The Preppy Princess Turns 500


Happy Tuesday to everyone, and apologies for yesterday’s whineathon of a post, it was most unbecoming. We promise to be a better Princess today. In fact, today’s post is all sweetness and light. Seriously.

Because today marks our 500th post!

And to mark the occasion we are going to do something we’re not very good at: talking about ourselves (all of us, each and every Princess…heh-heh-heh), in a manner of speaking. More accurately, talking about life on the Preppy Planet as seen through the eyes of our little blog.

Our very first post was back on February 10, 2008, titled Prepalicious Alberta Ferretti. We looked at an outstanding collection from this designer (perhaps better known for her Philosophy line), but not one generally considered to offer a preppy aesthetic.

Our single most popular post? It is titled Gossip Girls Haunt the Hamptons & Here’s One for the Military:

“… this would be actor Ed Westwick, a Brit who plays a rather slimy fellow named Chuck Bass. There were other celeb sightings: we were told that any females in the vicinity of actor Chace Crawford tend to swoon, or get a bit giggly, as seen in the photo below. You know, teenage, pre-teen, post-teen, tweens, you name it, almost any female breathing in and out could be susceptible, at least from from what we understand.”


Our second most popular post has to have the longest title ever created: Summer Olympics Fashion Focus, Ralph Lauren Team USA Opening Ceremony Uniforms Reactions, and Who Was “Preppy” Dressed Team?

Courtesy Polo Ralph Lauren

Courtesy Polo Ralph Lauren

Other hot topics include Tiffany Eyeglasses….

Courtesy Tiffany

Courtesy Tiffany

Goyard totes,

Courtesy Goyard

Courtesy Goyard

…along with all manner of apparel and accessories, especially of a preppish design.

Jim Young/Reuters

Jim Young/Reuters

And when those styles intersected with politics and/or celebrity (let alone darling little girls), that only seemed to heighten the interest. Sketches have also been popular.

Courtesy J. Crew

Courtesy J. Crew

J. Crew proved especially adroit at maximizing marketing opportunities in this arena.

Occasionally we let a little of our LogoPhobia (a little?!) rear its head, and we have delighted in sharing felt obligated to report on those newly named to the Anti-Prep Wall of Shame.  We have also loved finding things that are Pretty in Pink, discovering Argyle Adventures, not to mention sharing anything nautically inclined, adorned with grosgrain ribbon, or done in a seersucker or madras motif.

The goings on here at the Prepatorium have also been topics for discussion, as well as our little trips to visit TQM (The Queen Mother) and other royalty, along with cataloguing the travails of getting that drawbridge over the moat up and down when we’re at the mercy of such a testy group of gnomes.  Don’t you find that getting good help is so hard these days?! (This is where one inserts the smirk.)

Classic prep retailers, clothing with a Lilly label (let alone our Lilly Pulitzer stationery collection), spring and fall Fashion Weeks, Grand Slam tennis, nothing is safe it seems, especially if The Consort is doing the post! And we’ll probably keep it that way, unless you direct us to do otherwise. (Although some might be surprised at what we consider our favorite post, as it has nothing whatsoever to do with preppy style or fashion.)

Because we follow your lead; the very best part of all this bloggage has been our treasured readers. By far.  We consider ourselves more-than-fortunate to have made so many friends via this medium, we really are blessed. So if there is something you want to see more, or hear less about, anything at all, do tell! We always want to know your thoughts.

After this there really isn’t anything we can say other than “Thank you”.


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25 responses to “The Preppy Princess Turns 500

  1. LPC

    Princess we thank you. For your gracious spirit, sense of humor, and unflagging desire to do a good job. And I love your favorite post too.

  2. Happy 500! Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for keeping us informed with the latest and greatest in the preppy world.

  3. Olympic men in Polo will never not be a happy thought 🙂

    Happy 500!


  4. Congratulations on your milestone! Your blog is one that I always look forward to reading for content + style! Love your syntax, diction, and imagery! Happy 500!! xoxoxo

  5. Happy 500 to you!! That is just fabulous. I love reading your updates. Cheers to many more posts to come!

  6. MCW

    Thank you for being your pretty selves and allowing us to follow you through 500 posts! I look forward to them everyday!

  7. congratulations on 500th post! that triple dose of argyle stopped me in my tracks too LOL!

  8. VictoriaM

    Chace Crawford no thank you, Tiffany Eyeglasses definitely!

  9. Torch Lake Prep

    Congratulations, thanks for keeping me up to date on all things important!

  10. Thank YOU! Love your blog, your products, your customer service!

  11. Five Hundred Posts!!!! I am in AWE! I don’t comment as much as I should but rest assured that I read each and every word. You ROCK!

  12. Princess Freckles

    Congratulations on 500 posts! You are always entertaining, and I learn so much reading you! i did love that Olympics post! 🙂

    Yes, Great game Saturday! Sorry I couldn’t actually be there this year!

  13. Congrats! And I cannot believe you have only been around since 2008?? I thought I had been reading you way before I started (11/07)

  14. Happy 500! Here’s to 500 more 🙂

  15. Congratulations!!! What an amazing milestone to have reached! I’m in total agreement with the other posters – your wit, sense of humour, beautiful writing style and keen ability to stay on top of all things fashionably preppy all keep me coming back for more.

    Looking forward to 500 more posts!

  16. Oh TP!!!! Congratulations on such a wonderful milestone! 500…my goodness! Wow….I stand in awe. I just adore your blog, and I always feel so honored when you leave me comments. We read so many of the same blogs and I enjoy reading your comments on other blogs as well. Hugs to you and to the Consort! Congratulations!

  17. Congrats on 500 fabulous, preppy fashion-filled posts!

  18. Congrats! You’ve come a long way.


    Happy, happy 500! And many more to come. It has been truly a pleasure to read your blog and I thoroughly enjoy it! All the best!

  20. Happy 500th! It’s been an honor getting to know you and your fabulous blog and Consort!

  21. Wait, whoops, meant that to say “fabulous Consort and blog!” Consorts before blogs!

  22. Congratulations on 500 fabulous posts! Your blog is always a fun, entertaining read.

    It’s funny that you posted about the Tiffany sunglasses. I recently saw them on clearance at Sunglass Hut. If only they had consulted with you first, you could have told them they were just too over the top. 😉

    Cheers! Here is to 500 more fabulous posts!

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