Gap Sneak Peek & More on Those Lacoste Holiday Polos

Hello-Hello… and greetings from the Prepatorium on another busy day!

Despite the fact we have yet to put away all of our summer clothing, we begin with an early look at next Spring’s fashions from the Gap.

PHOTO: Yukie Kasuga/WWD

PHOTO: Yukie Kasuga/WWD

The retailer showed next year’s styles at a show in Tokyo yesterday. As is generally the case, some things looked darling….


PHOTO: Yukie Kasuga/WWD

Others not so much….


PHOTO: Yukie Kasuga/WWD

We keep thinking a lot of Liberty-style prints have been seen on this fall’s runways.


PHOTO: Yukie Kasuga/WWD

There will be a lot to choose from, in a variety of pastels and and other pretty colors.

Courtesy Gap via

Courtesy Gap via

Just so everyone knows that TP is clear on what season we’re in, we close out this section of the post with an Adventure in Argyle from Gap’s fall line, their Women’s V-neck Sweater, available in a number of colorways.


This one is available now, both online and in stores.


We have been meaning to ask if anyone purchased pieces in the Vera Bradley Canvas collection?

Courtesy Vera Bradley

Courtesy Vera Bradley

We remember seeing a good number of advertisements for the line, but haven’t seen any in stores. An online search generated a number of eBay links so we thought we would ask readers if they knew what became of the collection?


Some readers may recall our July post talking about ‘when logos attack,’ featuring the upcoming Lacoste holiday collection; we have an update on the collaboration between the preppish retailer and Brazilian brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana, who designed the polo shirts for this 4th Holiday Collector’s Series. (We wouldn’t be surprised to see work from the Campana brothers when Brazil hosts the Olympics in 2016.)

Prices will run from $165 to $7,000. The ‘special edition’ polo seen below showcases a ‘logo’ of eight crocodiles.

Courtesy Lacoste via

Courtesy Lacoste via

This shirt will retail for $165 and “only 20,000” have been manufactured, available November 1 at Lacoste online and the boutiques, as well as the Manhattan Barneys. The motif is based upon a chair the brothers previously designed.


Courtesy Yatzer

Only 250 of this version have been created:

Courtesy Lacoste

Courtesy Lacoste

Contemplating this as a Christmas gift for Bitsy or Chip? You will need to tap the trust fund for $1,900 if purchasing the women’s model, or $2,900 if acquiring the men’s version.

You will also need to send your trusted assistant to the Moss store in either New York or Los Angeles to purchase one, the only place they will be available.

But do not forget the super-dooper-double-dipping-doppler-radar-version:

Courtesy Lacoste via

Courtesy Lacoste via

(Okay, that may have been a little over the top.) This is the ultra-limited-edition, only 24 have been created. The ‘fabric’ consists of hundreds of crocodile logos handstitched together, almost creating something akin to a Lacoste lace.

Courtesy Lacoste

Courtesy Lacoste

And as we wrote in July,

“If wondering about our Logophobia, we can only say “non, non, non, ce n’est pas un problème,” for these appear to be done with an artistic eye, yes… an outlook accompanied by a touch of whimsy.  They do not appear to take themselves too seriously. Very, very witty.”

Unfortunately they are also $5,000 or $7,000 depending upon the female or male version and clearly in the conspicuous consumption zone.


Today’s Pretty in Pink showcases the Prescriptives Pink Ribbon Palette for Cheeks and Eyes, our link is to Nordstrom, but it is available in many locations. Prescriptives will donate $20,000 to the BCRF (Breast Cancer Research Foundation).

Prescriptives will donate $20,000 to the BCRF as part of Breast Cancer Awareness month.


We leave with a photo seen in today’s Times, perhaps recognizable to some readers as originally being featured on the popular Cake Wrecks blog. McMeel Publishing via

Cake Wrecks/Andrews McMeel Publishing via

The Times’ story looks at the popular blog and a new book coming out featuring 250 of the best wrecks. (That still looks like a lovely concoction compared to many of our baking endeavors!)

We’ll be back tomorrow!


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14 responses to “Gap Sneak Peek & More on Those Lacoste Holiday Polos

  1. LPC

    But I might have a problem with all those reptiles. Makes me think of squirming. Clever yes. Comforting no…

  2. John

    The Lacoste motifs are creepy. They all just look like a swarm of insects to me. You suppose the people who dream this stuff up are the same Hollywood types who think it’s okay to wear a preppy blazer with leather capris and three-inch heels?

  3. BAH

    Good Lord, that crocodile-covered polo makes me cringe!

  4. Well thank goodness GAP is coming out with something worth looking forward to – their line right now is blah and boring!

    Love the cake…I read her blog every day!

  5. MCW

    I think Lacoste needs to get over themselves.

  6. Definitely alligator overkill ;D

  7. Those polos give me the creeps! haha – I always laugh at those cakes! I’m sure the bakery said what do you want written on the cake, and the customer said “nothing.” 😉 xoxo

  8. Sue

    Yesterday I drug out my fall/winter pastey pale Perscriptives foundation. It is an exact match for my skin tone. The addition of the Pink Ribbon Palette might just make my pallor palettable. Thanks for the tip.

  9. The look once associateed with Lacoste has been lost in recent times. Maybe they should focus on their polos again, or go more formal, luxury clothing, ties and jackets!

  10. Love the white dress with pink from Gap. xoxo


  11. I don’t understand these long, dowdy skirts? GAP can really be hit or miss…

  12. Gasp! I love the lacy Lacoste look.

  13. The Lacoste polos and that chair are just scary. There is not other word to describe them. I am going to try and not have nightmares.

    The Gap argyle sweaters on the other hand are adorable! I would love to get the grey and green sweater. Thanks for the tip!

  14. Michelle

    The Vera Bradley canvas bags you asked about are this Fall’s limited edition pieces. Most retailers have already sold out.

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