Brooks Brothers + Mad Men = Limited Edition Suit

Hello-Hello and happy Thursday!

We are attempting to get things back to normal here at Princess InterGalactic HQ following yesterday’s little hiccup. That incident is going to require more time and attention (there are many items no longer as frozen as they once were), thus we shall be brief today.

How are we all feeling about a Don Draperish suit for the man of the house? It seems there will soon be an opportunity to acquire one: Brooks Brothers and Mad Men costume director Janie Bryant have collaborated on a men’s suit.  WWD describes the look as “…inspired by Draper and the other well-dressed cads at fictional ad firm Sterling Cooper”.  We don’t know about you, but ‘cad’ is one of our alltime favorite words.

The limited edition suit will be available online and at 10 Brooks Brothers stores beginning October 19 through the show’s final episode November 8, but one can’t speculate how long the inventory will last, as only 250 of the Brooks suits have been made. Fans may recall that Ms. Bryant is an Emmy winner for her direction of the show’s costumes, we really are quite intrigued, and eager to see this creation.

As we’re talking about the Drapers, how did everyone like Betty’s updo for her romantic dinner with Don during their “Roman Holiday”?

Carin Baer/AMC-TV

Carin Baer/AMC-TV

We also liked the earrings Betty wore, oh-so-60s!


Our next tidbit is also related to a television show, but in this case the focus is on an actress from the show, Kelly Rutherford of Gossip Girl. Monday’s Droolicious post is titled “Kelly Rutherford and Hermes Go Preppy“:



From the story:

“Well aren’t they a preppy site? Gossip Girl mom Kelly Rutherford was spotted in Manhattan strolling with her almost three year old son Hermes. With her tan Hermes handbag (the other Hermes), tweed coat and LL Bean boat bag, Kelly totally goes for that collegiate look. And for son Hermes? He pulls his own preppiness and rides in a plaid detailed Maclaren stroller.”

‘Pulls his own preppiness’ is a phrase we’ve not heard previously.


It’s time for a big thumbs-up to the young men at the helm of Smathers and Branson, Peter Smathers Carter and Austin Branson. The two made Inc. magazine’s “30 Under 30” list of young entrepreneurs.

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

It is likely their products are more recognizeable than their faces, with gems like the Pink & White Houndstooth Coin Purse, today’s Pretty in Pink.

Of course that is but one example of their fabulous needlepoint merchandise, many might find their traditional needlepoint belts to be more familiar.


We do adore their products.

With that we say g’bye until next time, may your afternoon and evening be calm and soothing.


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12 responses to “Brooks Brothers + Mad Men = Limited Edition Suit

  1. meg

    Hi so glad to have found your blog! SO much to love on this post. I’m headed staight over to look at that coin purse and will be sure to stop by again for some preppy inspiration!

  2. I finally watched the show, but I couldn’t get past Betty’s hair. I remember the beehive, but never remember anything like that. Even in photos.

  3. If only the PBF required another suit I would be purchasing one immediately…

  4. I love the stuff from Mad Men, so classic!

  5. LPC

    I loved that interlude in Rome. Dreamlike.

  6. I love just about every look that Betty wears. The hair was a little high, but the wardrobe was fabulous!


    Ok, maybe its me, but I HATED her hair!
    Not a beehive, more like the Tower of Pisa!

    I do love Mad Men tho!

  8. Oh Miss Princess! I loved her updo 😉 It certainly had the wow factor. So perfect for that episode. Betty will not be outdone by the chic ladies in Rom. AND I just loved that little scene that you have pictured here. Wasn’t Don’s little flirty smile just the cutest ever. I’m still swooning over that one! hehe

  9. Jen

    So much to comment about I don’t know where to start. I may be interested in perusing a Brooks Brothers if a Don Draper look a like comes with the suit. But, the beehive on the head is a no go.
    Hermes, really? I quite liked that actress before finding this tidbit out. Naming one’s child after a line of exorbitantly priced, albeit gorgeous, products that only 1/10th of 1 percent of the population can afford is a wee bit pretentious. Let’s hope she continues to make good money as someone with that name requires accessories to go with it.
    Love the stuff from the last duo. Interesting how two good looking guys under thirty find themselves selling needlepoint items for the Talbots crowd. Hmm…..

  10. Princess Freckles

    I adore Betty Draper! Her up-do was so chic and so 60s! Even then though, I doubt just anyone could pull off that look!

  11. If buying a Don Draper suit for my He-weasel will make me look like Betty then I am in. And, I did like Betty’s crazy hair do. The hairstyle went to her head a little and I loved that.

  12. That coin purse is on my wishlist! Love Kelly’s outfit

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