The Consort Considers A High Fashion Makeover

Hello-hello, friends.  The Princess Consort here.  The lovely and talented Preppy Princess is hosting a luncheon with The Queen Mother today and has asked me to step to the microphone to share some thoughts.  I only have a very few thoughts remaining in what was once a fertile mind but I will be happy to share them.

I’ve been watching the various Fashion Weeks parade by with some interest and more than a little consternation.  I guess I don’t have a well-developed sense of high fashion.  A navy blue blazer and grey flannel slacks are all the fashion risk I care to take.  Boring, sure.  But watching the different designers is proving inspiring.  Let’s take a moment and consider a makeover for the Consort.


Photo Courtesy WWD

I must confess I’m not familiar with the Julius line by designer Tatsuro Horikawa.  However, this Asian-inspired look might work for me.  I’m wrestling with the question of shaving my legs to complete the statement.  That leads into a variety of issues of what other body parts should be shaved.  That brings forth all kinds of questions about razors, wax, lasers or other hair removal techniques.  Putting that all aside you have to agree that this would unleash my inner acolyte.  With the right hat I could do an homage to Sally Fields as “The Flying Nun” from the 1960s.   Before we cross much further into sacrilege we should look at another designer.


Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Now this might surprise you but I was thinking about sporting the Tarzan look before I saw designer Jeremy Scott trot this down the catwalk.  Sublime, isn’t it?  The pink leopard print is bold and the saucy bare shoulder just shrieks “Borat!”.   I think it will be perfect for those weekend basketball games at the city park or perhaps squash at the club.  Always eye-catching; always certain to inspire comments from admiring men.  But on the chilly days that are just around the corner perhaps something with more… um… cover would be appropriate.


Photo credit: BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images

A guy can never go wrong with the classic Little Black Dress.  Designer JW Anderson puts a twist on the look by adding a sassy little beaded skirt.  Help me out here.  Am I missing a crucial fashion statement or am I the only guy who noticed something wrong with this look?  Of course.  No shoes.  That’s what’s missing.  Now, because I am sartorially conservative, I would be wearing a nice pair of black wingtips with this dress.  That would complete the look from head to toe.  This outfit would be ideal for one of the many holiday parties looming on the horizon.  Perhaps I have overstepped my boundaries.  What’s that?  I’m a bad boy?  I need to be punished?

Fashion East

Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Our good friends at Fashion East have just the thing to unleash (or restrain) your inner bondage freak.  I happen to think the red is a little bold.  Black always seems more slimming, wouldn’t you agree?  This particular look is perfect for teatime at the club or the next time you’re in the pit at a Slipknot concert.   There’s not much to say about this outfit.  Only on the weekends, kids.  Behind closed doors.

This seems a good time to step aside.  You are all wonderful for indulging me.  The Princess, to everyone’s relief, will return tomorrow.  I remind you to take care of your waitperson today; they’re working hard for you.

Let’s close now with a look at three very fashionable young women from Detroit who might just have a future in the music business.  Good night, everybody!


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15 responses to “The Consort Considers A High Fashion Makeover

  1. the pink uni-thing looks almost too similar to a few of the unis that my rowerboys have gotten crafty with… I’d be too scared to share because they’d get an idea. check out there is currently an “ugliest unisuit” contest going on that you should check out!


  2. Such a fun post to read! Love your “take” on everything Mr. Consort! You always make the Preppy Princess proud I am sure! 😉

  3. Noooooooo!!! Please stay preppy, dear Consort! Brooks Brothers, JCrew and BR is as high fashion as I can go take on men.

  4. Oh no! *formation of fingers into the shape of a cross* Save us!

  5. I am always glad when I see designs inspired at the asian culture…it is always so fun to see!

    Great post!
    Many kisses,


  6. MCW

    Hahahaha…those pictures are scary! I did see a cab driver in a kilt the other day. But, that is a far cry from a little black dress!

  7. Eeek! consort I’m afraid you have run amiss… what will the princess say? hehe

  8. mary anne

    Aye, yi, yi!

  9. Jen

    The Consort speaks. As my husband refuses to wear any piece of clothing with more than two colors in it, I am used to hanging on the conservative end of the block. All of those outfits would get you shot in some parts of the country and propositioned in others (well, maybe only sections of SF.) Stick to the grey slacks and navy blazer. A much safer look.

  10. Pink leopard print — a must-have for every man!

  11. This line made me howl, “This particular look is perfect for teatime at the club or the next time you’re in the pit at a Slipknot concert.” Well played, Consort!

    TP, hope you had a fantastic Lady Lunch. It is such a treat to have one of those every now & again.

  12. fashionman

    If there are people out there dressing on catwalks like the spikey fellow, then I need to keep reading preppyprincess!!

  13. haha funny pics .. i wish to see a guy dressed like these ones on street
    or in a subway

  14. Way late on commenting, but the Consort made me LOL with this post.

  15. the Pink leopard print rocks!!

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