggage tag. I am quite fond of it, and recommend that we all rush out and purchase more…

  5. MCW

    I wish I could get to know Priscilla of Boston a little better 🙂


    Priscilla of Boston is just exquisite! Such classic designs. The store front window high above on Boylston Street in Boston is amazing.

    Love the Francis lines. I do like black for special occasions. And I think that can be preppy too! So..with the hint of color on the outfits, it looks perfect! I love it!

    The luggage tags are ADORABLE!

  7. So glad you like the collection. I just sent this link to Christian — I know he’ll be thrilled!

  8. i just got my first francis dress, i can only say it’s pretty snazzy. i like the one should piece in the first picture.

  9. I am so in love with Priscilla of Boston! I wore some of her dresses for an editorial that never got published and I was so disappointed…. there is something special about donning a $30,000 bridal gown, even though it is not for your wedding!

  10. Hi! I will be at work tomorrow! I’ll be there until 5. If you’d like to stop by, please do! I’ll be all around town Saturday also. If not, next time for sure! I really want to see that movie! i hope you have a fun time!

  11. Adorable! I love the luggage tags. xoxo


  12. LOVE the new luggage tags!

  13. Completely off topic, but I am thinking of going to a halloween party as Betty Draper in the episode souvenir, when they’re in rome and she’s in that black dress…. have you seen any dresses similar to that for a reasonable price? Better yet have you seen any betty draper dresses around?

  14. LOVE those new luggage tags! I’ve seen them elsewhere & have been debating them for a while, but I so prefer to order them through you (of course!).

  15. Do you tweet and have a twitter account so I can follow you?

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