Carlos Falchi for Target, Gossip Guy’s Film Opening

Hello-hello, is everyone just crazy-busy these days?

It seems more and more of us are absolutely frenzied with work/family/school/volunteer/you-name-it obligations. Several friends in the blogosphere are so inundated they are taking time away from their blogs, a wise move on their parts and one we have contemplated as well. All this by way of saying our posts could become rather cursory this week and next, it appears the insane-o-meter could be peaking in the red zone!

For reasons like those cited above we have completely and totally neglected to show anything from Paris Fashion Week, and we’re not able to get to it today. The best we can do is an update on a few recent sightings from our fave faux-prep school, Gossip Girl.  In attendance at the Louis Vuitton show in Paris last week, actress Leighton Meester.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Ms. Meester is wearing pieces from the 2010 Cruise line and carrying a bag from Sofia Copolla for Louis Vuitton.

Last night most of cast members attended the premiere of Penn Badgley’s new film, The Stepfather. Below, Mr. Badgley and one of his costars in the movie, Amber Heard.

Evan Agostini/AP

Evan Agostini/AP

Mr. Badgley’s real-life sweetheart, Blake Lively, is shown with Chace Crawford.

Rex via Marie Claire UK

Rex Features via Marie Claire UK

Also at the premiere, actresses Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szohr.

Rex Features via Marie Claire UK

Rex Features via Marie Claire UK


Also showing last week in Paris, Chanel. Our friends on the far side of the pond at British Vogue have a look at the new doll featuring that label’s designer: Karl Lagerfeld by Tokidoki.


All the rage with many of the younger set, the Japanese-inspired line now does everything from handbags to clothing to watches.  BTW, the Lagerfeld figurine is a limited edition, so don’t let your chance to add this to the mantle (ahem) pass you by. True confession: TP adores some of these little creatures.

One other newsbyte from that publication involving the designer shares a quote from Mr. Lagerfeld on a very timely topic, models and their weight.

“The designer told Focus magazine that people prefer to see slimmer models and those who don’t are “fat mummies sitting with their bags of crisps in front of the television, saying that thin models are ugly.” The comment came in response to German magazine Brigitte‘s decision to use ordinary women for their shoots.

We hope to do more on this topic soon.

One added note, the Consort’s quote while proofreading: “Too bad it’s not a bobblehead, that would be sweet.”


We have a sneak peek at a few of the soon-to-debut Carlos Falchi for Target handbags.

Courtesy Target

Courtesy Target via Nitrolicious

We originally posted news of the upcoming line here, back in May.

Courtesy Target

Courtesy Targetvia InStyle

The handbag collection arrives at Le Boutique Targèt November 1, and will be positioned as part of the retailers “dashing designer deals” holiday promotion.


Finally today, we presume Don Draper may have beenstunned  by Betty’s antics Sunday on Mad Men, fortunately he is likely to remain in the dark. (No, we are not delving into his conduct, there isn’t enough blog space to tackle that topic, we’ll only say the word cad comes to mind.) At any rate, Mrs. Draper’s latest is nothing-less-than-shocking.

For those not familiar with our friends (the characters), here is how Betty generally looks:

Courtesy Mad Men/AMC

Courtesy Mad Men/AMC

And this is what we find now. (Gasp – the horror!)

Terry Richardson/GQ

Terry Richardson/GQ

The photos are part of GQ’s November cover story on actress January Jones, who plays Betty Draper. Those fond of Betty Ms. Jones should be advised the photos share quite a bit of leather, lace, and January.

Until next time!


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15 responses to “Carlos Falchi for Target, Gossip Guy’s Film Opening

  1. Thanks for not spoiling MM :O) I’m not all caught up yet!

  2. LPC

    I just hope Taylor Momsen’s mom is looking out for her.

  3. I almost didn’t recongize January!

  4. Whoa, Boob City called, they want their mayor back. Sheesh! Anyway, really excited about the Falchi bags – I hope they are all super gorgeous in person! Oh, and Leighton’s shoes make me kinda sad. Piper not like!

  5. Princess Freckles

    I have a little girl crush on Januray Jones. Is that terrible? And I do love me some Betty drama!

  6. John

    Blake’s jacket is great, and I’m totally grooving on the popped collar, but what’s up with those pants? Big score on the irony meter I guess.

  7. I looooove how Target is getting such great designers to have collections in their stores (Anna Sui’s was my fave). Still holding out on this collection though…

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, btw. It was very sweet and, no matter how you got there, I’m glad you enjoyed the read 🙂


  8. Well, we all have school/work/volunteering and other obligations… I don’t understand why one should make such fuss about it. Just take a break and come back… easy enough!

    I am not in love with Taylor Momsen’s extensions – I’ve seen better ones being done for cheap in Chinatown!

  9. I’m excited for the Carlos Falchi line at Target. They are doing such a great job with all of the designers they’ve been teaming up with.

    I don’t watch Mad Men, but that is quite a drastic change for Mrs. Betty Draper. Yikes!

  10. Sue

    Borrowing a word from Mrs. Draper, I’m going to say that Ms. Jones looks a bit Tawdry.

  11. carlos falchi and target, oh i am going to check it out. btw, the cake in the prev post is so yummy looking.

  12. Amy

    Oooo looking forward to the new line of handbags for Target! And that doll is something…I definitely thought it had bobblehead potential from the photo.

    To address your first paragraph, I am definitely busy busy busy! I have been trying to keep up with my posting, though sadly I have not kept up with commenting.

  13. Oooo Gossip Girl, how I love everyone in your cast. Though Taylor Momsen could really go for a makeover right about now…

  14. I guess I’m a raging egomaniac, but that Karl doll makes me want a doll of myself.

    By the way, I almost wrote “raging ecomaniac” which makes me sound like I’m an angry recycler.

  15. Torch Lake Prep

    Betty, are those real???

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