Headwear for a Princess, Prepalicious Sales & Savings

Hello-Hello, we hope it is cheery and sunny in your corner of the globe, it is simply beautiful here at the Prepatorium.

We switch gears a tad, taking a break from our dedicated coverage of the major Fashion Weeks, including the fourth and final week of designer shows now underway in Paris.  Fear not, we shan’t slight the incredible styles being revealed, and will focus on them in the next day or so.

We simply wanted to take a more lighthearted approach today, things or events that might prompt a smile, perhaps more appropriate to our Friday Fun category, but golly, TP is feeling wild and crazy, so we’ll just have some Friday-Fun-on-Thursday!

We start with a cute and creative way to transform those less-than-attractive helmets worn for protection into magical style statements. Behold, the Princess and the Frog.



For a closer look, here is a better photo of the Princess model, what a great way to stay safe under one’s helmet while also feeling fashionable and fun.  

princess-lgThese are constructed of fleece, so they are durable, and they’re available mid-October at the always-fabulous Calliope Boutique. For some reason The Consort is rather fond of this model:


Should we be concerned?


Next, a cosmetic update from the Times with their story For Lashes, Blue is Back

Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Some readers may carry memories of colored mascaras from back in the eighties. Apparently the trend has returned, according to Hilary Howard’s story, and a plethora of colors awaits your discerning selection. Or not.


Next, a few Sales and Savings opportunities for you to ponder.


The Tory Burch Fall Sale is underway with some significant savings.

Another brand with preppish leanings, Kate Spade, has started its Friends and Family Sale.


The promotional event extends a 30% discount off one’s entire purchase, it  ends Oct. 4.  To receive the discount use promo code FALLFF09 at checkout.

Another favorite retailer, Garnet Hill, has started their October Clearance, with markdowns taken throughout the store.



Next, news that yet another interesting magazine cover has been landed by a Gossip Girl star. In this case, Ed Westwick is showcased on the cover of Arena Homme+ for their Winter/Spring 2009/2010 issue.

Courtesy Arena Homme +

Courtesy Arena Homme +

Arena Homme+ describes itself as “The World’s Leading Men’s Fashion Magazine” and while we were unable to locate a website for the publication, we did locate an Arena Homme+ Facebook page for those seeking more information. Additionally, Amazon offers the magazine. (It all looks a little odd to us, but then we’re not very familiar with the magazine.)


We close with a treat discovered by our friends at the Pink and Green Scene, where their vigilance in seeking out all things in our favorite color scheme leads to such discoveries as this Little MissMatched Accent Pillow.

Courtesy Pink & Green Scene

Courtesy Pink & Green Scene

If interested in adding this to the decor at your Palace, it is now on sale at $19.99 right here.

Smiles and hopes of a buoyant day to everyone!


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12 responses to “Headwear for a Princess, Prepalicious Sales & Savings

  1. mary anne

    Oh, how I wish they had those helmets when my girls were little. I have one daugher who is still a bit of a princess to this day. They would have loved them and I would have felt better about them being out and about on their bikes. (Yeah, I was THAT mother).

  2. my inner 6 year old really wants the princess helmet cover!


  3. Oh princess, with your TB sale you may throw my new October budget off track on the very first day! 🙂

  4. I was at Sephora last week when they were giving out the Nenfit blue mascara minis… I was not a fan of this trend the first time – but I ahve to say, that Benefit tube is just right, a tiny touch of sapphire – fabulous, buying several for Xmas gifts…

  5. Jen

    First of all, it is 48 degrees and pouring down rain in Minneapolis today. Winter is coming my friends and it is not pretty. Second of all, I love the helmet covers. Those would work for kids, or rather eccentric adults (perhaps myself around Halloween), with horse riding helmets. I may have to pass on the link. Thirdly, I’m not quite sure what to make of the Homme magazine. It looks to be more for men interested in men than for women. Could be wrong on that one.

  6. LPC

    Mr. Westwick is rather exotic for a prep icon, don’t you think? But I guess the bad boys always are.

  7. Thanks for the kate spade code! I know I’ve ordered from their website before, but I don’t get emails…going to change that! 🙂

  8. Could those helmet covers be any cuter??? I think I’ve taken care of a few nieces and nephews holiday gifts this year. Thanks for the “heads up.”

  9. Adorable helmets! Love them. Blue mascara…oh my. Not sure I’m ready for that to come back. 🙂

    As always, thanks for the kind words.
    Much love,

  10. Those hats are adorable!!! xoxo

  11. KK

    Oh those helmut covers are adorable! Great idea.

  12. Love those helmets! Also, I kind of want to wear blue mascara again. I didn’t get my fix of it when I was 12. Is this bad?

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