Sneak Peek at 3 New Lilly Pulitzer Lines


We have yet another busy day upon us, it is astonishing how quickly fall social obligations are creeping up! Therefore we shall be brief as we are overbooked again.

We begin with big news from Planet Lilly: there are several new lines on the way!

For those of us who have missed the beautiful, bright home goods collection, we can rest easy. That group returns this February in partnership with one of TP’s favorites, Garnet Hill.

Courtesy Photo via WWD

Courtesy Photo via WWD

Today’s WWD has an excellent description of the group:

“Highlights for bedding include The Life of the Party, inspired by a cocktail dress; Happy and Bright, which includes playful florals; Retro to Bohemian, which includes cool blues, lush greens, tropical foliage and lemons, and Follow the Sun! The Resort–Chic Lilly Pulitzer Bath, which includes towels and bath rugs.”

This one has TP very excited.


Also on the way, a limited edition cosmetics line with M.A.C., another brand we are fond of here at the Prepatorium.

Courtesy Photo via WWD

Courtesy Photo via WWD

There will be 19 products in the MAC line, all of them available in January. The name for the collection? MAC in Lillyland, of course. Women’s Wear Daily has the scoop on some of the products we’ll see:

  • two makeup brushes, an eyeshader for $24.50 and an angled contour brush, $32;
  • two Technakohl liners, each $14.50
  • four Cremeblend blushes, each $18.50
  • three Paint Pots, each $16.50
  • two nail lacquers, each $12

Lilly nail polish – how amazing is that?! There will also be two special Lilly compacts, sure to be collector’s items.


Another new initiative for the company is the year-long Lilly Goes Green campaign, with additional focus on working with “eco-conscious factories and using organic materials and green processes”.

The new Originals collection is a part of this emphasis. Originals will debut with this year’s Resort group, planned as a permanent addition, offering Lilly Pulitzer items that may not fit well within a specific season’s thematic look. WWD has more:

“The collections, which will change each season, will include vintage-inspired pieces and designs that harken back to the early days of the brand…”

The line will be showcased with special store events during America Recycles Week, running from November 9 through November 15.

Originals has been endorsed by Cotton Inc. as being eco-friendly and carries hangtags and labels made entirely from recycled materials.”

Courtesy Photo via WWD

Courtesy Photo via WWD

Partnerships with non-profit groups will continue; there are plans for donations tied into special promotional events and product sales.  For example, Lilly will plant a tree for every polo sold next January and February through its alliance with American Forests.

This year’s Resort group is titled Escape to the Water’s Edge, with an ocean-inspired theme, visible in its colors and names, like these Coral Me Crazy flats:


A special Coral Me Crazy necklace selling for $48 will benefit coral conservation efforts at Sea Web.

We can also share the primary themes for next year’s collections:

  • Spring 2010: Protective Prints
  • Summer 2010: Buy Local (including a focus on a certain Washington D.C. resident’s back yard garden! Can you guess who?)
  • Fall 2010: “spas, yogawear, and resort getaway chic apparel”

Below, we show next spring’s Panda Shift Dress from the Originals line, done in recognition of the company’s relationship with the World Wildlife Fund.

Courtesy Photo via WWD

Courtesy Photo via WWD

Another collaboration that frequent readers may recall is the upcoming Lilly line with LeSportsac, due out this February. (Click here for more photos and the rest of the scoop in an August post.)

Courtesy Photo via Nitrolicious.como

Courtesy Photo via

We don’t know about you, but these all hold major possibilities for TP.

With that, G’bye until next time!

NOTE: Please accept our apology for not fitting the Burberry show from London Fashion Week into today’s post. Tomorrow, promise-promise-promise.


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28 responses to “Sneak Peek at 3 New Lilly Pulitzer Lines

  1. Oh my! I am beyond excited. What fabulous treasures come spring! I must start saving up now 🙂

  2. I might faint from the excitement I have over the promise of all of these goods! OOoooh this is the best thing I’ve heard all day- thank you for keeping me in the fold!



  3. sodamnlucky

    i am so excited about these three lines i could scream.

  4. Oh wow! I am just giddy with excitement! The MAC line sounds fabulous, the Panda dress is tdf, and the bedding sounds very promising! Just when I think I can’t fall any more in love with Lilly…

    I hope you have a wonderful week!

  5. Oh thank you so much!! Just in time hopefully next summer for my guest room redo! xoxo

  6. mary anne

    Gee, do you think I like today’s post? Could I be interested in any of this? Hmmmmmmmmmmm. (YAY)

  7. LPC

    Ooh. Gosh. Love the Lilly+Garnet Hill.

  8. I am so excited about all the Lilly ventures! I can’t wait!!!!

  9. I saw this early and am SO excited for everything! Just a month until resort hits stores, hooray!

  10. Ohhh!!! I got the email with all the new photos today too. Super exciting!

  11. I’m loving the bedding line!!! Honestly, the eye shadow palette has me slightly worried though…it must be very sheer, I hope?

  12. Lauren

    O my goodness! That is soo cool and chic!

  13. This is indeed exciting news! I have my eyes set on those flats, first and foremost…

  14. Julie in NYC

    Glad you enjoyed the article. I had a blast writing it (especially as it involved a trip to Lilly HQ in King of Prussia)…and truly, these things are TDF.

  15. Julie in NYC

    And to answer Spotty Prep’s query — while the eyeshadows (and the rest of the collection) appear quite bright in the packaging, they do go on fairly sheer.

  16. a.

    Looking forward to seeing the Garnet Hill collection.

    The jury’s still out on the MAC Collection – it could be really cute or really hideous.

    Still not a fan of the LP shoes since I’ve had bad experiences with the quality recently but I do like the coral motif.

  17. This post kills me in a really good way. HAHAHA! I can’t STAND the excitement! This is too much!!!!! Check out the ode to PP at the Lilly Lovers blog!!!!

  18. I also hate social obligations…and I have to do more often than I would like to…it is so boring…
    About fashion, I do love those flats and all!
    You have a great taste girl!

    Many kisses and wishes of a better time,


  19. So many wonderful colaborations to look forward to! I can’t wait!!!

  20. Oooh-so excited for all of this!
    I am VERY interested in the Garnet Hill Linens collaboration!!

  21. KK

    So so exciting!! The Mac connection is very fun. Can’t wait to see if there is fun packaging to match. I’m all about the packaging!

  22. I am SO SO SO excited about the new home line!!!

  23. I love all the new lilly stuff we get our shipment tues for resort and i am so excited! the bedding looks fabulous as well…Love your blog 🙂

  24. new lilly stuff makes me feel very happy love it.

  25. royaltygirl

    Just when I think there is nothing left to buy….
    I am CRAZY for the Lilly Home and the Originals line! Life is always fun when Lilly is around!

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