Monday Musings: Liz at QVC, In the Pink

Hello-Hello, and Happy Day to all, especially those enjoying a day off, a little respite from their normal schedule!

We must begin by sending great good wishes, big smiles, hugs, prayers and lots of love to two of our favorite bloggers who started on a new path this weekend….

Courtesy Classic Confection Cakes

Courtesy Classic Confection Cakes

Congratulations to the one and only Muffy Martini and Daisy JD (Just Daisy), they married the loves of their lives Saturday.



And now they are off honeymooning, whoo-hoo! (Note: photos are not from either wedding.)


Moving on, big news for anyone who enjoys Liz Claiborne:


The line is being moved exclusively to Penney’s. Both the men’s and women’s labels are making the move; if things are going well after five years, Penney’s can even buy the name.

John Aquino/WWD

John Aquino/WWD

Liz Claiborne New York, moves to QVC and the company’s outlet stores.  The WWD story on this notes something TP has wondered about for some time: the perils of watering down a designer’s caché by creating multiple labels sold in similar stores.  As the firm’s CEO, William L. McComb, put it:

“It was time to break the conflict inherent in the strategy that had a lower-priced offering of the Liz Claiborne brand at one department store in the mall [Penney’s] and a higher-priced version of it in a department store across the mall [Macy’s],”

This brings comparisons to American Living, the Polo Ralph Lauren brand sold at Penney’s. Below, a fashion look and a table lamp, both from that collection.


It’s unlikely there is much brand dilution with this line; most retailing insiders believe the line really bears little resemblance to standard PLR merchandise.

Other retailers have done well with designer collections specifically for their customers, such as the Simply Vera by Vera Wang and Dana Buchman lines  at Kohl’s, and Tommy Hilfiger is now sold only at Macy’s or Hilfiger stores.

From a big picture perspective this also allows the Claiborne company to focus more attention on several brands many readers are familiar with: Kate Spade, Lucky Brand Jeans, and Juicy Couture.


We have a few more Pretty in Pink things to share, starting with an extra cute pair of Keds.

kicker_7_bcrfThe Keds Champion Pink Ribbon sneaker benefits the Breast Cancer Research Foundation – the company is donating 100% of proceeds to the BCRF.

Speaking of shoes, how about these Ragg Kids Puppy for infants and toddlers?

7954-203391-dOr these Bibi Kids Laceups, also for infants and toddlers?


If TP and the Consort had been blessed with human children we would be bankrupt; every single cent would be spent on shoes for the little ones, they are simply too cute!

Another delightful find, Kate Spade’s Bon Vivant Lilia, actually something of a bargain right now.


Because of the chilly temps outside, we have to share the Pink Funnelneck coat from Old Navy.



We leave with a look at the next generation Armani phone.

Courtesy Photo via WWD

Courtesy Photo via WWD

It does look sleek and elegant – dare we say understated?

Courtesy Photo via WWD

Courtesy Photo via WWD

However, we’re more than content with our iPhone tucked into its shocking pink case and we also have a greater understanding of just how easily one might become addicted to dependent upon the technology.

Until tomorrow,  we send smiles to each and every cherished readers!


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17 responses to “Monday Musings: Liz at QVC, In the Pink

  1. Maureen

    i do watch QVC every now and again. hopefully thing will come on air.

  2. Love the little baby shoes! OMG so cute!

  3. Great post. Thanks for the info. I love that Old Navy coat in the pics, but don’t think it would be comfy for me with that funnelneck! Thanks again Miss Princess for a wonderful post!

  4. I LOVE the Kate Spade bag – so pretty!

  5. I love that pink old navy coat!

  6. I am in love with the whole Kate Spade fall line, especially the RTW collection. And Liz Claiborne is starting to grow on me… seems like they’re trying to reach younger age groups? Last time I was in a store, the clothes were old and boring!

  7. I’m happy they’re moving to JCPenney’s, I shop there.

  8. I die at the Bon Vivant Lilia – Kate Spade is a genius! 🙂

  9. Sue

    I’m strangly attracted to that plaid Liz Claiborne jacket in the first picture.

  10. That wedding cake is just beautiful!!!

    Nice news about Liz Claiborne…I hope they survive well with the restructuring of sorts. I had a zillion of those bags with the little triangles on them in the eighties!

  11. Oh please please let them be stocked at the Penney’s in my town without stores. I would love to be able to buy work clothes somewhere in this county…

  12. KK

    Oooh love the hot pink ON coat!

  13. LPC

    Oh, I had pink Keds in the early 1980’s. Along with a pink shirt with my intial on it. I did, really.

  14. Adorable. I love the pink coat, the phone and the cake 😉

  15. preppylawyer

    That cake is amazing!

  16. LOVE the Kate Spade bag!

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