In The Pink: Lacoste & Polo Ralph Lauren

Hello-Hello!  Is everyone else beginning to experience those sure and certain signs of a changing season? We are definitely facing the harsh realities here at Princess InterGalactic HQ, hopefully they aren’t too dreary wherever you may be today.

Most readers are aware the month of October is now accompanied by an explosion of breast cancer awareness products, the majority are fundraisers for either the Komen Foundation or the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, although there are numerous other charitable endeavors.

We thought it might be fun to share a few pieces from Lacoste’s In The Pink collection; the items are available beginning October 1.

Courtesy Lacoste

Courtesy Lacoste

The tote looks great, we like the smaller logo and the inclusion of the second little bag. We found the flip-flops to be cute as well.

Courtesy Lacoste

Courtesy Lacoste

The oversized Croc polo… not so much.

Courtesy Lacoste

Courtesy Lacoste

The sunglasses look like they could be fun, a touch of whimsy.

Courtesy Lacoste

Courtesy Lacoste

Lacoste’s In The Pink group also includes a belt…

Courtesy Lacoste

Courtesy Lacoste

… and a wristwatch.

Courtesy Lacoste

Courtesy Lacoste

We are confident we could find a useful purpose for each and every item seen here, despite the logoage. (Heh-heh.)


Now we enjoy a quick glance at some of the Pink Pony Collection currently available at Polo Ralph Lauren, we start with the Logo Cap.

Courtesy Pink Polo/PRL

Courtesy Pink Pony Foundation/PRL

Funds raised through the Pink Pony Foundation go towards cancer care and prevention. Polo Ralph Lauren offers several Pink Pony Totes, like the Organic Mini Tote shown below.

Courtesy Pink Polo Foundation/PLR

Courtesy Pink Pony Foundation/PLR

We like the candle, that is intriguing as a way of handling several gift obligations in the not-too-distant future.

Courtesy Pink Polo/PRL

Courtesy Pink Polo/PRL

We also appreciate the fact there are Mens’ products offered, moving beyond the silly notion only women will make purchases from this kind of collection. Below, the Men’s Classic-Fit Pink Pony Polo

Courtesy Pink Pony Foundation/PLR

Courtesy Pink Pony Foundation/PLR

This shirt also comes in white, and is available in the Custom-Fit style as well. There is more Pink Pony Merchandise at Polo Ralph Lauren, it makes for enjoyable surfing/shopping with an eye toward helping a good cause.


What is the Princess offering for Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Scout Dean-O Tote

Scout Dean-O Tote

Yeppers, this is the versatile, indestructible Original Dean-O tote from the good folks at Scout.  We have long liked this bag,  both of use several of them. Being able to contribute 30% of proceeds from sales of these to such a good cause sealed the deal for us: one is now atop our little mountain personal collection of totes.

It seem wise to simply say almost the entire post is Pretty in Pink, don’t you think?


Before we fly, two quick tidbits, the first a follow-up to our post offering a Sneak Peek at 3 New Lilly Pulitzer Lines. The delightful author of the story referenced in our post, Julie Naughton at WWD, was kind enough to post comments answering some questions pondered by readers.  Spotty Prep wondered about the eye shadow in the upcoming MAC in Lillyland collection.  Julie offered this insight:

“… while the eyeshadows (and the rest of the collection) appear quite bright in the packaging, they do go on fairly sheer.”

Our thanks to Julie for providing us with some inside info!


Also today, news that one of TP’s alltime favorite designers is now a United States citizen: Carolina Herrera.

Steve Eichner/WWD

Steve Eichner/WWD

Ms. Hererra made it official on Friday, Women’s Wear Daily has the story:

I have been here for many years, and I love this country very much. I love New York and everything about America. It was very emotional for me.”

We’ll end on this nifty note!


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14 responses to “In The Pink: Lacoste & Polo Ralph Lauren

  1. Thank you Ms. Naughton for assuaging my worry! I will most definitely check out the eye shadow 🙂

  2. instead of looking brooding and full of smarmy, Nacho kinda looks ticked to be in a polo w/ a pink pony on it 😉


  3. Just one question, Princess. If I were to purchase said Men’s classic fit pink pony polo, is the model included???


  4. Oh I love the lacoste tote and watch!

    Caroline Hererra is my style icon, although I swoon over Jackie and Grace, Caroline is who I most embody… what a great day for America 🙂

  5. Love love love all Lacoste items!! So cute!! So preppy!!

  6. Would it look too garish to wear all the pink at once?

  7. I am so getting that belt! Thank you, thank you for posting the picture here, as I might have not thought about the possibility of Lacoste offering something I would want to wear outside of the tennis court! xo

  8. I need sunglasses, I broke one of my pair.

  9. I must say that I applaud you and the many other companies that do their part for BC Awareness in October. I love the Lacoste tote and flip flops. The candle from Polo would also make an excellent gift.

    I’m excited for the MAC Lilly line!

  10. MCW

    I love the little mini Polo tote, not sure why that logo doesn’t bother me like the Lacoste one does. I love getting all of your fashion finds. It leaves less work for me to try to look stylish 🙂

  11. I love those scout bags! Very meaningful. Whenever I do a breast cancer fundraiser I make sure I have a big inventory.
    Hope your season is under way, mine is and I am relieved. I always get nervouse during the “down” months 🙂

  12. I just love the bevy of Lacoste items! I can’t even pick a favorite….well, maybe the flip-flops. Funny how I was just the opposite of some other readers-that logo didn’t bother me but the Polo logo did. I guess I haven’t forgiven RL for the hideousness that was the official Olympic wear. 😉

    Oh my, doesn’t Carolina Herrera look stunning!

  13. Love this shade of pink. So preppy chic!! xoxo

  14. “These are a few of my (Pretty’s) favorite things” might be a good alternate title for this post; between Nacho (sigh) and Ms. Herrera, it would be difficult to like this more.

    Oh, and Logophobia aside, I confess I love the Pink Pony campaign, particularly since it is for a good cause. I might need that baseball cap for my collection.

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